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Courtesy of Love You Three

Ready for Your Beauty Sleep? These CBN Gummies are Here to Help

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

By Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

December 22, 2022

If you are someone like me, you might have your mind racing after a long day at work or feel extremely wired at night. I’m always looking for ways to help me get to sleep and stay asleep without waking up feeling groggy. That’s when a friend told me about

for sleep.

While I love my dear friend THC, sometimes THC/CBN combinations put me to sleep for too long. I’ll wake up from a 12-hour coma in the following mornings. That’s why I favor high-quality CBD and CBN products I can have for these rough nights.

Courtesy of Love You Three

Let’s talk about some tasty heart gummies from

, a women-owned luxe CBD company looking to deliver high-quality hemp gummies to consumers looking for a lift, a cooldown or something in between!

Overalll, I loved the Beauty Sleep gummies from Love You Three, and I want to share my experience of a good night’s rest and a productive morning that followed!

Blueberry Lavender Delight CBN Gummies


gummies were designed for a natural night of sleep with the added benefits of infusing collagen and hyaluronic acid. These gummies are third-party tested and completely vegan. The product is nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free and contains no artificial ingredients.

These heart-shaped CBD & CBN gummies feature the relaxing flavor of blueberry lavender. It’s the perfect taste while getting ready to wind down for the evening. It reminds me of an ideal tea flavor to have by your bedside.

They are delicious. I love the consistency of the gummy as well. As a candy lover, it did start up a bit of a sweet tooth. Beware not to take more than you need! I also love the signature heart shapes; it’s charming and adds that sense of identity to the brand.

Courtesy of Love You Three

I recommend having these gummies with a bedtime snack! The flavor was so great I got the munchies.

One Hour to Wind Down for Dream Land

The directions on the packaging instruct the consumer to take one gummy or as desired. If this is your first combined experience with CBD & CBN, be sure to take one and adjust your experience accordingly.

CBN has been known to sedate some people; the more you consume, the deeper sleep and grogginess you might experience.

The directions of these CBN gummies say to allow up to an hour to feel the effects. I can confirm that within an hour of being cozy on the couch with my husband, I was already feeling warm sleepiness come over me.

The brand advertises that customers can email with questions about consuming the product. 

Courtesy of Love You Three

Each package contains 20 luxe gummies. Cannabinoid content per gummy is 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN. You can find the full certificates of analysis


CBD Gummies: Wake Up Vibrant & Recharged

I consumed one Beauty Sleep gummy around 9 p.m. By 10:30 p.m., I was ready to call it a night, get into bed and close my eye.

Those sleepy feelings were a huge success, as I didn’t feel the need to turn on the TV to distract my brain from falling asleep.

I enjoy that the product did not contain too much CBN, and the 25mg of CBD was the perfect dose needed for a calming night of rest. I know from my own experiences that CBN can make me so tired that I feel fatigued. The 5mg CBN dosage was just right to bring on the sleepiness but not take me into a 12-hour knock-out.

The product tastes outstanding, the effects are noticeable, and I will keep these on hand for these rough nights when I need that extra help getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up feeling recharged. I also appreciate the QR-code access on the package to be able to learn more about the certificates of analysis immediately. 

Rest is the key to success. CBD has always been my helpful partner in this area of my life. This is a great quality product with a dosage perfect for those sleepy effects.

Courtesy of Love You Three

About Love You Three

Love You Three is a term of endearment — it’s the founder’s saying, “I love you more.”

This company is run by

who conceived the idea for Love You Three during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. These women wanted to create an all-natural cannabis product to relieve stress and fit the busy lifestyles of women and men alike.

The brand prioritizes locally-sourced natural ingredients that make people feel good about what they choose to put into their wellness routines. The transparency of what goes into Love You Three products is essential to CBD consumers, and it’s terrific to see the information is easily available to its customers.

The company works to give back to the community by supporting

, a 501(c)3 committed to preventing child abuse and neglect and one of the highest-rated charities for children in the nation by Consumer Reports. Love You Three donates a portion of each purchase to Prevent Child Abuse America.

Love You Three has partnered with

to grow and process the hemp that makes its way into the Luxe Gummies. Pure Shenandoah’s disruptive seed-to-sale technology allows the brand to trace every single product back to the seed it came from, ensuring the most refined and transparently produced CBD and hemp products available today.

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

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