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The Best Indica Edibles

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July 19, 2021

Looking for a restful end-cap to a busy day? Maybe you need a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s big meeting/party/wedding/etc? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a fun Saturday afternoon of doing absolutely nothing on the couch.

If you’re seeking bliss in a bite, indica-based THC edibles are probably what you’re searching for. Known for it’s sedating, calming properties, indica strains of cannabis have been the go-to remedy of choice for marijuana enthusiasts for years, and it’s little surprise that with the booming legalized marijuana market inside the United States that cannabis edibles manufacturers have latched on to the strain’s potent effects.

In today’s article we’ll go over what we at High There think are the best indica-based cannabis edibles available for sale. From THC gummies to mood-lifting chocolate bars, there’s a wide world of indica edibles and treats out there waiting to be discovered. Let’s dive in.

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High There’s Reviews of the Best Indica Edibles

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

Unlike most of the other vaporizers on this list, the Sticky Brick OG is powered by a butane lighter – which is included – meaning it doesn’t require any electricity. This, alongside its compact dimensions, means that you can easily take it with you on any outdoor adventure.

As the Sticky Brick OG is flame operated, it puts users in total control of the thickness of the vapor it creates when smoking dry herb or concentrates. To achieve a denser, thicker inhale, all you do is put the flame close to the bowl, and for faster draws, you move the flame further away. Simple.

Pros: Will last you a lifetime. Every Sticky Brick OG comes with a lifetime warranty, and its flame-powered ignition system and hardwood shell are all designed to last indefinitely (if properly cared for).

Cons: Weather dependent. As the Sticky Brick is flame operated, it may not be easy to light in high-wind areas or during heavy rainfall.

Garden Society Blissful Rest Milk Chocolates with Sea Salt


The name may be a lot to say but you won’t be caring much after getting a mouthful of these absolutely delightful chocolates. With a touch of CBD (1mg) added to each 10mg-THC piece of chocolate these tasty, velvety-smooth bites are a rich and delicious way to find some inner peace after a hard day (or night)’s work.
We particularly love the way the creamy milk chocolate beautifully contrasts the sharp, crispy sea salt included within, and found it hard to resist the temptation to keep going back for just one more piece. Easily one of the top choices on our best edibles list.

Lost Farms Blueberry Chews


Kiva brands is well known for their regular chocolate and gummy offerings, but the recent addition of the Lost Farm line of edibles has left us with a lot to be excited about.
Each product in the Lost Farms line is infused with single-source, full-spectrum live cannabis resin for a truly unique edibles experience, and their Blueberry Chews were a particular hit among the office testing crew.
Created with the indica-dominant hybrid strain Blue Dream, these sweet and fruity blueberry chews play well with the intensely green flavor of the live resin contained within. Each package contains 10 chewables each with a 10mg dose of cannabinoids (THC and CBD alike), as well as strain-specific terpenes (meant to encourage the entourage effect) per bite-sized piece.

Rose Indica Delights


If truly gourmet chef-inspired gummies are your desired treat, Rose’s Delights has you covered.
Though Rose features a variety of seasonal Turkish delight-style cannabis gummy edibles available in limited quantities, their standard multi-pack (containing Rose Hibiscus, Alphonso Mango, Matcha Coconut Lime, and Sour Cherry Vanilla) is our go-to fave, with each of the individual flavors complementing the funky green notes of the infused dose of THC.

IncrediMeds Key Lime Gummies


IncrediMeds has long been a northern-California favorite among medical (and now recreational) marijuana users, and with one bite of their gummies it’s easy to see why.
Their sugar-covered Key Lime Indica gummies are a cannabis edible that hits just the right note between sour and sweet, with a toothsome, snappy bite that keeps these sweets from feeling sticky and tooth-coating in the mouth.
Each gummy square contains 10mg THC (zero CBD) and comes with 10 gummies in the resealable bag, for a grand total of 100mg of edible THC per container.

KushyPunch Indica Watermelon Gummies


KushyPunch is a major player in the edibles market, and it’s easy to see why. For our list of the best indica-based edibles we give their full spectrum Indica Watermelon flavor our full recommendation.
Easy to find on shelves (and easy to munch on), KushyPunch is a great way to ease into the world of edibles for those who might be taking their first steps into either recreational or medical marijuana use.
Just don’t expect to get much done with your day after downing one or two of these candies; this is very much an indica-based full spectrum edible, and when KushyPunch claims you’ll “get lost in the golden hours of tropical paradise all from the comfort of your couch”… well, we can’t quite claim all that, but the couch part? Deffo real.

Kanha Indica Pink Lemonade Gummies


We’re big fans of Kanha brand gummies here at High There but testing their pink lemonaid indica gummies for our “best edibles” list was a special treat.
While most indica cannabis edibles like to go heavier and sweeter, these pink lemonade rounds have a deliciously tart and tangy taste that left us feeling both energized and relaxed; and that’s before the high of the edible itself even kicks in.
Kanha have been using the “joyful journey” tagline on their cannabis products for some time now, and these delicious little edible bites are a great way to make any journey as joyful as it comes.

Cheeba Chews Strawberry Taffy


Cheeba Chews prides themselves on their award-winning products, and with products like their strawberry-flavored taffy it’s easy to see why they’re considered one of the best edibles brands around.
Each taffy bar contains a whole 100mg dose of THC content, meaning you may not want to down the entire thing in a single go…
… but if you do be prepared, as the indica-dominant THC concentrates used in making this taffy do not play around, meaning a full bar of this taffy is likely to leave you spending the next several hours staring (rather happily) out either at the TV or the back of your own eyelids.

Platinum Gummies Blue Raspberry


Though more commonly known for their vape pens, carts, and assorted THC paraphernalia, Platinum’s line of gummies is another excellent feather in their ever-growing cap.
Platinum has several varieties & strain styles to choose from in their gummy lineup the big favorite here among the staff has been their Blue Raspberry “gummy coins”, a 10 count package of 10mg-dose THC gummies that’s a great mood-lifting addition to any evening-time routine.
Also of note is their “Peach Mango” indica variety, for those of us who like a bit more citrusy punch to our cannabis gummy snacks.

Moon Blueberry Lemonade Sour Gummies


The neon-blue color of these sugar-coated cannabis gummy cubes may look artificial, despite being made with all natural flavorings and colors, but the taste is 100% authentic blueberries and lemonade.
Each package of Moon’s indica-based gummies has 20 total gummy cubes, with 5mg of THC in each, equaling out to 100mg of THC per package.
We like these because their easy-to-carry tin makes carrying a pack in a pocket or purse super easy, and their bright, sweet & citrus flavor combination plays well with the already sour, dank notes of the indica strains used in the edible infusion.

Atlas Edibles Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bar


We’re big fans of chocolates around these parts (big surprise) and Atlas Edibles makes some of the finest chocolate cannabis creations on the market.
Unlike most of the rest of our list, Atlas’s dark chocolate & hazelnut bar isn’t designed for maximum couch lock – Made from indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strains this edible isn’t meant to send you off high and ready to sleep, instead listed as promoting “balance, mindfulness and playfulness” (at least according to Atlas’s website).
Even beyond the powerful, full-body indica-THC punch we personally love the combination of hazelnuts, pecans, and cinnamon paired with the rich dark chocolate, all enhanced by the overall sweetness of the included dried currants.

Wana Sour Blueberry Indica Fruit Gummies


These blueberry-flavored gummy chews are one of our favorite ways to get ready for a good night’s sleep; the all-natural, gluten & vegan gummies are easy to feel good about munching, and the combination of sour & sweet never feels cloying or syrupy like other blueberry-flavored cannabis edibles can.
Each container of these gummy edibles comes with ten pieces of candy, each carrying a 10mg dose of cannabis oil, and the resealable jar makes for an easy, convenient carrying case if wanting to take these weed gummies with you on the road.
Best of all Wana can be found in a variety of states, including both Florida and their newest territory in Minnesota (and Colorado, California, Canada and all the other usual suspects too), meaning getting your hands on one of these indica gummies should be as simple as a quick jaunt down to your local dispensary.

Peak Extracts Heavy Indica Chocolate Bars


Peak Extracts never fails with their cannabis chocolate bar edibles, but their Heavy Indica product might just be one of our favorites.
Peak isn’t kidding with the word “Heavy” in the title, either, as their dank and dark chocolate bars will go a long way toward putting you on your rear end (which is hopefully the sort of high you’re looking for out of a product labelled “heavy Indica”).
Each bar contains a 50mg dose of strain-specific indica cannabinoids and terpenes (not to mention 70% dark chocolate), and comes scored into smaller, bite-sized pieces; good, because not eating the whole bar is a real test of willpower.

Wrapping Up

Taste is always subjective, but for our money these cannabis edibles are the best edibles in the “indica-based THC treats” category you’re likely to find. That said, don’t take our word for it – Just because it isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it can’t be worth taking a risk on new brands of cannabis products that catch your eye. Despite our best efforts to the contrary we on the High There elite squad of edibles taste-tasters haven’t been able to taste everything out there yet, meaning there are bound to be new favorites just waiting to be discovered at your local dispensary.

Still, we think you could do a lot worse than the edibles we’ve listed above (hence why we’re recommending them); if there’s anything there you’ve seen before and have been on the fence about trying, consider them having our (un)official seal of approval. Happy munching!

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