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July 15, 2021

Some days you just need a little… boost. A tiny something to help you swim through the seemingly endless pools of utter nonsense, overwhelming frustration, and crushing despondency that typically fill our routine, day-to-day lives. Some days, you just need some weed.

Of course, in needing some weed, you may also not want to get completely and utterly baked to the point of couch lock (still gotta paddle through those aforementioned pools, after all). And for that, there’s sativa strain cannabis edibles – Mood-lifting, energizing, and overall euphoric, sativa strains have long been the THC dose of choice for those seeking a bit of extra pep to their day while not wanting to worry about losing themselves to a marathon Netflix session.

If you’re looking for a way to take some joy on the road, then look no further than our list of what we think are the best cannabis edibles containing sativa strains on the market. Chocolates, gummies, and more are on our list, meaning you’re likely to find at least one cannabis-infused treat in today’s article that sounds appealing. Let’s hop into it.

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High There’s Reviews of the Best Sativa Edibles

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

Platinum Gummies Green Apple-Lime

Platinum Gummies Green Apple-Lime

These bright and fruity gummies from Platinum have a sweet, tangy flavor we felt went well with the “green” notes of the sativa cannabis strains infused within.
Each sugar-coated gummy (referred to as edible “coins” by the packaging) comes with 10mg of THC per coin, and with 10 total coins per edibles pack.
Those with nut allergies beware, though, as almond oil is one of the listed ingredients on this particular gummy type; they may be tasty, but getting high isn’t worth going into anaphylactic shock for.

Kanha Sativa Ruby Grapefruit Gummies

Kanha Sativa Ruby Grapefruit Gummies

Grapefruit is one of those flavors that can be… hit-or-miss on certain types of palates, but for our money the ruby-red grapefruit sativa THC gummies from Kanha are one of the best tasting pure-citrus gummy edibles on the market, and maybe even otherwise.
The invigorating scent and taste of grapefruit helps to elevate the “get stuff done” vibe of the sativa-strain THC content within; we found that one (or two) or these edibles with a morning cup of tea makes for a great start to any activity-filled weekend day.

Rose Sativa Delights

Rose Sativa Delights

It would be easy to discount Rose Delights cannabis edibles based off their website, but past the highly dated “hipster typography” stylings and soulless, vapidly twee ad copy are some seriously killer (and seriously gourmet) Turkish delight-style edible THC sweets.
Though Rose Delights has several varieties of chef-created seasonal flavors we’re fans of their classic line, available in a delicious multi-pack of edibles goodness. Rose Hibiscus, Alphonso Mango, Matcha Coconut Lime and Sour Cherry Vanilla are all four cracking, stand-out flavors, and getting to try each one of these delicious THC edibles in their multi-pack offering is a real treat.

Atlas Edibles Peak


Mmm yes – Caramel, chocolate, puffed rice and toasted almonds would be enough to sell us on any chocolate bar, but combine that with a hefty dose of sativa cannabis THC extract and we are completely down.

Even if you’re not usually a fan of dark chocolate this bar is worth a try, with the rich bitterness of the chocolate very well balanced out by the intensely sweet taste of caramel, and the nutty goodness of almonds.
And unlike some other edibles products on our list, you don’t have to control yourself when eating this delicious treat; each bar is a self-contained serving size of 10 milligrams of THC, meaning no temptation to dip back in for another bite (and another dose).

Lost Farms Pineapple Gummies


Lost Farm’s section on the Kiva website straight up warns you that their edibles products are meant to be ephemeral; that strains and flavors come and go, and are only available for so long as they’re available. Thus the act of enjoyment must be experienced and truly lived purely in the moment, respected as the soon-to-be ghost of time that said experience will become.

All of this is to say we were really disappointed when we found out our actual #1 sativa gummy from Lost Farms, the “Citrus Spritz”, had been discontinued. C’est la vie.

In it’s place, though, are the incredibly delectable pineapple edible gummies, made with live resin from the sativa-dominant “Pineapple Upside-Down Cake” hybrid strain. It’s hard to go wrong with any of Kiva’s high quality, award winning Lost Farm offerings, but if looking to snack on sweet, creamy edibles rounded out with just a taste of vanilla, these THC gummies are a definite treat.

Peak Extracts Bright Sativa Chocolate Bars


The first thing to understand about Peak Extracts chocolate bar products is that they are dark. 70% cacao is not a level of dark chocolate to sneeze at, and unless you’re particularly into the rich, bitter notes of fine chocolate this may not be the edibles bar for you.

If you’re a sucker for that deep, velvety rich smoothness of a good chocolate bar, though (like we are), Peak’s “Bright Sativa” is a heavy-dose sativa THC chocolate bar that won’t leave you completely brain-buzzed or unable to focus from being too high.

The Peak Extracts website lists the Bright Sativa cannabis bar as excellent for “hiking, cleaning, yard work” and so on, and we’re hard-pressed to argue; overall this bar did an excellent job of getting some THC into our systems while not leaving us completely high and bombed out for the day (for that experience, you’ll want Peak’s “Heavy Indica” bar).

Peak Extracts Bright Sativa Chocolate

Moon Cherry Blasters Chocolate Bites

Moon Cherry Blasters Chocolate Bites


It can be easy to be a little confused on your first bite of one of Moon’s Cherry Blaster chocolate bites – What look like solid pieces of chocolates, or even malted milk balls, give away to a cherry-flavored candy core, hitting you with a blast (hence the name, we suppose) of cherry taste piercing through the rich, cannabis-infused milk chocolate exterior.

Each tiny ball has a 10mg dose of THC (with 10 total bites in each bag), making this edible a quick and convenient way to dose up with a bit of sativa-based THC through-out the day.

Just be warned, as with many other items on our list it can be difficult stopping at only one, meaning it may be best to pop your cannabis dosage of choice and then throw the bag somewhere outside of convenient, tempting reach.

Cheeba Chews “Green Hornet” Sativa Mixed Fruit Gummies


One of the more prolific edibles makers, Cheeba Chews products can be found from California, to Colorado, to Oklahoma and beyond, offering their lines of cannaibis edible caramels, taffy and gummy snacks in the market of as many legalized states as is possible.

For newcomers to the world of cannabis edibles, we like Cheeba Chews Mixed Fruit Sativa gummies; offering a light and relaxing but still very noticeable high, these sativa-infused gummies include “just a dash of CBD” cannabinoids, to help round out the cannabis effects and keep things from getting too head-buzzy/energized.

Cheeba Chews "Green Hornet" Sativa Mixed Fruit Gummies ​

KushyPunch Sativa Strawberry Gummies​

KushyPunch Sativa Strawberry Gummies


Another brand available in multiple states, KushyPunch is widely recognized for their tasty full-spectrum cannabis treats that include THC and CBD both (alongside a whole host of other cannabinoids and terpenes) all of which come together in a delicious blend with their “Sativa Strawberry” gummies.

Note: The full spectrum cannabis oil used in these gummy chews is definitely noticeable on the tongue, and frankly we think that’s a good thing. Not only does the bright taste of the full-spectrum sativa THC play well with the lush flavor of strawberry, but to be quite honest it’s nice to actually get a rounded taste of the sativa-infused content within; or at the very least we think it helps enhance the experience. Just maybe keep a tin of (non-cannabis) breath mints handy for after you snack.

Moxie Pineapple Express Cannabis Infused Gummies


Another well-known brand in the cannabis industry, Moxie’s line of edible cannabis gummies has a special twist – A water-soluble formula designed for quick-acting effects, letting the cannabis concentrate stored within hit your system more rapidly than it would if the entire edible needed to be digested.

Smartly trading off the “Pineapple Express” name these edibles have a tart & sweet flavor of, you guessed it, pineapple, which pairs well with the green flavors of the infused sativa extract.

Each gummy has 10mg of THC included, with 10 gummy candies in each tin; definitely a method of storage we prefer for carting our gummy edibles with us on the go.

Garden Society Brighter Day Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili​

Garden Society Brighter Day Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili


Hoo boy – If you’re looking for an edible that’ll help wake you up and brighten your spirits, look no further than Garden Society’s “Brighter Day” cannabis-infused chocolate + chili bar.

With both New Mexico and cayenne chili powders this dark chocolate & cinnamon flavored bar has a lot to love, and a lot that’ll help put some pep into your daily routine (also potentially heart burn).

Eat with caution, as the subtle warmth of these chocolate bar weed edibles tends to creep up on people, leading to a lasting heat that will linger on the tongue for quite a while after consuming. But, hey, you wanted edibles that’ll help perk you up, right? We think this blend of The Four C’s (chili, cinnamon, chocolate and cannabis) will do just that.

IncrediMeds Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bites


IncrediMeds is known for making excellent edibles, and it’s easy to see why with just one bite of their milk chocolate covered sativa pretzel bites.

These tiny balls of chocolatey joy make for a great way to snack on little bits of THC through-out the day – With a low dose amount of 5mg of THC per pretzel bite, these snacks give you an excellent level of control on just how high you want to get.

Just note: While the resealable bag does make these chocolate-covered cannabis/pretzel balls easy to carry around, be warned that heat can and will make your chocolates melt, leading to a sticky mess inside the bag. Just make sure to store them (and all other marijuana edibles) in a cool, dark place and your cannabis-infused chocolates should last you a good, long time.

Wrapping Up

There’s no shortage of choice when heading down to the local dispensary, but we think our list above makes for some of the best cannabis products you can find on the shelves. Of course, what is one person’s best edibles is another person’s worst, so even if there’s nothing in our roundup that stands out to you don’t despair – There’s a wide world of weed edibles out there (as you’ve likely seen if you’ve ever been to a dispensary) and your new favorite may be lurking just around the corner.

Still, we hope our article today has given you some great starting points for discovering what the best edibles product for you is. And if it requires a little (or a lot) of experimentation on your part, well… there are definitely worst ways to spend a weekend afternoon. Happy munching!

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