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Best THC gummies

High There’s Guide to the Best THC Gummies

High There

By High There

March 29, 2021

Walking into the local dispensary can be overwhelming sometimes. Even if you already have a rough idea of what you want, new products are popping up on store shelves every day, with an assortment of buzzwords, bright packages, and different flavors, strains, strengths, and so on, so forth. Just looking around at the store shelves can be enough to induce a headache at times – Good, since you’re already in the right place to work on fixing that pounding skull with a little THC, bad because you still don’t know what you want and now you have a headache to boot.

Here to help cut through the high amounts of confusion, is our list of what we think are the best gummies available on the market today. We’ve taken on the task of trying out as many THC gummies (and

) as we can (an arduous and vexing work, we know) to deliver to you, our esteemed reader, what we think are the tastiest, strongest, and best THC gummies out there for sale. Let’s dig in.

Note: We’ve mostly tried to include products for sale in a wide variety of locations, but some gummy brands may not be available in your particular state or area. If you can’t find a brand you’re interested in for purchase, make sure to ask your local budtender if your dispensary can add it into the stock list – Most dispensaries are happy to at least listen to requests and fulfill them if possible.

box of cannabis edibles gummies

Mindy’s Edibles

We’ve talked before about how much we love

THC gummies before but just to recap, these really are some of the best tasting, high-quality weed gummies you’re going to find. Available in six different flavors, each fruit-based gummy offers fresh, bright notes of citrus fruits, berries, and even herbs (the Botanical White Grapefruit is a fan favorite around the office).

If there’s one downside to Chef Segal’s creations, it’s that strength and content are tied to the flavor – If you want a mix of THC and CBD from a Mindy’s Edibles, you’ll have to eat the Honey Sweet Melon flavor while the aforementioned grapefruit variety only comes in 2mg pieces within a 20-pack of the candies. We also wouldn’t mind seeing some single-strain varieties; while using cannabis oil helps reduce flavoring and aftertaste from the marijuana coming through in the end product, a line of single-strain gummies wouldn’t disappoint us.

Select Elite Gummies & Select Nano Gummies

Tasty, powerful, and with a nice variety of flavors,

gummies are a tasty way to take a bit of THC with you on the go. Though we found ourselves enjoying the interesting blend of flavors available (the jalapeno + pineapple “Sweet Spice” was a distinct winner with a bit of bite), we were disappointed in the lack of single-strain options, with Select’s products only being labeled as generic broad-spectrum “THC” gummies, not even differentiating between Sativa or indica strain origins.

Also notable is Select’s “Nano” gummies line. Though only available in two flavors, one strawberry/peach & the other lemon/blueberry, these smaller THC gummies are touted as offering a fast-acting, quicker onset, and a more balanced high due to unspecified modifications made to the cannabinoids and THC oil contained within. Discovering whether or not this is true is an exercise we leave up to our readers, though given what we know about

, we have high doubts.

Hemp Doctor Delta 9/Delta 8 Cherry Rings Gummies

The Hemp Doctor Delta 9/Delta 8 THC Sour Cherry Gummies

Sweet with a sour kick; a sugar coated, sharply tart cherry flavor with a lingering aftertaste of “green” inside –

are a full-spectrum blast of flavor (and hemp-derived cannabinoids) we can gladly recommend.

Unique to other entries on this list, the Hemp Doctor sells these gummies as 50 state legal, due to their unique composition and ratio of hemp-derived cannabinoids (and more information about this distinction can be found via their website).

Each bi-colored ring contains a total of 15mg D9 THC and 50mg D8 THC, leading the manufacturer to suggest 1/4th of a gummy as a recommended serving size – And considering the hefty punch of combined cannabinoids in these gummies, one we would recommend sticking to for first-time consumers.

Kiva Camino Gummies

A true power player in the cannabis industry world of edibles, Kiva might be more well-known for their chocolate bars and other edible offerings. Still, their El Camino Real-inspired

has to be a close second.

Each unique flavor includes a specific, custom-tailored blend of terpenes added to their candy formula, meant to invoke the properties of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids found in specific strains (IE: energy, drowsiness, laughter, etc.). These stated effects can be… hit or miss, as the majority of “common knowledge” surrounding specific effects from individual strains is all completely made-up nonsense. But a nice hit of fruity citrus rarely does mood harm, particularly if THC is included, so even if the specific “Chill” and “Bliss” effects listed on the gummy tins don’t completely match your experience when high, odds are you’ll still be enjoying your gummy.

Though we would love to see these gummies in single-strain + terpenes format, Kiva seems to be saving that experience for their “Lost Farm” line of products; a series we would be reviewing here instead of their Camino brand but decided against due to limited availability (as of this article’s publication date the Lost Farm brand of gummies is only available for purchase in California). Still, the Camino gummies are tasty and come in a wide variety of flavors (press F for our lost friend the “Blenheim Apricot” flavor) that are sure to keep your tastebuds entertained – Just try not to eat the entire tin in one go. Kiva makes some of the best edibles available, and their gummies don’t disappoint.

Kanha Treats

Though currently a California-exclusive brand, local favorite

Infused Weed Gummies are seeking expansion to other states, and once you’ve had a taste, it’s easy to understand why. A snappy, sugar-coated gummy, Kanha Treats takes the effort to split their gummies into multiple varieties based on strain type; Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid blend. Not exactly single-source THC/CBD oil, but definitely more of a distinction than most of their competition is willing to put effort into.

“Variety” seems to be the name of the game for Kanha, offering not only the above-mentioned type variations but also mixed CBD/THC gummies and even purely vegan gummy treats as well; a surprising rarity on this list (the vegan blood orange, in particular, was excellent).

Though we wouldn’t have minded seeing some cross-over in the flavor variety (why I can only purchase grapefruit in the Sativa line and watermelon in the hybrid, for example, is completely lost on me), what flavors exist are excellent and easily on par with some of the more well-known brands on our list. So if looking for something new and different, Kanha is well worth checking out.

Cannabis gummies peach flavored

Wana Brand Cannabis Gummies

are available in an extensive variety of flavors, strengths, strain sources, and intentions (medical vs. recreational, for example) and are available across almost every legalized state within the US. But while we had no complaint with the Wana THC/CBD gummies themselves (perfectly edible and tasty, with exactly the expected effects), their general availability has left us scratching our heads.

What Wana-brand marijuana gummies we could get our hands on here in California were great, but learning that only a small sampling of the company’s overall lineup was available for sale in the state made us a bit disappointed. Of course, the marijuana industry inside the United States has some…. “issues” at the moment, to say the least, but why on earth Californians can get high off a sour blueberry indica THC gummy while, say, Michigan can’t get the THC/CBD gummy in yuzu flavor is beyond us.

Good News Cannabis Gummies

Brought to you by Cresco Labs, the same outfit responsible for the above-mentioned Mindy’s Edibles gummies, the

brand is a more focused line of THC gummies, with a smaller array of flavors but choices between strain variety in each flavor type. Our personal favorite was the “Vegas” flavor, listed as a white grape made with Sativa THC extracts.

Like many other Cresco products, Good News can be found in a variety of states, including Michigan, California, and Illinois; finding the Good News brand outside of these states might be a task with a high difficulty rating, but future expansion plans mean Good News may be headed to a legalized state near you.

Kushy Punch Gummies

On the surface, Kushy Punch doesn’t seem to offer much that stands out from its competitors; there are three main flavor/strain-type combinations to choose from, with a THC/CBD hybrid as well. And these gummies are very fine on their own, with all-natural colors and flavors that match up to even the best THC gummies on the market.

Uniquely, though, Kushy Punch also offers a sugar-free version of their Sativa-blend gummy, in a sweet and zesty lychee flavor that does well at masking the terpenes and cannabis oil contained within. All of Kushy Punch’s gummies contain a blend of THC and CBD oil (some in a more high dose ratio than others), which could be a letdown if looking for a pure-THC experience. For our money, though, we’re thrilled to have a full-spectrum edible to munch on. For anyone with diabetes, heart disease, or any dietary restrictions, their sugar-free gummy is a gift that’s sent from upon high (pun fully intended).

Wyld THC Gummies


has been providing THC edibles to the recreational cannabis market for a very long time, with real-fruit flavors and interesting product options positioning Wyld as one of the top cannabis gummies brands available.

Wyld has seven main offerings for sale, three focused on pure THC, and three focused on a THC: CBD blend. Their seventh offering is fairly unique to our list, an elderberry-flavored THC/CBN indica-strain gummy designed primarily as a sleep aid. Each gummy product is further enhanced with fruit-based terpenes meant to compliment the THC and CBD included within.

packaging of DOSD cannabis gummies

Dosd Edibles Gummies

Available in Oklahoma, California, and Colorado,

claims their THC gummies being “infused with cannabinoid nanoparticles” (similar to the Select Elite Nano edible gummies listed earlier). Though made from generic, non-strain-specific THC (and CBD), Dosd gummies come in a nice variety of flavors (including an assorted “mixed fruit” multi-pack), and with a choice between a “recreational” dose of 100mg or a “medicinal” dose of 250mg per gummy round.

Again, whether or not the “THC nanoparticles” claim is valid is up for debate, and we won’t claim to be an office full of ideal test subjects; after so long of eating so many edibles, whether or not these “nano” style gummies made any of us significantly higher any quicker than any other brand of gummy worms/drops wasn’t something anyone here felt comfortable giving a definite answer to. But as far as taste and overall effectiveness in getting people high go, there were no complaints about the Dosd brand, ultimately earning these gummies our seal of approval.

Want to Make Your Own Weed Gummies?

If you don’t see anything on this list that tickles your fancy, or perhaps you live in an area where getting your hands on any of these products isn’t a possibility, you might want to try making your own. Check out our article on

Wrapping Up

There’s a wide variety of cannabis gummies on the market today, and not all are created equal. For our personal tastes, we here on the HighThere! staff tends to prefer THC gummies made with real fruit flavors and that offer at least single strain-type infusions of cannabinoids (IE: indica, or Sativa blends). Gummies that come from a single strain source (IE: made only with White Widow or Lemon Haze) are definitely the gourmet edible option and what we prefer when it’s available, but such weed gummies tend to be rare, expensive, or only found from local sources.

We hope our list of the best THC gummies for sale has helped you narrow down your search for a new edible at the local dispensary. And remember, just because it isn’t here doesn’t mean it can’t be good – The nature of the cannabis market in the US means there are a lot of small-time cannabis edibles producers only making products for a very limited local market. So there may be The World’s Greatest Cannabis Gummy just sitting there down at your nearest dispensary, waiting to be discovered. So be they THC gummy drops, cannabis gummy worms, or even the classic weed gummy bears, make sure to take the opportunity to experiment with your edible selection – You’ll likely be glad you did. Happy munching!

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