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The Best Bong Cleaners: Our Top Choices

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April 7, 2022

Cleaning out your bong can be a chore, especially if it’s had time to collect residue and tar. Having your dirty bong on the coffee table isn’t just an eyesore; the resin buildup can affect the flavor of your smoke, which provides a less enjoyable experience.

Fortunately, more and more bong cleaners are appearing on the market to make the lengthy cleaning process easier for providing a good-as-new finish. There are also a variety of different formulas to suit different materials, making them ideal for both bong veterans and beginners alike.

But which is the best? Today, we’ll be looking at which bong cleaners are the best-of-the-best for your functional glass pieces. We will also be comparing them for different deciding factors such as price and effectiveness, so you know which cleaner will provide the best bang for your buck.

Classifications of Bong Cleaners

Bong cleaners can be divided into two formula classifications – organic or alcohol and salt. These two variations of approach in bong cleaning can be done at-home and are also typically found as branded products.


Organic bong cleaners have natural formulas with ingredients stemming from plants, minerals and even fruit. This is not only to be more environmentally conscious but also to prioritize safety by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

These types of formulas are usually environmentally friendly and also biodegradable so you don’t have to stress about being wasteful. The downside to these milder cleaners is that they are generally not as powerful as the alcohol and salt alternatives.

The Classic Method: Isopropyl Alcohol & Salt

If you don’t have a bong cleaner, you can make one at home using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and salt. We advise that if you use this method, you should take care when handling the rubbing alcohol – it can be dangerous if ingested.

Through this method, seal the holes of the bong and shake it with the mixture inside. The alcohol in this mixture loosens the resin in the bong and the salt will scrub it away. You can also soak your bong in salt and alcohol if it is particularly dirty.

These cleaners are a quicker method compared to the organic cleaner but are more heavy-duty due to the shaking. Alternatively, isopropyl alcohol and salt cleaners can be bought.

How To Take Care of a Bong

Depending on what your bong is made of, you may need different cleaners that are best suited for that material. Also, different materials require varying levels of maintenance.

Looking After Glass Bongs

As for glass bongs, they require more maintenance especially are they are typically more expensive. Glass bong users typically clean their bongs every few days or even after every use to preserve them and avoid resin building up. This prevents the bong from becoming damaged and ruining the taste.

Maintaining a Plastic Bong

Generally, bong users who opt for plastic bongs aim to clean them thoroughly every week and completely replace them every 1 to 2 months. This is because users note that it can impact the taste of the smoke.

Plastic bongs are significantly cheaper than glass bongs, which makes them a suitable starting option for beginners. That way if bongs are not for you, you can at least know you didn’t fork out too much money.

How We Chose The Best Bong Cleaner

While you can see our choices for the top three bong cleaners further below, we will first look at the different criteria we are using to determine the best bong cleaner.


Not just with bong cleaners, but today society generally values cleaner products that are devoid of potentially dangerous harsh chemicals. Therefore, our choice for the best bong cleaner should be non-toxic and free from hazardous materials.


Ultimately, you want your bong cleaner to do its job. So for our top picks for the best bong cleaner, we’ve selected products that live up to their claims and work quickly and effectively to cause minimal hassle for you.


While we don’t want to say the cheaper the better, we will say the product should be a good value for the money. That means the amount of product should be reasonable for the price, as well as the product’s effectiveness, which should also warrant the cost.


Similar to the formula, we’ve looked out for products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and ideally contain natural ingredients. This also makes it safer for beginners.

A clean bong on a blue background, by AlexLMX via iStock
Photo Credit: AlexLMX via iStock

Our Top Three Bong Cleaning Solutions

1. Formula 420 Bong Cleaner

The Formula 420 Bong Cleaner is an excellent bong cleaner for all-around effectiveness. It is quick and efficient as it can clean your bong in under 5 minutes. It is also affordable, biodegradable and contains no harmful ingredients. Plus, this cleaner can be used on all sorts of materials including glass, ceramic, metal and pyrex bongs.

It is easy to get your hands on and has been raved about by longtime bong users. Therefore, it’s our top pick for the best bong cleaner as it does exactly what you want it to do without breaking the bank. Find out more about the specifics of the Formula 420 bong cleaner and our other top picks further down.

2. Klear Kryptonite Glass Cleaner

This is an up-and-coming innovative bong cleaner that delivers on an effective clean with an environmentally friendly formula. This is why the Klear Kryptonite Glass Cleaner is our second choice. This cleaner has been tested by scientists and professionals so you know it is safe to use. It has excellent cleaning abilities as it can easily remove residue from the tough to reach spots.

The Klear Kryptonite cleaner is hassle-free to use, you simply leave it to soak for half an hour, and it’s as good as new. The lack of harsh chemicals also makes it a good choice as it’s safe if you get it on your skin. The reason it isn’t our top pick is that it’s slightly more expensive and can be used up quickly on larger bongs.

3. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner is our third pick as it is incredibly affordable, making it a good option for beginners who are not sure if they will stick with smoking from a bong. Like the Formula 420, Randy’s Black Label can be used on a variety of materials including glass, metal and ceramic.

Randy’s Black Label is quick and easy to use – just shake it for a few minutes, and your bong is clean. The reason Randy’s Black Label Cleaner isn’t higher up on the list is that it does contain flammable substances and harsh chemicals, which can be a turn-off for many.

How to Choose a Bong Cleaner

With various formulas and products available, it can be hard to choose the best cleaner for your bong. After all, you want to find a product that will work the best for your bong and not end up wasting your money.

Your Bong’s Material

We would recommend going for a gentler bong cleaner formula or one you can soak your bong in if you have a glass product. Although abrasive products may clean quicker, you run the risk of having your glass bong scratched, which is likely to be less than ideal if you’ve invested your money on one.

However, if you have a metal or plastic bong and are less worried about its appearance, you may then want to opt for a more abrasive product for a quicker clean.

Your Preferred Cleaning Process

An important element to consider is how you are planning to clean your bong as this could affect what product is best suited for you.

If shaking and scrubbing your bong to rid it of the pesky residue isn’t something you can see yourself committing to, we would recommend looking for a cleaner you can leave your bong soaking in.

On the other hand, if you know that you are impatient and can’t see yourself waiting for your bong to finish soaking, then a proactive and powerful bong cleaner may be suitable for you. Simply shake or scour your bong with the cleaning solution and you’re done.

The Ingredients of the Cleaning Solution

There’s every chance that you may have a strong preference over the ingredients of the bong cleaner, whether that be for lifestyle reasons or something else.

If you prefer something heavy-duty, quick, and easy so you can get back to using your bong again, you may prefer a bong cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and salt. Alternatively, if you’re environmentally conscious or want to use a product that is gentle and safe on your skin, you may prefer an organic bong cleaner.

We recommend matching the cleaner with your values, bong material and personality to find the product that best fits your lifestyle and habits.

The 10 Best Bong Cleaners

Now we will take a look at our picks for some of the best bong cleaners out there as well as weigh up their pros, cons, and key features. This is so that you can make an informed decision, whether you’re an experienced bong user or are just starting out.

Photo Credit: Randy’s Black Label

Randy’s Black Label

  • Can be used on glass, ceramic and metal.
  • Easy to use and works quickly to clean your bong.
  • It is fairly affordable compared to some other cleaners.
  • Do note that it is flammable.

is a good option for any type of bong material as it can clean glass, ceramic and metal. This is even suitable for beginners if you are not sure what material will be your preference.

Plus, you can use Randy’s Black Label Cleaner on other dabbing materials such as rigs due to the variety of materials it is suited for.

The product is also easy to use – simply pour the product into the bong, shake it around, and leave it to soak for a few minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. This again, makes it a good option for beginners.

Photo Credit: Formula 420

Formula 420

  • The formula contains salt for an abrasive formula.
  • The product is biodegradable.
  • It is easy and quick to use.
  • You must shake the bottle before you use it.


is one of the most popular bong cleaners around, with praise being directed towards its effectiveness, easy usage, biodegradability and reasonable price. It can also be used on glass, metal, ceramic and pyrex bongs, again making it a solid choice for newbies and veterans.

Its easy usage makes it a good option for beginners as you simply shake the bottle to mix the salt and liquid then mix it with some hot water before pouring it into your bong to soak. The powerful formula will work in less than five minutes, making it a good choice if you don’t want to wait overnight.

The Formula 420 Original Cleaner is widely available and reasonably priced compared to alternatives, plus it is biodegradable, so you can’t really go wrong.

Photo Credit: Grand Master Smoke

Grand Master Smoke

  • Gives you more bang for your buck as the bong cleaner comes in a 32 oz. bottle compared to the standard 16 oz.
  • Contains no abrasive salts or acetone.
  • Has a non-toxic and biodegradable formula.
  • Not necessarily best suited for hard-to-reach spots.

Not only does the

have some colorful packaging, but it was designed by smokers for smokers. Their aim was to cut the need to shake the products, which can lead to scratches and potential damage to fragile bongs.

The absence of isopropyl alcohol and salt means that you won’t end up with a lingering smell of harsh chemicals hours or even days after cleaning your bong. Users note that the Grand Master Smoke neutralizes the smell and taste of resin so the next time you take a hit, it’s like new.

The Grand Master Smoke works best on removing stubborn wax and resin and can be used on a range of materials. The lack of scrubbing or shaking makes it a good option for beginners or those with glass bongs that are vulnerable to sustaining damage.

The product also doesn’t require shaking or scrubbing so you can just submerge your bong and let it sit while Grand Master Smoke works its magic. That being said, it can not always clean away all of the residues and isn’t best suited for large bongs due to them needing to be submerged.

Photo Credit: Grunge Off

Grunge Off

  • It is a biodegradable bong cleaner.
  • Uses natural ingredients and contains no abrasives.
  • Can be reused.
  • Is quite expensive compared to other bong cleaners.

is an ideal option if you are looking for a gentle cleaning solution or are keen on using natural ingredients. The cleaner can also be reused time and time again, which is ideal if you’re looking to save some extra money. However, as expected, the effectiveness will decrease over time by reusing it.

Another feature of the Grunge Off Pipe Cleaner is that it smells of soap, making it ideal if you are sensitive to the smells of chemicals. Plus, this cleaner is suitable for beginners as it’s easy to use.

Simply fill your bong with the solution, and leave it to soak overnight. Then wash it out with warm water in the morning without the need to scrub. Obviously, it is not a quick method compared to others as you are leaving your bong overnight.

Photo Credit: RezBlock


  • Has a natural formula that is kind to the environment.
  • Prevents wax and resin buildup.
  • Only requires a few drops to be used.
  • Can be quite expensive.

It is not a solution in a typical sense, as

comes as a dropper. Simply mix a few drops with the water, and any resin stuck to your bong will lift and dissolve in the mixture.

This solution is all-natural as it is made of purified water, citric acid, vegetable glycerin and fruit extracts. This makes it an ideal choice if you are concerned about the presence of chemicals. Likewise, this bong cleaner does not affect your smoke’s flavor, therefore keeping the taste fresh and revitalized. Users have also found that their bongs are cleaner in the long run.

The main downside to RezBlock is the higher price point, but as you’ll only use a few drops per clean, it will last. It just comes down to what you deem as good value.

Photo Credit: Orange Chronic

Orange Chronic

  • Made from natural ingredients and resources.
  • Cleans quickly and easily.
  • Can be used on metal and glass.
  • Unfortunately, it is flammable.


has been around for a long time, and it’s not just the wacky packaging that makes it a hit with bong users.

The cleaner can also be reused, plus is made from natural and renewable ingredients, so it is also suitable if this is something you prefer. The Orange Chronic Cleaner contains granules that act as an abrasive to fight residue without the need for shaking or scrubbing.

Simply soak your bong for less than five minutes, and then rinse it out with warm or hot water. Its ease makes it a good option for beginners who may be concerned about damaging their new bong by scrubbing or shaking a solution. However, the use of a brush or tool may be needed to remove grime from the hard-to-reach spots.

As a bonus, the Orange Chronic Cleaner is reasonably priced and comes in different sizes. It is also effective at restoring shine to your glass bong.

Photo Credit: Klear Kryptonite

Klear Kryptonite

  • Gentler on the environment.
  • Can be used to clean glass, metal, ceramic, and silicone bongs.
  • Easy and effective to use.
  • However, it can run out quickly.


features a unique formula as it is a clay-based cleaner that is also eco-friendly.

It works by absorbing resin and tar into the clay. You let your bong soak for around 30 minutes in the solution and let the clay do its work. There is no shaking or scrubbing involved here. The Klear Kryptonite Glass Cleaner has also been tested by chemists and scientists if this is something you value.

The cleaner is even effective at tackling typically hard-to-reach spots such as pipes and stalks. The downside to the Klear Kryptonite Glass Cleaner is that it can run out quickly if you have a large bong, and it could be considered quite pricey to some consumers.

However, it is very effective and is safe in your hands – it was originally designed to clean your hands and hard surfaces. Therefore, we recommend it for beginners who may be concerned about handling cleaners with chemicals.

Photo Credit: Resinate


  • Has a biodegradable and Earth-friendly formula.
  • Works very quickly.
  • Can be used on glass, ceramic or metal.
  • Can leave an odor if you do not clean it off properly.

‘s jazzy packaging may first catch your eye but its environmentally friendly and biodegradable formula makes it a great choice for those wanting a more natural product.

It has a non-abrasive formula, so you don’t have to worry about scratches. To clean your bong, either soak it in the liquid for a couple of minutes, or shake it up for more stubborn buildup. As the Resinate Bong Cleaner has Earth-friendly ingredients, it’s safe for your hands and makes it a suitable option for beginners.

That being said, it isn’t incredibly affordable and sits around the average price mark.

Photo Credit: Formula 710

Formula 710

  • Can be used on metal, glass and quartz.
  • Has a biodegradable and environmentally friendly formula.
  • Hides unpleasant odors.
  • Requires shaking for the best results.

Coming from the minds behind the same Formula 420 cleaner mentioned earlier, the

comes with AbrasivAction technology which aims to combat unpleasant smells from your bong.

The powerful formula brings back some shine to your bong as well as offers a biodegradable feature to simultaneously protect the Earth. The Formula 710 works very quickly too, just shake it up and almost any stain or residue will be removed.

Although a big draw for the Formula 710 is the deodorizing properties, these are not overly strong in terms of scent, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.


How Do You Clean a Stained Bong?

Keeping your bong squeaky clean can be challenging… especially for beginners. However, with an effective cleaner combined with some motivation, you can preserve the shiny appearance of your bong.

As mentioned earlier, try to wash your bong at least once every few days to a week or as soon as it starts to get dirty. Also, make sure you clean your bong water every day for hygiene reasons and to preserve the taste of the cloud.

To clean a stained bong, take note of how your bong cleaner says to use the product as some you need to soak overnight. However, generally, you should follow these steps:

  1. First, you should rinse out the bong with some warm water to loosen the residue, then empty it.
  2. Add the correct amount of cleaning solution to your bong – consult your bong cleaner’s instructions for directions.
  3. Rotate the bong to ensure the cleaning solution reaches the hard-to-reach spots.
  4. Apply more of the solution to any parts of the bong that need some extra TLC or are difficult to access.
  5. Now is when you either shake or soak your bong for the appropriate time depending on how your cleaner works.
  6. Once the correct amount of time has passed, rinse out the cleaning solution.
  7. Wash out your bong again with warm water to remove any of the remaining bong cleaner solution.
  8. Check that all of the solution has gone.
  9. Let the bong dry, and then you can enjoy it!

Can I Make a DIY Bong Cleaner?

As we mentioned at the start, you can make your own bong cleaner at home. However, as some of our top picks for the best bong cleaners are inexpensive already, you may find it to be cheaper and more effective to just buy one.

However, if you’re keen to create a DIY bong cleaner, you can. There are also a few different methods you can use to clean your bong, but either way, the key ingredient is isopropyl alcohol. Those who use this method recommend using 90 percent isopropyl as opposed to 71 percent as it’s more effective. You can also use coarse salt with the alcohol if your bong is particularly dirty.

  1. First, rinse out the bong with warm water.
  2. Fill up the bong chamber with the isopropyl alcohol and the optional salt.
  3. Plug the holes and gently shake the bong to ensure that the alcohol coats the inside.
  4. Next, leave the bong to soak for approximately an hour so the resin can be loosened.
  5. Now pour out the mixture and the removed resin.
  6. Then rinse out the bong with warm water to remove any lingering alcohol.

Alternatively, you can clean the smaller parts separately for a deep clean:

  1. Use the same ingredients of isopropyl alcohol and optional coarse salt, and rinse out the bong with warm water as normal.
  2. Then you can pack the small parts of your bong into a resealable plastic bag.
  3. Fill with isopropyl alcohol so that the small components are submerged.
  4. You can have the option of adding one to two tablespoons of coarse salt to the bag.
  5. Seal the bag tightly and securely.
  6. Carefully shake the bag with both hands for one to two minutes.
  7. Next, leave the bag to soak for several hours.
  8. You can then shake the bag again when you return for a thorough clean.
  9. Thoroughly wash out the alcohol with warm water.

Wrapping Up

A key thought to take away here is that no one bong cleaner is best for everyone. While we deduced that Formula 420 is the best for features like all-around effectiveness and value for money, this may not be the best for your bong or preference.

When looking around for bong cleaners, consider what materials your bong is made from, your lifestyle, how often you smoke, whether you want an environmentally friendly product and what your budget is. These can all steer you towards the best product for your needs.

We hope this article was helpful in your search – and as always, happy smoking!

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