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The Best 510 Thread Vape Battery

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May 19, 2021

Best 510 Thread Battery

Vaping is one of the most popular ways of consuming THC or CBD oil discretely and effortlessly.

No matter what you vape, if you want to keep your device in peak condition, you’ll need a good vape pen battery.

Over the last decade or so, the world of vape batteries and battery capacity has improved tenfold, as new and emerging technologies are being used to enhance the vaping experience and prolong a product’s lifecycle.

For anyone new to the world of vape pens or 510 thread batteries, things may seem a little bit confusing at first.

Luckily for you, the article below will cover everything you’ll need to know to go from novice to expert in all things 510 thread.

What is a 510 Thread Vape Pen?

A 510 thread battery is a general non-technical term for threading, which connects the vape battery to the oil cartridge.

The term 510 thread was initially coined by Joyetech – the originators of the e-cig – to describe their (never before seen) battery-to-oil cartage connector.

Since then, 510 thread-style batteries have become a staple in almost every type of vape pen out there.

Part of the appeal of 510 style batteries is their affordability and ease of use.

This is because they are portable, simple to connect, and are purchasable from trusted online and in-store retailers (providing you’re of legal smoking age) for comparatively low prices considering their battery life.

Which Batteries Are 510-Compatible?

One of the best things about 510 thread batteries is their cross-compatibility with multiple vaping devices.

Because 510 thread batteries are the industry-standard connection, they are massively accessible and easily used with pen-style THC/CBD oil vaporizers, Dab/Wax atomizers, or prefilled tanks.

In the beginning, most 510 thread batteries were pen-shaped to accommodate the standard shape of most vaping devices.

As trends have developed and new devices are emerging, 510 threaded batteries are compatible with various vaping devices of all different shapes and sizes.

Types of 510 Thread Battery

Concealed (Tank) Batteries

Concealed tank batteries are often preferred by those who want a more compact-sized vape that holds the atomizer within a box and only exposes the mouthpiece.

One of the main advantages of a concealed tank battery is that you’ll generally get a larger battery capacity, which means you’ll need less charging time.

Certain tank batteries also give users digital functionality – such as an LCD screen – and concealment. Some models even have a ‘flip’ function which holds the mouthpiece within the box until you release it – meaning all you see is the container.

Vape Pen Batteries

If you prefer a slimmer, sleeker-looking vape that more closely resembles a traditional cigarette, you may wish to choose a pen battery.

These can be used in combination with any variety of slim atomizer or oil tank, which you screw into the 510 thread adapter at the top.

However, it should be noted that, for vape batteries, you should always try and find an atomizer that matches the circumference of the battery.

Vape pen batteries are often the most cost-effective option for those who want a fast and easy way to vape multiple oil cartridges. The majority of them have variable voltage controls that let you tailor the heat settings to your preferences.

Why Trust High There’s Reviews:

The internet is full of ‘experts’ and authorities who claim to have the low-down on everything vape.

This overload of aficionados all shouting over each other can, understandably, cause you to second guess everything you read and leave you less clued-in than you were at the beginning.

At High There, we’re all about clarity and straightforwardness.

Everything we say, and all the products that we promote, have been checked, re-checked, and signed off on by a team of people who know what they are talking about.

Our mission is to provide easy-to-understand and impartial information about all things cannabis, based on extensive research, testing, and good ‘ole first-hand experience.

Our team never promotes or endorses anything that hasn’t been through rigorous tests and trials, which constantly prove it worth promoting.

Our Top 3 510 Vape Pens


First off on the list of our top vape pens is the Special K by KandyPens.

This ultra-sleek and incredibly compact design not only looks fantastic, but it also has an impressive battery with three separate settings.

When we say that the Special K looks amazing, we do mean amazing.

With its streamlined and portable design shaped to resemble a high-end stylus (such as a Mont Blanc or a Parker), this pen-style vape is ideal for anyone looking for a classy and refined smoking tool.

The detachable oil cartridge and mouthpiece of KandyPen’s Special K is a distinctive and sophisticated metallic gold – offset by the black 650mAh 510 thread battery – creating a truly balanced and fashionable looking vape pen.

O2 Vape – Flip Ultra

Next on our list of the best vapes out, there is the Flip Ultra by O2 Vape.

Unlike the Special K, the Flip Ultra is a key FOB style 510 thread vape – which means the mouthpiece and oil cartridges flip out of a container box with the push of a button (in a similar way to a remote-controlled car key).

This vape is compatible with all removable glass cartridges for THC and CBD oil – including Vari-Flow cartridges, which are broader than traditional ones, meaning they can hold more oil.

One of the main attractions to the Flip Ultra is its considerable 650 mAh 510 battery, allowing users to vape for longer than most pen-style vapes.

Vessel – Compass

Last, but by no means least, we’ve got the Compass vape by Vessel.

Instantly distinguishable by its compact size and uniquely stylish design, this futuristic-looking vape product packs a powerful punch into a conveniently sized, ergonomically pleasing package.

The Compass also features Vessel’s draw-activated, highly tuned signature airflow design alongside an incredibly high-capacity battery.

Like Flip Ultra’s system, the Compass also has a retractable cartridge to protect the vape cartridge and mouthpiece – only the Compass’s cartridge drops inside the actual vape, rather than flipping out from the side.

How Did We Test the Best 510 Thread Batteries?

As mentioned prior, at HighThere! we always take the utmost care to ensure the products we test are worthy of our endorsement.

To ensure the 510 thread batteries below are worth promoting, we initially have each vape battery extensively analyzed by our review team.

After our reviewers have whittled down a shortlist of the best 510 threaded batteries out there, we cross-reference this list with customer feedback and product reviews.

THC Vape Pens Reviews

Kandypens Special K Vaporizer


Streamline Style

  • Ideal balance of functionality, discreteness, and style.
  • Three different voltage settings for extra control.
  • 650 mAh battery – above average for a pen of this size.
  • Some users may find the three heat settings slightly limiting.

Featuring a striking style that harks back to a more sophisticated time when an object’s craftsmanship and detail spoke volumes about the person using it, the Special K is a vape pen that oozes class.

Designed to closely resemble the ballpoint pens which were popular amongst the stockbroker-elite of the ’80s, the Special K vape pen does not immediately look like a vaporizer – which is a massive part of its appeal.

What separates the Special K from the numerous vape pens out there, which favor style over function, is its all-round solid performance.

Not only does this 510 thread battery-powered vape look stylish and elegant, but it also holds all the technologies needed for a solid, reliable, and long-lasting product.

Functionality-wise, the Special K has a variable voltage battery which provides the user with three different settings – Red (3.2v), Green (3.7v), and Blue (4.2v).

These voltage settings control the temperature of the vapor produced, giving users complete control to enjoy their smoking experience their way.

Flip Ultra Key Fob Vape Pen

O2 Vape – Flip Ultra

Pop out vaping

  • The flipping mechanism automatically turns the device off when not in use.
  • Wide voltage range from 2.7-4.8v.
  • High compatibility with different cartridges.
  • Slightly larger design.

Next on our review list of the best 510 thread battery vapes on the market is the Flip Ultra by O2 Vape.

Using 02 Vape’s patented flip design, the Ultra is the most advanced and popular discrete vape pen in the Flip range that O2 Vape has made yet – and it is clear to see what all the fuss is about.

Resembling a hybrid mix of a miniaturized vape mod and a key fob, this vape looks like something straight out of Blade Runner.

This ultramodern vape’s cartridge springs out from the side of it at the touch of a button – a bit like a space-age switchblade that you can smoke (which is pretty cool, we think).

As soon as the cartridge springs out, an automatic LCD screen activates, which displays the battery percentage, voltage, and amount of puffs taken – which can be a massive help for anyone vaping THC who wants to keep track of their dosages.

The Flip Ultra works brilliantly with almost every commercially available oil vape cartridge, including CBD, THC, and Delta 8’s.

Size-wise, its container can easily accommodate most conventional sized cartridges, ranging from between 0.5ml and 1.0ml, and typically includes a complimentary 0.5ml cartridge.

Compass Vape Pen by Vessel

Vessel – Compass

compass finds the way

  • This premium-built, stylish vape is both highly economical and versatile.
  • Ergonomic design fits perfectly in your palm.
  • 550 mAh battery for day-long vaping.
  • You must buy the charging dock for the Compass separately.

Vessel earned their stripes in the vaporizer world by making top-quality oil pens.

The Compass is their first attempt to move into the 510 thread handheld vape market – which is by far the most popular market segment – and it’s safe to say they’ve knocked it out of the park.

Featuring a drop-out design that safely holds and protects the mouthpiece when it’s not being used, it packs an impressive 210 mAh battery into its incredibly compact and convenient size.

The 510 thread connection of the Compass features a swivel function that lets you position the mouthpiece at an angle that suits you, giving users optimal control over the ergonomics of their vape.

The build quality of the Vessel Compass is by far one of the best on this list, as it is both small and discrete while still feeling high-grade and comfortable.

Most 510 thread vape cartridges are compatible with the Compass, giving users the freedom to switch between THC, CBD, or various other oil cartridges.

With a USB C connector for convenient charging and magnets on the interior, the Compass is a breeze to charge and set up.

KandyPen 350 mAh Vape Pen

KANDYPENS – 350 Battery

Freedom in Variation

  • A large range of voltage settings that work with various oil cartridges.
  • Great cartridge compatibility thanks to 510 thread.
  • 3.7, 3.9 and 4.1V voltage settings.
  • Uses a fob-style USB charger for power, which some users may dislike.

Next up on our list is the 350 Battery by KandyPens.

Unlike the previous products listed, this device is purely a pen-shaped power source for various vape cartridges – rather than a self-contained product.

We found that these have several advantages, with the most obvious being that you can easily attach whatever sized cartridge you want – meaning you’ll never have that crushing moment when you realize the cart you’ve just bought won’t fit your favorite vape.

Alongside this freedom to use any sized cartridge, another advantage of the 350 battery is its natural feel in your hand. This is due to its slim and ergonomically designed shape combining with the cartridge for a comfortable length.

On the surface, a 350 battery is relatively nondescript and subdued in its style – which may appeal to those who want a more discrete vape.

350 batteries are one of the best options for those who want a quick and convenient vape that you can use with various prefilled CBD, THC, or Delta 8 oil cartridges without any hassle.

Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod Vape

Yocan – Uni-Pro


  • The Uni-Pro has exact temperature control settings.
  • OLED screen provides clear and important info.
  • The magnetic adapter makes it highly compatible.
  • Quite a large unit.

Yocan made their name in the vape community through their Uni 510 vape, and the Uni-Pro Box Mod is a more refined and updated version of their breakthrough product.

Yocan has kept all of the features which made the Uni510 one of the best vapes on the market and taken on board everything that customers suggested could be improved – resulting in the new and improved Uni-Pro.

Some of these new features include the ability for finely tuned voltage adjustments to each user’s preferences and a new OLED screen interface that displays all the information you’ll ever need – such as the battery percentage or the number of puffs taken.

With a 650mAh battery, built-in precision temperature control, and short circuit protection, which automatically switches the vape off after 15 seconds, this Box Mod vape has it all.

Another massive appeal to this sturdily-built vape box is its wide range of voltage settings from 2.0v to 4.2v – giving you total temperature control.

The Uni-Pro has a magnetic adapter that facilitates various-sized pre-filled oil cartridges, including THC, Delta 8, and CBD – making it the only vape you’ll ever need for a lifetime of customizable blazing.

Rainbow Zero Vape Battery

Linx – Hypnos Battery


  • Keeps battery life over prolonged periods and recharges quickly.
  • Easy to operate with clear LED feedback.
  • Some users may not like the two color options of this battery.

The Hypnos battery by Linx is without a doubt one of the most visually pleasing and stylish vape batteries on this list – and it isn’t a case of form over function either.

We believe that less is more in terms of usability, and the Hypnos Battery embodies that perfectly.

All users do to operate it is push the ‘power’ button five times. To control the temperature settings, you press the same button an additional 3 times to switch between the three different options, indicated by three different LED light shades.

The Hypnos battery comes in two options that cater to different styles and tastes: the first being sleek and elegant stainless brushed steel. The second is a futuristic iridescent metal.

If you want an interchangeable variable voltage battery that can be used with various pre-filled oil cartridges and look right at home on your desk beside your Macbook – then the Linx Hypnos Battery is for you.

Vessel Walnut & Slate Vape Pen

Vessel – Walnut/Slate Battery


  • Made in California from responsibly sourced, durable, attractive materials.
  • 300 mAh battery is good for the pen size – it should give you around 300 puffs.
  • The warranty is limited to just six months.

Another strikingly different but attractive vape pen battery is the Slate Wood series by Vessel.

Made from a combination of genuine walnut wood – which means that every piece will be unique by nature – and anodized slate aluminum, this battery is perfect for the more aesthetically minded smoker.

However, Vessel’s Slate Wood battery isn’t just pleasing to look at – it also carries an impressive 300mAh lithium-ion core which is fully rechargeable.

This 510 battery can be attached to nearly all pre-filled oil cartridges and has four separate power settings that give users complete control over the temperature.

These include 2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v, and 3.6v – each of which is illustrated through three LED lights which also clearly indicate the battery power while still being minimalist and attractive.

TVape – Tronian Tautron


  • The Tronian Tautron has no buttons, as all the controls are automatic.
  • Cartridge swap-over is incredibly easy.
  • If you enjoy customizing your vape settings, this might not be for you.

Finally, another contender for the best 510 thread vape battery is the Tronian Tautron by TVape.

This highly energy-efficient draw-activated oil pen battery takes all the hassle out of loading oil cartridges by streamlining the process into a simple ‘drop in and draw’ system.

The Tautron archives this through its magnetic loading system, which does not require you to press any buttons to switch over cartridges.

When you want to insert a new oil cartridge, all you do is pull out the old one and put the new one in.

It is as simple as that, which – alongside the powerful 380mAh’s of power – is one of the main appeals of this 510 threaded vape battery.

The Tautron is designed to facilitate almost every conventional-sized oil cartridge, as it comes with two separate magnetic adapters – one for 0.1ml cartridges and another for larger 1.0ml ones.

Final Thoughts

Vaping has existed in some capacity since as

– but it is only within the past few decades that it has become as popular and widely accepted as it is today.

With a boom in both the types of vapes out there and the variety of oils and concentrated available, it can be easy to fall victim to choice-overload.

Hopefully, however, the above article has made finding your ideal vape a bit easier by compiling a list of the best products we’ve discovered and explaining why we feel they are worth your money.

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