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May 20, 2021

Vaping CBD is one of the best ways to relax after a long day, but which pens can get the most out of the many oils available? What should you look for when comparing the many CBD vape pens available? And which is the overall best CBD vape pen for your needs?

Below you will find everything a buyer of CBD vape pens will need to know. We have reviewed a range of products suited for vapers of all experience levels. So whether you’ve been vaping for 10 years or you are trying to find the best entry-level pen, be sure to read on!

What Is a CBD Vape Pen & How Does it Work?

A CBD vape pen is similar to your typical vape, but it has been designed around the use of CPD vape oil. If you are familiar with nicotine pens, then getting the hang of a CBD vape pen shouldn’t be an issue.

For anyone new to them, however, a CBD vape pen is an electronic device that is used to heat CBD oils allowing you to inhale them with ease. There are two main types of pens: disposable CBD vape pens, and refillable CBD pens. As you might have guessed, disposable usually only last a couple of vaping sessions.

As impressive as the technology is, CBD vape pens are pretty straightforward. Most work through the use of a heating coil, which, when the right button is pressed, quickly heats your E-juice – allowing you to inhale the fumes.

CBD Vape Pen Buying Guide: What to Look For


One of the first things any buyer is going to consider before buying a vape pen is how much it will set you back. You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to vape CBD, so choosing the most expensive option out there isn’t needed.

Most CBD pens shouldn’t cost too much, however, the more added features they have, the higher the price will be. If you are new to the world of CBD vapes then we would recommend buying a cheaper vape pen, so you can get a feel of what to expect.

Battery Life

Depending on where you want to smoke your CBD, the battery life of your chosen pen could be incredibly important, or not important at all. If you mainly smoke CBD then there’s no need to worry about buying a pen with high battery life, unless you are the sort of person who forgets to charge it up.

Extended battery life can be a welcome addition if you regularly vape at your friend’s house, or you just like the convenience of added portability. You shouldn’t need one with more than 4 hours of battery life, but the longer the battery lasts, the less time is needed between charging.

Ease of Use

Ideally, you will want any CBD vape pens you purchase to be fairly accessible and easy to use, whether this is how easy it is to replace the CBD vape juice, to how the heating method is activated. The easier your vape pen is, the less you have to worry about after vaping your CBD vape oil.

Often, less expensive vape pens are actually easier to use as they will offer less advanced functionality.

Try to get a feel for a pen before you purchase it if possible, so you can see whether or not you would feel comfortable using it while high. Once you have vaped your CBD products, you will appreciate an easy-to-use pen a whole lot more!

Heating Method

When looking at the best CBD vape pens, you will usually come across two main types of heating, conduction or convection. The main difference between these two is that conduction heaters work by directly heating the CBD, whereas convection uses hot air by passing it through a heating element to heat the CBD oil.

For beginners, we would recommend sticking with conduction-style CBD vape pens. They offer more control over the heating temperature and heat the CBD extremely quickly. However, convection pens aren’t a complete write-off as they offer unique benefits.

One of these benefits is that it is extremely hard to burn your CBD through a convection vaper. Before you splash out, decide which is more suited to your needs. We would even recommend trying one of each to decide which you prefer.


Most CBD vaporizers will offer unique functionality to try and stand out amongst an extremely competitive crowd. From adjustable heating settings to a supplied charging case that provides room for backup cartridges, there are so many useful additions out there. However, there are just a couple that truly stand out.

One of the best functionality bonuses you should keep an eye out for is a range of temperature settings. Different flavors work best with specific temperatures, so being able to freely control your pen’s heat is a great bonus.

You should also try to find a vape that provides a safety lock, such as a 5 click button, to help prevent accidents. Vaporizers can get pretty hot very fast, so the more safety features included, the safer your vaping experience will be.

What Do We Know About CBD?

From what makes full-spectrum CBD oil greater than regular oils to the differences between THC and CBD, here at High There we make sure we know everything required to get the most out of CBD. We want to ensure everyone gets the most out of this amazing substance that can provide

There’s no point in recommending a product if it barely gets the job done – which is why we have manually tested each pen listed here today. Vaping CBD is something we are extremely enthusiastic about, and we hope that after checking out the many amazing pens available, you will be too.

Check out our top 3 picks below, followed by our thoughts on the 10 best CBD vape pens on the market right now!

Our Top 3 CBD Vape Pen Picks

Wildflower – CBD+ Vaporizer

One of the best CBD vapes around, the Wildflower CBD Vaporizer is an incredible bit of kit. Featuring a slim but surprisingly durable design, and designed for vapers of all levels, it’s no wonder this CBD vape pen is constantly highly rated.

Avida – CBD Vape Pen

Packed to the brim with flavor, the Avida CBD vape pen is determined to please even the fussiest of CBD vapers. But variety is not all this pen offers, as it comes packed with features suitable for any experience level.

Quill – Recyclable Vape Pen

Offering an incredible 750 mg of CBD that has been blended from pure Oregon grown hemp, the Quill is an incredible CBD vaporizer. The pen itself is fully recyclable, so if you can appreciate green in more than one way – this is the pen for you.

How Did We Choose the Best CBD Vape Pens?

We ensure a broad spectrum of factors are considered when choosing our favorite CBD vape pens. From pricing and ease of use to advanced functionality and battery life, we ensure that all our picks offer a high-quality vaping experience.

We have also considered vapers of all levels – although advanced products tend to be better, they may have features that beginners won’t get much use out of. All the products we have included have been tested and are guaranteed to help you relax at the end of a stressful week. The calming benefits of CBD

– so an easy-to-use pen is the best way to round off the experience.

CBD Vape Pens Reviews

Wildflower CBD Vaporizer

Wildflower CBD+ Vaporizer


  • Additional space for extra CBD cartridges
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Extremely portable and durable soft design
  • Incredible customer service
  • Regularly sells out

One of our top picks and a contender for the best CBD vape pen available right now, the Wildflower CBD+ Vaporizer is every vaper’s dream. It comes with a host of additional convenience features such as slots for backup cartridges and an additional charging case for on-the-move vaping.

On top of this, the Wildflower Vaporizer bridges the gap for both experienced vapers and newbies alike. It offers an easy-to-use design that is ready as soon as you take it out of the box, without sacrificing additional functionality.

We would fully recommend checking out the starter kit as it offers everything you need to start vaping the full spectrum of CBD oils!

Avida – CBD Vape Pen


  • Wide choice of CBD oil flavors
  • The pen comes with 3000 mg of CBD oil
  • Starter kit offers everything you need to start vaping
  • Incredible battery life
  • A large selection of flavors may be overwhelming to newbies

Avida CBD vape pens specialize in offering a variety of flavors, from cinnamon custard to blue raspberry. Even picky vapers should find a flavor that suits them. Each 100mg pen comes with 3000 mg of CBD oil, offering incredible strength at an amazing value.

But variety isn’t all the Avida CBD vape pen provides – the pen itself is one of the largest on the market, with a 930mAh battery capacity. This is almost 2x the typical vape pen battery size.

Finding the best CBD vape pens that are perfect for vapers of any experience level can be fairly tricky. But with options like the Avida CBD vape pen, you won’t need to look far!

Quill CBD Pen

Quill – Recyclable Vape Pen


  • Recyclable CBD pen design
  • Pure homegrown hemp extract
  • A sleek and modern model
  • Extremely durable and safe
  • Slightly smaller capacity than others

Offering one of the most unique designs featured here today, the Quill refillable CBD vape pen is fully recyclable. This includes both the packaging it comes in and even the pen itself – simply return it to the manufacturer and they can take care of it for you.

In terms of functionality, this pen is no slouch. With a durable design that can withstand high altitudes and a slick build that can be slotted away in your pocket after use, the Quill is perfect for on-the-move vaping.

To round out this already incredible package, the homegrown hemp extract is full-spectrum, meaning it is 100% pure.

KandyPen Rubi Vape Pen



  • Each pen is specially crafted by hand
  • Comes with a lifetime battery warranty
  • Designed for DTL inhalation
  • Limited amount in stock

Winner of the ‘Best Oil Vape 2021’ by The Vape Guide, the Rubi is a fantastic CBD vape pen for smokers new or old. Fans of direct-to-lung inhalation will be pleased to hear that this incredible product is designed around DTL inhalation.

The handmade pen offers a leak-free pod design, ensuring you receive the amount of oil that you paid for. On top of this, you can also expect minimal spit-back from your CBD E-juice, meaning no more flinching when the vape coil is overfilled.

The Rubi is an excellent CBD vape pen for vapers of all levels, as long as you can get your hands on one. Due to each pen being handmade, the availability is fairly low. However, if you can get it while it’s in stock, we would recommend picking up this 5 star CBD product.

PAX Era Life Vaporizer for CBD

PAX Era Life


  • Selection of 4 heat settings
  • Long-lasting and flavorful pods
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Not compatible with the PAX app

Compact and ready to use straight out of the box, the PAX Era Life has been designed with convenience in mind. Available in a selection of colors, this is designed for people who want to add a layer of style to their CBD products.

Unfortunately, this added style comes at the sacrifice of functionality and capacity. The pen itself offers slightly less battery life than your typical vape pen, with only 150 puffs per charge. But, if you don’t plan on frequently vaping, then you would be hard-pressed to find an option quite like this.

There are however up to 4 heat settings for you to choose from, giving you the power you need to find the right temperature for your oil flavor. The PAX Era Life also comes with a one-year warranty, which adds another layer of relaxation to your CBD vaping experience.

Gio+ G Pen CBD Vape Battery

G Pen – Gio+


  • Controlled time settings perfect for beginners
  • Rechargeable smart-chip design
  • Low price is suited for bargain shoppers
  • Small capacity compared to competitors

Incredibly affordable and designed to be accessible to newbies to the vaping world, the Gio+ is easy to recommend to smoking beginners. Offering an easy-to-use time-controlled usage setting, this vape pen makes vaping CBD incredibly straightforward.

The choice of heating settings helps you decide which heat you prefer for specific flavors. As some flavors work better at higher heat, the control is entirely in your hands.

Sadly, due to its compact design, the Gio+ has a 20% lower CBD oil than some other vape pens. Although not a massive difference, if you aren’t a fan of constantly switching oils, then this could quickly become an inconvenience.

Overall, the Gio+ CBD vape pen is still an incredible option for a first refillable CBD pen – and it’s available at an incredibly affordable price!

Funky Farms Reserve CBD, Grandaddy Purple Strain



  • Preheating function speeds up vaping
  • Variable voltage perfect for any vape juice cartridge type
  • Extremely small and portable design
  • Separate charging pieces can get lost

If you are on the market for a cheap refillable CBD vape pen that lacks some of the more advanced bells and whistles, then look no further. The Reserve pen is the perfect cheap pen if you don’t want to spend money on features you won’t use.

Due to this lack of advanced features, the battery on the Reserve is incredible, with some people claiming it lasts up to 2 days without needing a charge. The dial adjustment offers decent resistance, so you don’t accidentally crank up the heat too far.

Advanced CBD smokers may want to look elsewhere, however, as some of the more free-form features that veterans can appreciate can’t be found on this pen. Whether you are wanting to dip your toes into the vaping world or you are just looking for a backup CBD vape pen, this is more than a decent choice.

PCKT Vapor Vape Battery

PCKT – One Plus


  • Wide selection of colors for you to choose from
  • Large battery capacity for longer battery life
  • Works with any 510 CBD cartridges (including third-party ones)
  • Lack of heating settings

Lovers of aesthetic vaporizers will want to make sure they check out the PCKT One Plus. With a wide selection of colors available, and encased in an incredibly durable package that can withstand even the clumsiest of hands, this is one of the best CBD vape pens out there.

One of the biggest advances this option offers is its incredible 660mAh battery that is over 15% more powerful than most competitors. Users also have access to a choice of 3 power modes, so you are certain to find one that matches your vaping needs.

Advanced vapers will be glad to hear that you are given the option to directly inhale or use the nifty heating button found on the vaporizer. When it comes to high-quality CBD vape pens, we find the more options, the better the experience with them is.

The main issue we found with the PACKT One Plus is that it lacks a range of heating options. This means all oils will be heated at the same level, which can be frustrating if you found the right heat for your favorite CBD products.

JustCBD – Vape Pen


  • Incredibly affordable CBD vape pen
  • 5x button press safety lock
  • Choice of pen colors
  • 2-3 hour charging time is longer than some other vape pens

Another incredibly affordable CBD vape pen that is perhaps better suited to beginners than CBD connoisseurs, this option is ideal if you don’t mind a device that lacks additional functionality. This pen comes in a choice of colors and is compatible with most 510 CBD cartridges.

This low price does mean that you will lack some of the functionality you might expect from your CBD vape pen, such as heat settings, but at less than $15, there’s not much to complain about.

Safety has thankfully been considered, which is usually ignored in cheaper pens. A 5 click function has been added meaning it is incredibly difficult to accidentally light this refillable CBD vape device.

Final Thoughts

Few activities can relax your body and soothe your mind quite like vaping CBD. Whether you do it with friends during a chilled meet-up or you just need a helping hand to get some rest at night, A CBD vape pen is more than worth the investment.

Although there are many more fantastic pens out there, we hope we have helped you find your next favorite CBD product. When you are next looking for a pen upgrade or you just want a guide to help make recommendations to your buddies, be sure to keep our CBD vape pen buying guide in mind!

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