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The Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer

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August 31, 2021

While pen-style vaporizers may be a dime a dozen these days, owning a desktop dry herb vaporizer can be both functional and an attractive coffee table centerpiece. These remarkable devices come in a massive range of sizes and styles, making finding the best one out of the bunch a real challenge.

Luckily we’ve put in the effort for you! By creating a detailed list of all the best desktop vaporizers of 2021 we’re here to help you make an informed and solid decision you know you won’t regret. Let’s get started.

Note: The products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Although many people are familiar with vape pens or portable vapes, desktop vaporizers were some of the first vaporizers invented.

These desktop-style vaporizers are designed to be used at home and plugged straight into a wall socket, providing a premium vaporizing experience with extensive temperature controls, vape collection units, and other bells & whistles not available on more portable vapor devices.

Are Dry Herb Vaporizers Also Suitable for Concentrates?

Some vaporizers are compatible with dry herb and concentrates, but it’s essential to check the product before buying it.

As concentrates are likely to melt or otherwise leave residues in a way dried herbs would not, you should be on the look out for devices that feature mesh or liquid pad attachments, as these are built specifically for herbs, oil concentrate, and wax.

Our Top 3 Picks

Dr. Dabber Switch

All around favorite

  • Excellent durability
  • Great style
  • Expensive but full-featured
  • Dry Herb? Yes
  • Solid Concentrates? Yes
  • Temperature Controls? Digital, preset-only
  • Heating Element? Ceramic

Dr. Dabber Switch​

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Classic

  • Quick heat-up time
  • Legendary & trusted manufacturers
  • Pricey but solid
  • Dry Herb? Yes
  • Solid Concentrates? Yes
  • Temperature Controls? Digital, full
  • Heating Element? Stainless Steel

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer​


Consistent & Smooth

  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Unique design makes for easy cleaning
  • Desktop sized but portable
  • Dry Herb? Yes
  • Solid Concentrates? Yes
  • Temperature Controls? Digital, preset-only
  • Heating Element? Quartz


Why Trust High There’s Reviews?

We here at High There make it our mission to provide accessible and concise information on the best marijuana products out there – for experts & newcomers alike – in order to clear the air once and for all of misleading information.

Our review team comprises experts and enthusiasts who have ample experience in reviewing vaporizer products, with every product tested against our in-depth knowledge & our team’s preferences. Here’s what we typically look for (and you should too!).

High There’s Buyer’s Guide to the Best Desktop Vaporizers

Everyone wants a different thing from their desktop vaporizer, and we’ve taken as many factors into consideration as we can when testing them. Our primary metrics are:


From high end to low end, we targeted good models of desktop vaporizers across a variety of price points. As desktop vaporizers are specialist items that are built to last, they typically start around the $100 range and go up depending on size, capacity, and features.

We recommend approaching a new a desktop vaporizer as an investment purchase, whereby the more you put in, the more features and higher design quality you’ll ultimately get out. There are still gems to be found at the lower end, and finding the best desktop vaporizer doesn’t have to break the bank.


What is a unit’s average heat up time? How long until it begins producing vapor? Compared to their smaller, portable siblings, a good desktop vape will have a noticeable difference in efficiency, but bad desktop vaporizers can lead to long wait times and even wasted concentrates/bud.


Does the model feature full temperature controls? Digital or analog? How does the unit look & feel? What sort of heating chamber is used and what’s the bowl size? Is the heating system electronic? Does the piece feel flimsy or fragile? Many of these questions will come down purely to personal taste, but we’ve highlighted any important design benefits or issues we feel might be noticeable in our choices.


Is the model for dry herb only? Will it handle solid concentrates (IE: hash or wax)? Can it handle liquid concentrates? Depending on how you smoke, these are important questions to answer before you look into purchasing your own desktop model. Most models will handle ground cannabis flower by default ; if wanting a unit that will handle concentrates, look for devices that have small mesh pads or pods as a concentrate-containing attachment.


Is it portable at all? Does the build quality & construction effect that? Generally you won’t want to be lugging any desktop-sized vaporizer around with you, but for those who need to move their unit from one location to another on a regular basis, size, construction material, and power requirements are all important to note.

We looked at all of these fields in each of our competing products and have narrowed down the field to what we think are the best, most full-featured values you can find in a desktop vaporizer. Let’s get into the list.

High There’s List of the Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber Switch


  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Unique design makes for easy cleaning
  • Desktop sized but portable
  • Dry Herb? Yes
  • Solid Concentrates? Yes
  • Temperature Controls? Digital, preset-only
  • Heating Element? Quartz

Dr. Dabber Switch

For any true cannabis-connoisseurs out there wanting an effortless way to switch between concentrates, oils, and dry herbs? The Dr. Dabber Switch has everything you’ll ever need.

All you need to do to change the Dabber Switch between dry herb, oils, or concentrates is flip the switch (hence the name) at the device’s base.

Once you’ve settled on your desired vapor-making mode, fill up the induction heating chamber of the device with your material of choice, set it to your preferred temperature, and begin puffing away on the clean, sweet-tasting vapor.

The Switch touts its portability as a feature as well, with a long-lasting battery that, according to the manufacturers, will last for over 150 uses; we found this to be fairly consistent, with a single charge for the unit more than surpassing our tester’s needs.

The temperature controls of the Dr. Dabber Switch are a simple push-button affair, with dedicated “Leaf” and “Oil” modes but also a wide array of selectable temperature settings (25 in all); though this gives plenty of control to the user, for those who like precision in their heating system this can be a bit of a direct draw back.

With a sleek look & style the Switch is definitely an attractive piece; LED lights included in the rig can either be used for an impromptu light show or switched off completely for a more stealthy puff. The glass percolator section can be switched out as you like and replaced with other alternatives (and Dr. Dabber’s

shows off some of the beautifully crafted work done by some of its adherents), and the heating unit can be easily swapped from ceramic to crystal.

All of these features add up to a premium, luxury vaporizing experience… with a premium, luxury price tag to boot. Though this can put the Dr. Dabber Switch out of the range of bargain-seeking shoppers, when looking for the best desktop vape experience you can find, saving up the extra cash for a high-end model is often worth it, and we feel the Dr. Dabber Switch is worth setting aside for.

Pros: Straightforward and user-friendly. The Dr. Dabber Switch was a pleasure to review. Easy-to-use and well-performing, it definitely earns its place at the top of our list of desktop-style vapes.

Cons: Lack of precision control. The included pre-set temperature options should match just about anybody’s needs, but if you’re serious about wanting exact & precise temperature options for your vapor production, you may want to look into other models we’ve reviewed.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer


  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Unique design makes for easy cleaning
  • Desktop sized but portable
  • Dry Herb? Yes
  • Solid Concentrates? Yes
  • Temperature Controls? Digital, preset-only
  • Heating Element? Quartz

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Whether you’re about wax, resin, concentrates, dry herb (or all of the above), the Volcano Hybrid is a sublime desktop vaporizer that provides a premium vaping experience.

Featuring a stainless steel body (and shape instantly familiar to anyone who’s used the Volcano Classic) to which a balloon bag or whip system (or “whip attachment pipe”) can easily attach, the Volcano Hybrid is a desktop device that cuts a striking & recognizable profile. And though the untrained eye may think the Volcano looks like something you’d need a Ph.D. to operate, in reality Storz & Bickel keep it’s usability very straightforward.

A bright, easy-to-read screen and touch-based controls make the Volcano Hybrid’s interface intuitive and simple to use; this makes the Volcano more accessible than other similar table vaporizer units, and given the Volcano’s reputation among medical marijuana patients can be a selling feature for those who might have physical difficulties operating more complex units.

Vapor is ready and available in just a few moments with the Volcano Hybrid, often reaching the desired vape temperature within only a couple of minutes (with higher temperatures naturally taking longer). And for those wanting precision controls the Volcano allows you to dial in to the exact temperature you want your convection heating chamber to reach, allowing for a degree of customization not always found in cheaper models.

But. Price is absolutely a factor, and while this is a premium device from a well-known brand the total pricetag on this unit can be literally equivalent to a month’s worth of rent; definitely not an option for someone seeking the best budget desktop vaporizer. Still, if you want one of the top vaping experiences available from a reputable brand known for making the most recognizable vaporizers on the market? The Volcano Hybrid is almost impossible to top.

Pros: Easy to Use. Despite its space-age looks and multitude of features, the Volcano Hybrid is about as easy as it gets to operate, and offers a precision degree of control.

Cons: Expensive. Again, the Volcano Hybrid may be top-of-the-line, but if you’re looking for a cheap desktop vape, this may not be the unit for you.



If you’re in the market for a more portable-sized desktop dab-rig that can be easily moved from one room to another during smoking sessions, the Oura by KANDYPENS is a great recommendation. After making their name in the vape world by creating thin, pen-style vape devices, the Oura represents an excellent attempt by KANDYPENS to break away from their expected aesthetic and move into the world of desktop-style devices.


In terms of build quality and materials we rank the Oura as one of the best desktop vapes on our list, featuring a durable zinc-alloy frame and a broad base that make its robust construction feel incredibly stable and steady.

Powered by an internal 3000mAh battery, onto which the removable glass bubbler sits, the Oura features four different heat settings, which you can control via a no-touch sensor at its base. Though we would have loved to have seen more temperature control options on the unit, the four included settings do an excellent job at vaporizing the concentrates, oils & waxes this unit is primarily designed to take. 

The Oura also has a price point that’s hard to beat, ranking in as one of the cheaper desktop vaporizer options in this article, but that also comes with it’s own downsides – The Oura can be hard to get a hold of on occasion, with supplies often selling out quickly after being restocked. If the Oura sounds like the device for you, and you happen to see one for sale? We recommend not waiting too long before snatching one up.

Pros: Simple to Use. The Oura’s heat settings are operated entirely through a touch-sensor, making it a straightforward device to use and maintain.

Cons: Low Stock. Because of it’s popularity the Oura can be hard to track down sometimes.

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer


Next up, we have the Plenty Vaporizer, another out-of-this-world-looking device from Storz & Bickel. 

Unlike their Volcano model mentioned earlier, the Plenty is a revolutionary new take on a whip-style vaporizer which, rather than a silicone tube whip, uses a stainless steel, self-cooling coil pipe to channel the vapor to users.

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer​

With a built-in analog thermometer being favored over a digital one (for aesthetic purposes more than anything), Plenty gives users complete temperature control between 266ºF – 395ºF, making it perfect to vape various materials with, including concentrates oils, waxes, and dry herbs.

This unique-looking vaporizer produces a consistent and tasty vapor quality that will more than satisfy the needs of any seasoned smoker or newbie alike, proving Storz & Bickel have more to offer than just their famous Volcano vaporizer line.

Pros: Reliable, tasty vapor quality every time. As the Plenty has a cooling vapor path within its metallic whip-pipe, it always produces an incredible tasting, fresh and potent vapor.

Cons: Not portable. Plenty has no battery attachment feature, so it is not very mobile, to say the least.

Da Buddha Desktop


US-based 7th Floor Vapes is another manufacturer renowned for creating some of the best desktop vaporizer devices on the market, and their new “Da Buddha Desktop” reaffirms their long standing reputation.

Da Buddha Desktop​

7th Floor Vapes first made waves with their Super Surfer, and Silver Surfer Vaporizer models, which have long been considered by many to be among the best desktop vaporizer brands money can buy. Their Da Buddha Desktop aims to bring the same degree of constitution, design, and innovation as their Surfer series to the masses, as it is offered at a far more attainable price tag.

This whip-style vaporizer uses a ceramic heating element alongside a glass chamber, just like more premium-priced models – only at a considerably lower cost.

To operate the Da Buddha, users first need to break in the device by running it for around 10 minutes to eliminate any residual oils from production. After this, turn the temperature gauge at the bottom of the device (under the Buddha logo) to a position of roughly 60º (or 2:00 o’clock), let the convection heating chamber reach the (roughly) set temperature, and enjoy.

Pros: Excellent value for money. The Da Buddha vaporizer has the build quality and power of a premium-quality desktop vaporizer but is far less expensive.

Cons: No numbered temperature gauge. The Da Buddha’s temperature control gauge has no numbers, so finding the sweet spot & ideal setting for your vapor may take some time.

Arizer Extreme Q


Another highly affordable yet functional option for those who want a dual-functioning vaporizer is the Extreme Q by Candian vape-pioneers Arizer.

Arizer Extreme Q​

When using the whip option, the whip-pipe (supplied by Arizer) is constructed from the highest-grade materials possible and includes a flavor-neutral borosilicate glass inhaler that preserves the terpenes herb, locking in all its natural flavors.

Alternatively, if users prefer to use the balloon-bag method of consumption (which devices like the Volcano Classic are famed for) then the Arizer Extreme Q has multiple fan speed options that modulate the thickness of the vapor that fills the bag.

With a ceramic heating element capable of creating temperatures with precision accuracy and an illuminated LCD that provides information about the device’s current temperature and settings, the Extreme Q truly does have everything you’ll ever need.

Pros: Perfectly preserves the flavor of your herbs. Using Arizer’s renowned Cyclone Bowl, the Extreme Q evenly distributes air with optimal efficiency to perfectly preserve your herb’s terpenes.

Cons: Requires regular upkeep. Certain parts of the Extreme Q (such as the glass compartment) can break if you aren’t careful and need to be regularly cleaned.

Ditanium Bamboo Desktop Vaporizer


For vapers who want a device that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical, another excellent choice is the Bamboo Desktop Vaporizer by Ditanium.

Using a convection heating system with a massive bowl size, the Ditanium Bamboo heats up to considerable temperatures to preserve the terpenes of the herb in a thick, tasty vapor.

The Diranium Bamboo’s unique ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates simultaneously is one of the main appeals for anyone who wants a vaporizer that hits hard. 

Pros: Can vape two types of materials at once. The Ditanium Bamboo is one of the only vaporizers on this list that lets users simultaneously vape dry herb and concentrates or wax.

Cons: Limited warranty. The warranty of the Ditanium Bamboo does not cover the internal glass components.

This elegantly designed, at-home vaporizer is perfectly capable of handling dry herb, concentrates, and wax. It even has the capacity to vape dry herb in combination with resins or concentrates, using a glass wand for herbs and a quartz & titanium nail for the concentrates.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO


Next up, we have the highly refined VapeXhale Cloud EVO, which is the latest at-home vaporizer evolution of the multi-award-winning VapeXhale Cloud.

VapeXhale Cloud EVO​

VapeXhale has made it their mission to create the best direct draw vaporizer on the market, and this vape is a massive leap in precisely that direction. Thanks to an all-glass vapor path, every inhale with the Cloud EVO will be smooth and tasty, as it will not be tainted by any electrical elements, overheating, or plastics.

Sticky Brick OG


Another slightly more compact, visually stimulating desktop vape (which would look equally great either next to a computer or on a coffee table) is the Sticky Brick OG. This vaporizer is instantly identifiable by its wooden, cube-shaped exterior, with a large glass pipe extruding from one end and a smaller one from the other.

Unlike most of the other vaporizers on this list, the Sticky Brick OG is powered by a butane lighter – which is included – meaning it doesn’t require any electricity. This, alongside its compact dimensions, means that you can easily take it with you on any outdoor adventure.

As the Sticky Brick OG is flame operated, it puts users in total control of the thickness of the vapor it creates when smoking dry herb or concentrates. To achieve a denser, thicker inhale, all you do is put the flame close to the bowl, and for faster draws, you move the flame further away. Simple.

Pros: Will last you a lifetime. Every Sticky Brick OG comes with a lifetime warranty, and its flame-powered ignition system and hardwood shell are all designed to last indefinitely (if properly cared for).

Cons: Weather dependent. As the Sticky Brick is flame operated, it may not be easy to light in high-wind areas or during heavy rainfall.

Wrapping Up

Desktop vapes are the hallmark of a true marijuana enthusiast. While they may not be the cheapest devices you’ll find, they are all built to last years and produce a cleaner, tastier vapor quality far healthier and ‘greener’ than traditional smoke.

Hopefully our list of the best desktop vaporizers (in our humble opinions) has helped shed some light on exactly what desktop vapes are, and given some insight into the best devices to look out for when shopping. Happy vaping!

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