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Dr. Dabber Light Review: Our Thoughts

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

April 12, 2022

Lovers of concentrates typically stumble upon that fateful moment, looking to take a dab, away from home, without a simple way to do so. It’s cumbersome, if not potentially tragic, to haul around a glass dab rig and the array of additional supplies. For any concentrate enthusiast, or new concentrate consumers, snagging a reliable, portable vape pen is an essential purchase.

The Dr. Dabber Light, a little sibling of sorts to the Dr. Dabber Ghost, is one reliable product to consider.

The Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Kit In Full

What’s in the Box


comes with the pen itself. The three main parts of the pen include the mouthpiece, atomizer and battery. It also comes stacked with a loading tool and the Light USB charger.


is also available, which additionally includes a carrying case, replacement top and shatterproof storage ball.

The mouthpiece and included battery are held together by o-rings, which provide a sturdy seal but make it simple to pull apart when needed. The mouthpiece screws off, revealing a second piece that’s also removable, a cover for the atomizer. The atomizer itself is a titanium coil wrapped around a glass wick filter, which is also removable from the bottom, the battery.

Size and Usability

The name is Dr. Dabber Light, after all. This light vaporizer is slightly larger than a cigarette and looks very similar to an e-cigarette, making it super discreet and easy to stick in a pocket or bag. In fact, if portability is one of your “musts” for a new vape, this one is about as good as it gets. It’s lightweight, but it’s made of nice material and doesn’t feel cheap.

As mentioned, Dr. Dabber Light vape is essentially a mini version of the Dr. Dabber Ghost vape, so this is a great wax pen for anyone who might want an even smaller, more portable option. The only hindrance for a vape this compact is the potential to misplace it.

As far as ease of use, it truly couldn’t get much simpler with the Dr. Dabber Light. Just assemble the three pieces out of the box, load your wax and hitting the power button.

The one-button operation makes this pen super simple to hit, with an illuminating blue light on the bottom to let users know when it’s on and pulling.

If you’ve used an e-cigarette, or any other wax pens, you pretty much already know how to use the Dr. Dabber Light. It’s a great wax pen for anyone new to concentrate vaping and any experienced users looking for something more affordable.

One slight complaint is the button itself, which sticks out from the rest of the pen just a bit too much. It doesn’t typically hinder the use of the vaporizer, though with this design, it’s easier to hit by accident in a pocket or bag. I also believe a button more in line with the rest of the Dr. Dabber Light would give it a stealthier design. 


The battery on the Dr. Dabber Light vape is super tiny, but surely packs a punch. For a pen this size, the battery life is pretty solid. The FAQ mentions the Light vape batteries should last for 100 draws, so it’s really dependent on how often you’re hitting the vaporizer.

While most won’t have issues with the battery life on the Dr. Dabber Light vape pen, heavy user might find themselves recharging the vape daily with the USB charger. If that’s a deal breaker, you might take a look at some of the other vape pens on the market.

Should the battery die on you, not to worry: The charge time is also worth noting compared to other pens on the market. Even if the Dr. Dabber Light battery is fully dead, it charges fully in well under an hour.


The heating element turns wax to vapor quickly and provides a smooth but hearty flavor. The vapor quality is great. A lot of cheaper wax pens result in a burnt taste, though that doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Dr. Dabber Light.

It’s a nice balance of great flavor without sacrificing strength, vapor quality or being too overbearing. The coils on these are very similar to that on the Ghost vape pens, with a titanium wire wrapped around a glass filter.

To be expected, the Dr. Dabber Light atomizer has less capacity than its big sibling, though there’s enough room to fit the needs of the consumer: If you put enough concentrate inside for just a couple hits, or pack a little more in for continuous use. It’s also pretty simple to fill up with the concentration tool included in the Dr. Dabber Light Kit.

Don’t continually load the chamber up to the brim though, especially if you want to maximize the longevity and usability of the wick. Not only will it be a pain to continually clean (though some isopropyl alcohol typically cleans the coil right up), but coils like this sometimes having a harder time holding up if you use it regularly and push the chamber capacity to its limits. 

Another important tidbit to note: The Dr. Dabber

states that the atomizers on the Light, Aurora and Ghost, lasts between four and 12 weeks before needing a replacement.

There’s virtually no wait time after loading the chamber to produce vapor, though some users might prefer to prime it ahead of time by hitting the power button a couple times.

The airflow from the mouthpiece is also a perfect middle ground. There is no adjustability, but it’s always easy to pull vapor from. You don’t have to work too hard, it feels organic, and most casual users won’t miss the lack of custom options.


That said, the major qualm of this Dr. Dabber vaporizer review is the lack of customization. There is just one button, meaning users have no ability to adjust the heating element of the pen.

As mentioned above, there’s also no way to adjust the airflow of the vaporizer. Dr. Dabber really nailed it on their default settings, providing a consistent experience that often doesn’t feel like it needs much tweaking, though it bears repeating: If you’re looking for a vaporizer with additional customization options, this might not be your style.

For a device at this cost, all of this is to be expected, though. 

Price and Warranty

It’s a good question, right? This review has consistently referenced the price of the Dr. Dabber Light, but how much are we talking here?

The cost of the Dr. Dabber Light is incredibly reasonable, in the $25-50 price range for the standard kit, or slightly more for the Light Full RX Kit. It’s truly about as good as you’re going to get for a vaporizer this cheap, and using the Light vape, you likely wouldn’t imagine this vaporizer being as easy on the wallet as it is. 

Dr. Dabber also offers free shipping for orders over $39.95.

Anyone looking for custom options, a larger chamber or just a generally higher quality device, will have to spend more money, case closed. There’s really no good way to compare the Dr. Dabber Light to the elite vaporizers, which will often run far more than the standard kit. If you’re looking to customize, you will need to pay up.

Fortunately, the Dr. Dabber Light is backed by a one-year warranty. If the vaporizer isn’t working for any reason, consumers can reach out to Dr. Dabber customer service via email, phone or live chat to ensure you’re back vaping in no time.

Dr. Dabber also sells most of these pieces separately on their site—like the mouthpiece and battery—if you need a specific part.

The Bottom Line

Let’s review: The Dr. Dabber Light pen offers great quality for its price. The default settings are consistent and often don’t feel like they need much adjusting to produce a great flavor and vapor quality. It’s one of the smallest, easiest and most discreet pens you’ll use, and the actual experience is great.

This light, Dr. Dabber vape pen is small but mighty, a perfect choice for anyone new to concentrates or veterans looking for a cheap and easy option to vape on the go.

The battery life is solid, and the price is nearly unbeatable for the quality.

Though, anyone with a love for concentrates searching for custom options, or a larger chamber for continuous smoking, should likely look elsewhere and be prepared to pay more. While the Dr. Dabber Light is a great pen, let’s remember the price point; you will obviously find a superior product if you are willing to pay more.

It bears repeating that, if you aren’t looking to drop a ton of cash on a concentrate vaporizer, you’ll be hard pressed to purchase a better vape pen in the same price range. The Dr. Dabber Light does its job and does it well, offering stellar vapor and an easy vaping experience accessible to most consumers looking to dab with portability and function.

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