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Father's Day Gift Guide


High There 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide

High There

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June 8, 2023

Happy Father’s Day!

June is always a bit of a hustle and bustle as we collectively begin to embrace the summer months and come out of our winter shells. Make sure you don’t get caught up in the hubbub, and get dad something special this year!

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18, and as the cannabis world continues to grow, it’s the perfect opportunity to share the gift of Mary Jane with dad. Of course, every dad is different, as is every cannabis consumer, so we’ve included a wide variety of options to help you make the best choice for the special father in your life.

Take a peek at our top gifts and dive into our 2023 Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the New or Occasional Cannadad

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of Dad Grass

Admittedly, as the name may suggest, this brand is made for dads. It was hard to settle on a single product to feature, so we went with the Dad Grass Family Bundle, featuring the best the brand has to offer. The package includes a Classic Tincture, a pack of Classic Gummies, along with a five-pack of Dad Grass CBD pre-rolls and a quarter ounce of Dad Grass CBD Hemp Flower!

These items are all available for individual purchase, and the brand also has a ton of other great options,

a humorous, impeccably designed It’s A Baby Celebratory Smokes five-pack of CBD pre-rolls for new dads, along with a couple fun and discreet cannabis storage pieces.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of Cann

Nothing screams “dad” like kicking back and cracking open a cold one. When it comes to cannabis, Cann is a great go-to infused beverage for quality flavor and a great 2:1 CBD:THC ratio, ideal for consuming in moderation and steadily enjoying the onset of calming effects. Cann also has a huge array of flavors, along with taller Hi Boy options and many additional bundle options to fully get lost in.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of OTTERSPACE

If you’ve got a dad with a little sweet tooth, check out OTTERSPACE’s best-seller, the Sour Blueberry Delta 9 Gummies! Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC, making a half or full gummy the perfect amount for a dad who is new or returning to cannabis or simply dabbles every now and then. This is a flexible product, great for day or nighttime use, though OTTERSPACE also has offerings specific to day and night!

Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the Techie Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of Puffco

The Proxy is a great piece for a dad who prioritizes top-tier cannabis technology while still holding a love for the traditions of the past. The pipe has a sleek, modern design that also calls back to a more classic pipe feel. The concentrate vaporizer has a single-button interface, 3D chamber and also comes in black. If you want to go all out, Puffco also offers

for water filtration, a Proxy to switch it up and a ton of other great .

Courtesy of LĒVO

This line of LĒVO-C Herbal Infusers has a sleek, modern look that easily fits with any kitchen, along with a number of color options to best suit dad this year. This one is definitely made for any cannabis cooks with some experience, or at least frequent cannabis consumers, as this one holds up to a whopping OUNCE at a time! The infuser automatically decarbs your flower, making it super easy to infuse it into any number of things, from drinks and oils to foods and even skincare remedies.

Courtesy of Bento

A bong is nothing new or fancy, but Bento does it differently. Bento Bongs allow customers to build their own bongs with modular components. They are also exceptionally easy to clean, since they can be quickly disassembled and each piece is dishwasher safe. This is a great bong for anyone, but it’s especially great for dads who love to customize or just simply appreciate an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean product.

Aside from the bowl and downstem, the bong is made of acrylic plastic, making it all the easier to travel with and avoid any accidents. In any case, Bento also sells individual parts.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the Green Thumb

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of The Armoire

This home grow system is one of the best (and fanciest) options for dads, and parents, specifically. The Armoire is incredibly discreet and can easily fit in with existing home decor. It’s super quiet, has minimal associated odors and child-proof locks. It’s also got a waterproof WiFi camera and companion app for viewing, a feature for drying plants after harvest and comes in


You’ll have to buy soil and nutrients separately, and the Armoire is also only built for one plant at a time. The price tag may also be a bit much for some.

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of The Bud Grower

According to The Bud Grower, this kit is its most simple indoor starter kit, but it still packs a huge punch with everything needed to get going on a home grow for one to three plants. This package features a tent with multiple viewports, ventilation ports, a hanging bag for hardware and more; a light unit including a two-year additional warranty, top-of-the-line soil and nutrition mixes; and all of the additional growing essentials dad will need to get started.

The purchase also comes with three free months of grow support from the Bud Grower team. If this kit isn’t enough, or maybe a little much, the company also offers a multitude of other options with a wide range of different products in each!

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of Chronicle Books

Whether or not the dad in your life has made the jump to growing, this gorgeous, nearly 400-page book is perfect for any father who loves getting a good look at some bud. Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is great for the seasoned connoisseur and the occasional toker, featuring 170 strains of weed organized by type (sativa, indica, hybrid) and paired with unbelievable images.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the Humorous Dad

Courtesy of Pot Plant

You can always forgo the grow supplies and simply give dad a pot plant for Father’s Day! Well, a fake one. Pot Plant was founded to bring the magic of the plant to anyone’s home, especially in states where growing is illegal. The company sells a variety of options, from the 10″ Clone Pot Plant, a collection of 16″ Teen varieties, a 22″ Adult Pot Plant and several 36″ Mother Pot Plants. (The 36″ Mother Pot Plant is pictured).

Father's Day Gift Guide
Courtesy of Kush Kards

This simple and fun idea is a great, budget-friendly option for the dad in your life who loves a good J. You’ll find a variety of designs and greetings, each with a slot to insert a pre-roll. For an additional charge, KushKard will include a one-hitter. Plus, you’re going to have to get him a card anyway, right?

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