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The Best Dry Herb Vape Pens

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June 2, 2021

Portable dry-herb vape pens are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to discretely and smokelessly enjoy marijuana or other cannabinoid derivatives such as CBD.

While dry herb vaporizers may look like something James Bond would use to get his smoke on, the mechanics behind portable dry herb vaporizers are less high-tech than you might imagine – And can offer users some serious advantages over traditional smoking.

What Should I Look For in a Dry-Herb Vaporizer?

A close-up picture of some herb exactly like the kind you could be vaping right now.

Anyone looking for a vaporizer they can use on the go should take the time to look at choosing a well-crafted pen-style portable vaporizer, as they are ergonomically designed to fit conveniently in any pocket.

These portable vaporizers are also far more discrete when used, especially in public, making them ideal for hiding in plain sight and providing instant relief no matter where you are.

Besides size and portability, another thing you should look for in a dry herb vape pen is a good battery capacity and whether or not it can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates, such as e-liquids and wax/shatter, or just herbs alone.

How High There Chose the Best Dry-Herb Weed Vaporizers

Our mission is to bring honest, impartial, and helpful information about all things marijuana to the masses at High There. We recognize that there is a lot of conflicting information online and that (especially for anyone new to cannabis) finding the truth can seem a bit hazy.

This is why we’ve devoted ourselves to carefully finding, refining, selecting, and then extensively testing the best portable vaporizers, concentrates, CBD, THC, and all weed-related products we believe to be worth our (and your) time and money.

Quick Look: Our Top Three

Arizer Solo 2

Retaining its predecessor’s qualities (the Solo 1), Arizer has added an improved battery life alongside digitally controlled temperature settings to create a modernized version of its timeless classic.

Following in the footsteps of the world’s #1 selling dry herb vape is no easy feat. Still, by adding a few modern twists and conveniences and keeping the features and build quality that customers have come to love, Arizer’s Solo II has proved it is possible to improve upon perfection.


Created by Storz & Bickel (renowned within the vaporizer world for their revolutionary Volcano desktop vape), this hand-held dry herb vape pen packs a powerful punch into a convenient, easy-to-use, pocketable package.

With unmatched heating technology, which produces a consistently reliable vapor, and a robust yet compact build, the Mighty is by far one of the best dry herb vaporizers you’re likely to find (without even mentioning the fact that it looks incredibly cool).

Airvape X

For those who value discreteness when vaping, the Airvape X may be a perfect choice.

Hailed as the thinnest dry herb vape on the market, anyone looking for a reliable way to enjoy cannabis buds concentrates or oils on the sly should seriously consider this vape pen.

However, the Airvape X is not only discrete, but also boasts an impressive battery capacity that will keep you happily puffing for prolonged periods – Again making it ideal for vapers on the go.

High There’s Dry-Herb Vape Pen Review Round Up

Arizer Solo 2


  • The substantial battery capacity lasts longer than most other vapes of this caliber.
  • Features a stainless steel oven and a ceramic heating element for a clean inhale.
  • It comes in two uniquely stylish color options to suit each vapers preferences.


  • Being slightly more compact means this vaporizer may not be as robust as the Mighty.

Being lighter and considerably more portable than the Mighty, the Solo II by

is an herb vaporizer perhaps better-suited for those who want a pocket-sized device to use daily.

Featuring an innovative design that lets you effortlessly remove the resin, herb, or concentrates from the chamber and ‘put a pin’ in your vaping sessions at the touch of a button (without losing any of your precious cargo), Arizer’s Solo II has been built with convenience in mind.

One of the recent upgrades from the Solo I which the Arizer Solo II offers is a built-in LCD screen that informs users everything they’ll need to know about the device’s functionality, such as the current temperature and battery percentage.

Another improvement in the new Arizer Solo II is its massive battery capacity, which provides enough power for up to 20 vaping sessions per full charge – Far longer than most herb vape pens on this list.

With an easy-to-grasp three-button operating system, an all-glass pathway for a clean and tasty draw, and a remarkable battery capacity, we think the Solo II is one of the best dry herb vape pens out there by far.

Mighty Vape Review


  • Precision temperature control settings range between 40º C and 210º C to give you total control.
  • The Mighty will automatically turn itself off when not being used to retain battery power.
  • It uses a dual-button operating system for ease of use with both flower and concentrates.


  • As a premium-quality device, the Mighty is an impressive – but expensive – device.

Might Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Mighty vaporizer couldn’t be more aptly named.

Although Mighty may be slightly larger than some of the other vape pens on this list, its build quality is very much one of its defining characteristics and attractions.

Made from rigid, durable materials, this vape pen can genuinely take a hammering – making it ideal for use at festivals, hikes, or the great outdoors in general.

Functionally, the Mighty uses both convection heating and conduction heating controls to allow it to vaporize both herbs and concentrates or oils such as e-liquids.

The temperature control settings on the Mighty are expertly engineered to give users total precision control, which makes it one of the healthiest herb vape pens on the market.

All of the information users will need – such as the battery percentage, current temperature, and desired temperature – are all displayed on the Mighty’s LCD screen.

With a heat-up time of just 60 seconds, and a battery capacity of 90 minutes, this sturdily built, versatile vaporizer is the only device you’ll ever need for a lifetime of tasty, smokeless vapor enjoyment.

Airvape X Dry Herb Vape

Airvape X


  • This ergonomically designed, portable herb vape pen is straightforward to clean and maintain.
  • Features an LCD that informs users about the device’s functions and battery percentage.
  • The Arivape X fully charges in just one hour and is compatible with any USB port.


  • The battery capacity on the Arivape X is shorter than some other vapes on this list.

The Airvape X by

is another contender for the title of ‘best dry herb vape pen’ for those who value discreteness and style.

Weighing only 90g, this ultra lightweight and compact vape proves that powerful things can come in small packages.

Thanks to the Airvape’s larger herb chamber (25% bigger than their previous vape), the device can be used in far longer vaping sessions and is also vastly easier to clean and maintain.

With just a straightforward power button, vapers can use the Airvape X to enjoy dry herbs, concentrates, wax, oils effortlessly, making it a popular option amongst newer cannabis or CBD users.

Another attraction to the Airvape X is its precision temperature settings and controllable heating technology, letting users select an exact temperature between 93ºC and 220ºC.

This finely-tuned temperature control, alongside a large herb chamber and a considerably quick-charging battery, makes the Airvape X one of the best all-round performing dry herb vapes on this list.

Pax 3


  • Uses three different colored LED lights to communicate real-time functionality information.
  • Features Bluetooth compatibility for remote customizable controls.
  • Can work for an impressive 8-10 sessions on a single charge.


  • The Pax 3 only has 4 different temperature settings, which is fewer than most other vape pens.

Pax 3 Black Herb Vape

Another sleek and stylish dual-use vaporizer is the Pax 3 by

.  This refined and polished vaporizer looks incredibly elegant and contemporary, with a compact and straightforward-to-use design.

With a heat-up time of just 20 seconds before users can inhale a clean and smooth vapor, the Pax 3 is by far one of the fastest working flower vapes we’ve reviewed.

Additionally, the Pax 3 uses intuitive heat settings that automatically heat up when put to your lips and cool down again when you’ve finished taking a draw.

Another attraction to this elegant and polished-looking, ultramodern vaporizer is that it can seamlessly switch between dry herbs and concentrates thanks to its magnetic oven.

The Pax 3 can also uniquely be linked to the Pax Vapor App, which lets users fine-tune their vape’s temperature controls and flavor profiles for a more bespoke vaping experience.

Firefly 2+ Herb Vape

Firefly 2+


  • The Firefly 2+ heats up in an amazing 3 seconds and automatically cools down just as quickly.
  • By using dynamic convection, this vape pen increases its temperature as you take a draw.
  • Connects using Bluetooth to an Android smartphone app for optimal customization.


  • The chamber of the Firefly 2+ is smaller than some other vape pens.

Another of the best portable dry herb vaporizer devices for those who want fast results is the Firefly 2+ by


The Firefly 2+ can heat up enough to turn dry herbs into vapor in just three seconds, which is the fastest heating device we’ve reviewed to date.

Alongside its speed, the Firefly 2+ is incredibly easy to clean as the smooth glass vapor path and magnetic lid make maintenance a carefree and simple undertaking.

One unique feature of the Firefly 2+ is its variable heat function which increases the air temperature as you inhale up to the maximum limit that the user sets.

By taking on board the few areas of improvement sighted by fans of the previous Firefly vape pen, the Firefly 2+ has an increased airflow percentage of 33% by using dynamic convection technologies to produce an airy and light vapor that goes down smoothly.

Another attractive feature of the Firefly 2+ is that it only heats up when you inhale, meaning that no dry herbs or concentrates will ever be lost between inhales.

High There’s Dry-Herb Vaporizer Buying Guide

Any of our above recommendations are a solid choice if looking in the market for a new vaporizer, but here’s a few things to look for when browsing herb pens to buy:

Battery Life

When you are buying a portable dry herb vaporizer one of the most important things to keep in mind is the battery life that each vape has. These can vary massively between devices, so you should always be mindful of how long a particular device is meant to last before you settle on one.

Heating System

When your shopping for the best portable dry herb vape, you’re likely to come across two different heating systems – Conduction and Convection heating.

Conduction heating systems vaporize the dry herbs by heating the walls of the heating chamber that it is kept in, creating a vapor that may then be inhaled. Convection vaporizer systems rely on moving fluids like steam to cause the heat to transfer and create vapor.

The best vapes are those which offer hybrid convection/conduction, which means they use both heating systems.


Often it can be tempting to go for the device which has the most flashing buttons and lights, but in reality (we’ve found, at least) when it comes to vapes, less is very often more.

The best portable dry herb vapes are the ones that are easy to operate, clean, and understand – Rather than the ones which look the most impressive or futuristic.


Size is something that you should also keep in mind when looking for your ideal dry herb vape. If you want something that can easily fit in your pocket so you can use it after work or in public, then you won’t want a large desktop-style device.

Similarly, if you are intending to purely use the vape at home then size may not be such an important factor.

Final Thoughts

Dry cannabis flower - Perfect for one of our recommended dry herb vapes!

As the dried herbs are decarboxylated & vaporized in a vape pen, rather than burned, you should find that the vapor goes down far smoother and is more forgiving on your throat and lungs.

While finding the ideal device for you might take some time, hopefully, this article has cleared the air on what a dry herb vaporizer is and what you should look out for when shopping around. Happy vaping!

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