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The Best Edibles You Can Buy

High There

By High There

February 22, 2021

As legalization and relaxation of existing laws spread across the United States there have never been more options on how to consume your weed, and walking into your local dispensary can be an overwhelming experience to say the least.

There are a multitude of novel ways to consume marijuana these days (shatter, wax, hash, pollen, and so on), one of the most popular of which is edibles. The world of edibles is one filled with brightly colored packaging and a bevvy of buzzwords, all likely to confound any newcomer.

In today’s article we’ll be going over what our team at High There! suggest as the best edibles on the cannabis food market. We’ll talk about what to look for when choosing the right edible for you, what a few commonly seen phrases mean, and even dip in to how easy and simple it can be to make your own cannabis-infused goodies at home. Let’s delve in.

Cannabis Edible Content: Finding What You Want

Putting aside the basic question of gummies vs chocolates vs beverages and the like, the most important question you can ask when finding the best edibles for you depends on how strong you want the effects to be. This depends on how regularly you consume cannabis and what your personal tolerance is.

The amount of THC (and CBD) you’ll want your edible to contain can depend on a lot of factors, but we always recommend starting out with a low dose and working your way up to stronger ones if you need. This same advice applies equally to any non-THC edible treat, such as

and the like; even though CBD lacks the psychoactive (IE: feeling high) powers of certain other cannabinoids it’s still important to know just how much you’re taking in a given edible.

Check for Allergies & Dietary Needs

Also make sure to look for labeling that marks dietary concerns. If you have nut allergies, gluten sensitivity, or maintain a vegan diet, make sure to check your edible’s packaging for information on its ingredients and how it was manufactured. If a food product meets any of these three criteria it’s likely to proudly display that fact on the wrapper, so a quick check should get you all the knowledge you need.

Full Spectrum, Single Source, or Generic THC?

Some edibles will feature extracts gathered from a single strain of cannabis, typically listing said strain on their packaging. These edibles are often made with what is referred to as “full spectrum” extracts, meaning the extract used to make the edible contains not only THC but the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant as well. These terpenes and cannabinoids are often what give each individual strain their unique effects and sensations, and can lead to very different experiences over simply consuming pure THC.

With all this in mind, let’s get to our list of the best edibles on the market.

kiva chocolates

Kiva Chocolate Bars

Best Edibles Chocolate Bar​

  • Plenty of options
  • Well-known brand
  • Scored for low doses

A name that’s practically synonymous with edibles by this point, Kiva has been serving up sweet treats since 2010. The company’s primary focus is on chocolate but acquisitions and mergers with other cannabis edibles companies have given the Kiva brand a diverse portfolio of treats on offer. For many, though, it’s hard to get past the highs (and buzz) of their award-winning chocolate bars.

Most of their chocolate treats have 100mg of THC per bar and come in individual, pre-scored 5mg squares, making for an accurate low dose experience if desired. Though Kiva does have bars including CBD and CBN most of their chocolates are THC-only; while strong, this also means you may be missing out on the more “rounded” experience a full spectrum/single strain product may offer.

Still, it’s delicious chocolate mixed with a variety of tasty add-ons (their dark chocolate toffee crunch has some serious sex appeal) that gives Kiva their stellar reputation.

The Hemp Doctor Elderberry Nighttime Gummies


  • Excellent elderberry taste
  • Legal hemp-derived Delta 9
  • CBN & CBD included in blend

The Hemp Doctor Elderberry Nighttime Blend

Sweet but pleasantly tart, and with a crisp, firm bite to their texture, the elderberry taste of these “nighttime” gummies is a welcome change of pace from the more usual fruit flavors, leaving behind only the most subtle hint that cannabinoids were present within.

No doubts about the cannabinoid content should be left in your mind after having consumed these gummies, though, as the triple-acting strength of CBD, CBN and Delta 9 THC work to help put the body into a restful, relaxed state. One of our testers claimed she got “the best night’s sleep in years” in her review, and similar comments were made by others on the team.

As a bonus, unlike other products on this list, the Hemp Doctor proudly claims their gummies as fully federally-legal, and able to ship across the United States; an excellent solution for those wanting to try cannabis edibles but who live in states without other legal provisions.

keef orange soda

Keef Cola

Best Edibles Cannabis Soda

  • Lots of flavors
  • Widely available
  • Low dose per can

Despite the name this Colorado-based beverage company offers more than just their take on the classic cola; with orange soda, root beer, and a variety of sparkling waters and mocktails on offer, a can of Keef is likely to see your evening set right.

Each 12oz can offers a 10mg dose of THC, meaning chugging a Keef soda isn’t likely to set your world spinning, and that’s ok – Sometimes a little bit can go a long way.

Available in most legalized states (including California, Oklahoma, and Keef’s home area of Colorado) Keef’s bright packaging and attractive assortment of flavors is sure to hit on just about any palette.

House of Saka

Best Non-Alcholic Cannabis Beverage

  • Excellent flavor
  • Limited availability
  • White chardonnay also available

saka bottle

Though currently only available in California this smooth blend of cannabis and non-alcoholic wine has made a big splash in both the marijuana beverages & west coast party scene.

Saka has two distinct brand offerings – a Rosé Pinot Noir and a White Chardonnay – but our personal preference is for the Rosé, with an intensely fruity flavor that is certain to satisfy even the most dedicated wine snob on your gift-giving list.

Even without alcohol, Saka Rosé tastes like an indulgent wine with intensely sweet notes of berries – For our money, we think it’s perfect for pairing with, say, a nice cheese platter, some assorted nuts, and a few close friends.

big petes lemon cookies

Big Pete’s Cookies

Best Pre-Packaged Bakery Good

  • Great value
  • Wide variety
  • Convenient dose size

Another California exclusive and perennial favorite, Big Pete’s Cookies & Treats has been serving up cannabis-loaded goodies since 2009. Every bag of Big Pete’s comes with ten individual “mini cookies”, each clocking in at a 10mg dose of THC – That’s 100mg per bag.

Though Pete’s Cookies do come in smaller packs (or even individually wrapped) we feel the big bag is a good investment for a pleasant weekend’s munch, and with Pete’s offering a wide variety of flavors (and even a choice between indica or sativa variants in most flavors), there are plenty of options to select from.

Our personal vote goes to their mood-lifting Sativa Lemon line, an excellent early morning pick-me-up when paired with a nice cup of tea; if you’re more of a coffee fan, something like their original chocolate chip flavor might be more to your liking. And speaking of coffee….

Therapy Tonics

Best Cannabis-Infused Coffee

  • Small package
  • Very big things
  • Caffeine and cannabis mix

therapy tonics mocha

Another – you guessed it – California exclusive, Therapy Tonics & Provisions is NOT messing around with their bottled coffee drinks. Every 4oz bottle has a grand total of 100mg THC, which if you know anything about ratios that means it doesn’t take much to get you a proper buzz.

Therapy Tonics themselves recommends only using 1 cap full as a single dose, though let’s be honest and just acknowledge that most people probably aren’t going to follow that advice.

Though Therapy Tonics has a few different “high”-octane (pun fully intended) beverages to choose from our personal favorite is their Cayenne Mexican Mocha, a rich milk chocolate & coffee concoction that leaves a warm tingle on the tongue, soothed by the calming, rich taste & mouth feel of coconut milk.

Again, just watch out for that seriously high THC content – chugging one of these before a busy day might not be the best of ideas. Or maybe it is – We leave that to you to decide.

mindys gummies

Mindy’s Edibles

Best Edibles Cannabis Gummie Snack

  • Amazing taste
  • Widely available
  • Mini dosage size

Oh boy. We could go on for days about chef Mindy Segal’s gourmet confections, and once you’ve tried one it’s easy to see why. Where other gummie snacks often lack on fruit flavors, or are too intense in cannabis flavor, Mindy’s Edibles gummies have got both the flavor and the THC content just right.

Often sold in 20 packs, with each of the individual candies containing 5mg dose of THC, it won’t take many of these gummies to get you properly high… and they’re so delicious, stopping at your personally recommended dose might just be a (tasty) problem.

Overall Best Edibles: Your Own!

Of course this may be cheating a bit, but the world of weed infused food & edibles doesn’t have to belong solely to culinary school trained chefs and big box, industrial cannabis businesses. As an example, did you know you can easily make professional-quality cannabis gummie bears in the comfort of your own home?

(with one important hack!) that will make gummies you can show off at your next house party with pride.

Any recipe mentioned in today’s article can be replicated at home, beverages and chocolates alike, with just a bit of know how and the right equipment. Arguably one of the most important factors is what sort of THC/CBD infusion or concentrate you decide to use, and that too is something easily and conveniently made at home.

Home infusion machines are making edibles easy and accessible for everyone, with products such as (our personal recommendation) the LEVO II turning cannabis oil infusion into a simple, touch-of-a-button process. Make sure to hit up our detailed LEVO II review for more information on how these home infusion machines are bringing power back to the home chef, and making a big buzz in the world of cannabis edibles.

Wrapping Up:

We hope our quick tour of edibles has given you a bit more courage and insight when browsing your local dispensary’s food section. And though these brands may be our own personal favorites, don’t forget to experiment too – From muffins to juice, trail mix to mints, it’s always fun to try new products. So give those funky cannabis breath strips and espresso beans a shot too – You never know what you might end up enjoying. Happy munching!

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