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The Best Cannabis & CBD Subscription Boxes in 2023

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October 13, 2020

Thanks to the rapid evolution of the cannabis industry, the selection of the weed subscription boxes has changed drastically in the last few months.

While the “smoking essentials” weed subscription boxes (a monthly delivery filled with useful and unique smoking accessories) are still around and going strong, a few boxes with – yes, you’re hearing this right, actual weed in them – have also appeared (primarily just for those lucky Californians). There are some CBD, CBG or hemp-only subscription boxes available in most states too.

We cover both actual marijuana subscription boxes, and cannabis-accessory boxes in this article, so depending on where you live, you can find the best weed subscription boxes depending on your location. Alright, roll one up (if you haven’t already) and let’s dive in!

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

The Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes

1. World of Bongs Mystery Box

world of bongs mystery box

Starting at $25/mo

World of Bongs is a large retailer of smoking accessories, from dab rigs to rolling trays and hemp wraps. But – they recently moved into offering their Mystery Weed Boxes, and they are lighting it up.

Their limited-availability weed boxes range in price from $25 to $500, with the number of surprise goodies you receive varying accordingly.

Each subscription box contain goodies like themed glass pipes and bongs, essentials like hemp wraps, filter tips and Rick and Morty rolling trays.

New and exciting every month, the Mystery Box will keep your gear fresh and up to date.

2. Hippie Butler

hippie butler box

Starting at $15/mo

The Hippie Butler box offers three variants on their weed subscription box, starting at just $15 per month.

Each subscription box offers a certain level of customization for your preferences, whether you want a some or several goodies, whether you’re a smoker or dabber, or somewhere in between.

Their Rollers Club is the cheapest offering, with a handful of smoking accessories. The Butler Box, is the most comparable to Hemper and CannaBox, which includes a medium/large glass piece plus some assorted branded and third party accessories.

Overall, there’s great value with each Hippie Butler box, saving at times up to 50% from the retail value of all the goods you receive.

3. Hemper Box


Starting at $15/mo

Hemper box focuses on having all the smoking essentials you’ll ever need, delivered every month.

This monthly themed pack is stuffed with dope stuff, with goodies ranging from pre rolled cones, glass bowls and bongs, filter tips, flavored papers, hemp wraps and consistently providing cleaning supplies and anti-smell sprays. All this plus the occasional inclusion of something to actually smoke (in the form of CBD or CBG) places Hemper high up on our list of high-end cannabis subscription boxes.

All of Hemper’s stoner box offerings (ranging from just $9 – $39) are nice for the prices involved, and customer reviews have remained high over the years.

The assortment of pieces included each month in their top-tier “Hemper Box” subscription are typically high-quality and well-constructed, with very few reports of shipping issues or damaged glass.

4. Cannabox

cannabox bee happy box

Starting at $28/mo

CannaBox does arguably the best job of curating each cannabis subscription box around a specific theme.

Pictured is the “Bee Happy” box, where CannaBox customers received a honeycomb pipe, a Bee Happy shirt and a handful of other bee-themed accessories.

The glass you receive in CannaBox is typically smaller pipes vs larger bubblers or bongs in weed boxes like Hemper or the Hippie Butler Box, but it is a cheaper subscription so depending on your glass preference this might be the one for you.

CannaBox is one of the OG subscription boxes for cannabis enthusiasts, and receives great feedback, and if you want a small, unique glass piece, a shirt and some great accessories, this is a great option for you.

5. Stoney Babe Box

stoney babe box

Starting at $25/mo

The Stoney Babe Box is the ultimate marijuana subscription box for the female-forward smoking experience.

They have multiple boxes available at any given time, from holiday-themed boxes to their core box, the Stoney Baby Mystery Box.

The mystery box is packed with female focused goodies from bougie rolling papers to weed leaf jewelry, and either a pipe or bubbler to go with it all. Past items included a a heart shaped dab nail, a fake lipstick lighter for your purse, and makeup accessories.

If pink hearts and gold glitter speak to you, this is likely the weed subscription box you should look at.

6. Elevated Stash

elevated stash

Starting at $34/mo

Elevated Stash has been in the industry for a long time, shipping their monthly subscription box as early as 2017 – And it certainly shows.

If you’re looking for value, then this is the one to get. Their boxes are full of high quality products that you’ll actually use, ranging from rolling papers to cleaning supplies. If you’re looking for something a little more premium, their unique one-time purchase boxes are worth checking out.

They change their inventory regularly, so it’s worth keeping tabs on them. One of the best parts of Elevated Stash is that a portion of all their revenue goes back into providing care packages for military veterans, speaking at NORML events, and working with charities.

Overall, we recommend checking out Elevated Stash. Not only for their product line, but also to learn about ways that you can support nation-wide legalization.

7. Sensi Box

sensi box

Starting at $20/mo

The Sensi Box is perfect for those that are building up a suite of unique glass pieces. Each box is themed, and most of the smoking supplies you receive will be based around it, including the pipe, bong or dab rig.

A past box included a Cactus bong with a handful of cactus accessories. Another recent box, Sushi themed, included a Sea Urchin bong, sushi socks, stash bags and other awesome, not necessarily weed-focused surprise items.

The price tag is right for Sensi weed boxes, starting at just $20, and if you’re looking for cool and unique glass pieces with this one might be worth taking a look at.

8. DoYouGoodyBox


Starting at $27/mo

Despite a name seemingly dreamt up by a thoroughly blazed first-year marketing student, 

 (which we’ll henceforth be shortening to “Goody Box”) is one of the larger players in weed subscription boxes.

Each month has at least one high-value item complaints of novelty add-in products unrelated to weed smoking (sunglasses, chocolate bars, etc.) aren’t uncommon for the lower tier subscription stoner boxes. If you have the money to splurge the Top Shelf subscription seems to be the way to go, with customers reporting a wider variety of higher quality goods.

That being said, the OG Goody Box is the most comparable to offerings like Hemper or Cannabox, giving you a good assortment of accessories for better than typical retail price.

9. Daily High Club

daily high club box

Starting at $27/mo

Daily High Club bolsters itself with endorsements from celebrities like Tommy Chong and influencers from Instagram and Twitter, and it seems like praise that might be worthwhile – Reviews average fairly high, and response time from their customer service department seems quick.

The most affordable offering, the RAWsentials, includes all the smoking accessories you’ll ever need from the infamous rolling paper company, RAW.

Leveling up to the El Primo gets you the same type of offering as the other boxes on our list, with high quality glass ranging from bongs to glass bowls and a handful of accessories. Daily High Club does a great job of theming their boxes too, which is great for those looking to build up their collections.

10. Puffer Box


Starting at $25/mo

Not to be confused with The Puff Pack, the 

is geared towards the bud smoker as opposed to some other stoner boxes which include a little more for the dabbers among us.

As a result, most of the boxes include a variety of rolling papers, matches, filter tips, and in some cases flavored papers and some munchies. Their geared-to-the-stoner box also often includes rolling trays.

While you will get a small piece included in each shipment, they’re almost exclusively smaller pipes and bubblers – so if that’s your thing, this might be the value play for you!

11. Puff Pack

puff pack box

Starting at $1.25/mo

Puff Pack has a wide approach to their subscription box, with one of the biggest retail value ranges available.

For just $1.25/mo you can get The Economist, an envelope rolling papers, matches and crutch tips delivered to you each month – perfect for the regular smoker.

Tiering up, past their Artisan and Mystery pack gets you into the Premium Club, and for $90 you can get a $130 retail value shipment which includes a variety of accessories and some premium glass to go with it.

12. Cannibless


Starting at $25/mo

Cannibless provides one of the most eclectic offerings of the monthly subscription boxes we’ve seen available.

Aside from smoking essentials like rolling papers, and cones, they also often include some CBD treats like infused lip balms or bath bombs in their weed boxes to really elevate your smoking experience.

You have to spend a little more for the guaranteed glass box, but that one also is packed with treats. Cannibless sends a portion of profits to Non Profit Organizations to support the cannabis industry, and even partner with creators to release limited release cannabis subscription boxes.

If you want more than just smoking accessories, this might be the box for you.

13. Kush Cargo

kush cargo box

Starting at $19/mo

Kush Cargo has modified their smoking subscription box recently, embracing the “Mystery Box,” of each Cargo Box, with four different tiers of price and expectations.

Only the more expensive boxes have guaranteed glass, but with each, you can specify nugs, or dabs, or a combination – depending on what type of smoker you are and what smoking experience you want to have.

You can expect an assortment of goodies, ranging from a rolling tray and rolling papers for a nug box, and bangers and nails in a dab box. Overall, a good box but maybe more than most are willing to spend for the guaranteed glass.

The Best Weed Subscription Box

1. The Nugg Club Box

Starting at $99/mo ($20 off w/ code HighThere)

If you’re serious about weed, the Nugg Club might be your new favorite thing (just warning you in advance).

Joining the Nugg Club offers one of the best deals we’ve seen in a while – a monthly subscription gets you $225 worth of THC-containing products for just $99 per box. You’ll get an assortment of cannabis flower, gummies, vape carts and more from well known brands. It’s also customizable so you can tailor it to your personal preferences. You can also expect a lighter and rolling papers in the box, but for glass, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

While of course you need to be of legal age and live in California to join The Club, those that do can look forward to a monthly delivery in discreet packaging of high quality cannabis products (plus any add-ons you may feel like adding on at wholesale pricing).

Oh also, hot tip – save $20 when you use the code HighThere during checkout. Thank us later 😉

2. Lucky Box Club

lucky box club

Starting at $70/mo

Lucky Box is another marijuana subscription box with actual THC containing products, but again, only available for California residents.

Lucky Box curates you a limited release Collection of goods from big name brands to enjoy. You can specify your preferences, like you prefer sativas or indicas, and can look forward to your box containing a range of products: pre rolls or dried flower from brands like Marley Natural, or edibles, like chocolates from Papa & Barkley.

Past Lucky Box marijuana boxes even included a THC infused beverage! They also throw in nifty goodies like Boveda packs, rolling papers and lighters. If you’re looking for an actual weed subscription box, this might be the one for you, depending on your location in California.

CBD Subscription Boxes

1. Verma Farms Subscription

verma farms

Starting at $30/mo

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in California, but want to get your monthly dose of cannabinoids, you can try a CBD subscription like the one from Verma Farms.

Verma is a trusted brand of CBD gummies, oils, infusions and more, that offers a subscription for their wellness focused products.

While this is less of a curated box offering and more of a 25% savings on their products, it’s still worth a look for those looking for the sleep, wellness or performance benefits of CBD.

2. Dad Grass

dad grass

Starting at $30/mo

Dad Grass is another CBD subscription box for those that want a monthly re-up of CBD products to arrive on their doorstep in discreet packaging, no effort required.

If you’re not familiar with Dad Grass yet, they’re “reviving the mellow sensibility of the casual smoke” and offer CBD and CBG pre rolls, tinctures and dried flower for those that want the therapeutic effects from these more mellowed out cannabinoids.

This one is also not necessarily a subscription box, but if you’re in the market for some CBD, subscribing might be the way to go.

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