Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide for 2018

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December 3, 2018

If you’re a Californian, you got to see the laws pass for first medicinal marijuana, and then full on recreational. Since then, legalization has made it possible for brands to craft extraordinary products from hemp and cannabis.  Just a few years ago, you didn’t have access to the cannabis products available on the market in California. Now, a new world of cannabis products can be purchased as thoughtful and even functional gifts for the holiday season.

We’ve compiled a list of cannabis products that have a variety of uses, from just having a good time to genuine pain relief.  Let’s dive into our cannabis holiday gift guide. Most of these products will be available at licensed dispensaries in the Los Angeles area.

Gifts for Pain Relief or Chronic Pain

You know a family member or two that suffers from chronic pain of some sort. Usually they’re elderly, but not always; maybe it’s your grandfather, maybe it’s your aunt. Whether they have an injury that never healed properly, arthritis, or another cause for chronic pain, there’s a lot of possibility for relief now that cannabis is legal in California.

Flav’s 50mg CBD Salve

The CBD salve from Flav is a topical medical treatment that provides almost immediate pain relief on muscles and joints. It’s designed to help balance and nourish the skin while treating the pain underneath. The salve also has a cooling effect that maximizes its anti-inflammatory properties.

Kush Queen’s 50mg Relax Bath Bomb 1:1

The bath bomb from Kush Queen provides instant relief for pain in the joints, bones, and muscles. Organic frankincense, chamomile, and lavender essential oils blend with lab-tested cannabis oil to provide a soothing experience someone you know will love. This is an excellent gift for someone you know that might need some added relaxation. These bath bombs can be found t a few different dispensaries around LA.

 Gifts for a Chronic Smoker

If you have a friend who’s a passionate cannabis enthusiast, they likely already have all the smoking gear they need. They may just need something a little stronger than the usual concentration instead of an accessory they already own or a CBD product they’re not going to use. Fortunately, there’s assuredly something that the chronic cannabis smoker hasn’t gotten to try yet.

King Tarantula Pre-Roll

The signature Tarantulas, often also known as “the King of pre-rolls,” are certainly not for new smokers that don’t know what they’re getting into. Each pre-roll is lined with premium hash, coated in kief, added to organic bud that’s rolled up with raw paper fortified with CO2 wax. In short, it’s a smoker’s dream.

Blue Dream Syringe

Give your buddy or loved one full control of their high with a concentrate syringe that they can customize their experience with. Using the syringe, they can add it on top of their bowl, drip it into a joint or blunt, or dab it with a rig. The Blue Dream syringe from STIIZY allows for ultimate oil conservation, precise dosing, and no leakage.

Gifts for the New Smoker

On the opposite spectrum of cannabis smoking, you may also know of someone just getting into the cannabis game. Whether they reached legal smoking age for California or they finally decided to give it a try and are just getting into smoking regularly, there are some exciting products you can be sure they’d be excited to try.

Enjoyable XJ-13

New smokers are primarily looking for a strain that’s not too potent so that it doesn’t overwhelm then. It can be easy in the beginning to experience paranoia, anxiety, and rapid heart rate from certain strains. You want to avoid that if you’re gifting a novice smoker, which is why the XJ-13 strain from Enjoyable is a perfect sativa dominant for the job. The paranoia-free, easy experience relieves stress, anger, and other mood-related symptoms.

West Coast Cure’s Lemonade Cured Joint

A primarily Indica strain, the cured joint from West Coast Cure is a citrusy bud with high potency. The Indica dominance and high-THC content makes this strain perfect for reducing the anxiety one may feel when they first start smoking cannabis. The strain also works to combat insomnia and ease pain, meaning it provides a body high that might make you want to take a nice, restful nap.

Gifts for a Fun Time

 Maybe you’ve got someone in mind that isn’t necessarily a chronic smoker, but you know would enjoy a spontaneous cannabis gift. They’ll smoke or partake on occasion, if they have a good enough excuse – which is exactly where your thoughtful gift comes in.

Flav’s THCa Diamond Sauce Live Resin

Crafted to sooth the mind and body, Flav’s THCa Diamond Sauce is an ultra-premium, refined extract that is just as powerful as you can imagine. The smallest drop can have you feeling the effects of the live resin for hours afterwards, even for the chronic smokers with a stronger tolerance. If you’re trying to plan something fun for the holiday season, Diamond Sauce is always a nice companion.

Enjoyable Edibles’ Canna Butter

With delicious holiday dinners approaching rapidly, spice things up by adding some Canna Butter from Enjoyable Edibles into the mix. Add the salt-free butter to your Thanksgiving feast, Christmas dinner, or another delicious meal in between for an incredible medical experience. Available at many dispensaries across Los Angeles, Enjoyable Edible’s Canna Butter contains 20 doses of 1,000 mg of THC.

Hopefully this list has made it a little clearer as to what your options are for the holiday season. There’s a cannabis gift for everyone in the family if you look deep enough into what they need, whether it’s for pain relief, insomnia, anxiety, or just to have a fun experience they’ll be able to look back on and laugh about.

The more research put into cannabis, the more benefits we’re able to find that cannabis can provide, further speeding up the social acceptance of the leafy plant. This gift guide will only become more appropriate as acceptance for cannabis grows.

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