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High There Mother’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

Addison Herron-Wheeler

By Addison Herron-Wheeler

May 5, 2022

This mother’s day, give mom the kind of flowers she really wants – cannabis flower! And, of course, cannabis accessories of all kinds. But you can’t just roll up to her place with a plastic baggie and a bong. Mom still wants class!

In this gift guide, we’ve got you covered with all kinds of cannabis goodies, from floral ashtrays and fashionable accessories to a full-on cannabis facial treatment. If your mom is a cannabis connoisseur, we want to go above and beyond and create an experience she won’t forget. 

So, if you’re getting a little stumped on what to get for that special lady in your life, look no further. We have things covered for you and then some in this great gift guide! 

Gifts for Consumption

Photo Credit: Samantha Meduri

Bringing Fire:

Every stoner needs a good lighter, and there isn’t a better lighter available than this gorgeous Portal Lighter from Tetra. The lighter comes in several different color block options, including navy teal, and orange and green, pink, and tan. It has a retro vibe, just like the ashtray featured above, is refillable, and it can be snagged for the low price of $45. 

Ash Catchers:

If your mom likes to toke on fancy joints, she needs a gorgeous ashtray. This pastel, floral ashtray from Blunted Objects is just the thing Mom needs to feel gorgeous and ring in the spring in style. It even comes with a matchbook case for the old school tokers who try to avoid ashtrays. You can snag this for only $65 and get it just in time for the holiday! 

Courtesy of Puffco

No Smoke:

For moms who dab — and believe us, they exist — you will want to invest in the new Puffco Vision Plus this Mother’s Day. The pen is oil-spill rainbow colored and absolutely breathtaking. Or, if Mom likes simplicity a bit more, there is a sleek, silver option to choose from as well. The mouthpiece of this concentrate vape pen combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one for the ultimate vaping experience. It’s easy to load it up, pop it into a purse, and bring it with you to a cute little family brunch. The fancy, gorgeous pen is $89.99! 

Snack Time:

For an easy way to get into making your own gummies at home there’s few better options than the gold standard that is LorAnn. This bare-bones gummy mix is perfect for customizing with whatever

, and you might desire; and for those looking to add a dash of cannabis to their recipe, make sure to include a dash of as well. As discussed in our “” article, this secret ingredient is the key to making your weed gummies come out perfect every time.

Fashion & Accessories 

Photo Credit: Taber Szuluk

For The Beach:

Weed-themed beach towel? Yes please! We can’t get enough of the Mary Jane Swim collection this year. Whether Mom is floral, camo, or monochrome, there is a beach towel for her featuring just enough pot leaf imagery to get noticed by those in the know, but subtle enough to Towels are only $30, so get her one, a couple, or all the options if she can’t stay away from the water! 

On The Move:

For moms on-the-go, sometimes it’s necessary to grab your goodies and hit the road. Enter the Shorty Backpack Smell Proof Bag, available in army green, ash, black, camo print, maroon blanket print and more. Unlike some bulky packs that would only work with the look of a teenager in school or a camper, these subtle packs could be brought to the gym, the coffee shop, a weekend getaway — really anywhere, in style. Plus, no one will know what mom is packing! Backpacks are $54.99.

Wear It Loud & Proud:

Despite how far we’ve come as a cannabis community, there is still a major stigma against moms who smoke weed. Let your mom announce loud and proud that she is a stoner but still the best caregiver out there with this “Moms Who Smoke Weed Are Not Bad Moms” shirt. No matter her style, she shouldn’t have to hide the fact that she relaxes with a joint or edible instead of — or in addition to — a glass of wine. 

Beauty & Skincare

Courtesy of Flora + Bast

Love Your Skin:

Skincare is the best type of self care! Treat the mom in your life to this invigorating Clarifying Facial Treatment from Flora + Blast. The special formula works against acne and breakouts as well as blemishes, redness and irritation. The treatment is infused with retinol and—perfect for canna-care—100mg of CBD. One one to three pumps a day or night are needed for renewing and improving skin clarity and giving the ladies you love back their shine. You can get the treatment for $88 online.

Elevated Eyes:

Aging is beautiful, natural and something to be celebrated, but even so, sometimes there are certain features we want to change or improve as the years take their toll. If the mom in your life is sensitive about unwanted lines and wrinkles around her eyes, look no further. The Line Refine CBD Eye Cream from Lord Jones is designed to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles without changing the beautiful character of your mom’s unique face, all with the help of CBD. It’s currently available for $55. 

Courtesy of Kana Skin Care

A Relaxing Bundle:

In this fast-paced world, one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone is the gift of a good night of beauty sleep. Kana Skin Care have your mom covered with its puffy, luxurious, silky lavender-colored sleep mask. With the mask, and in keeping with the purple theme, you will also get a purple rice sleeping facial and a lavender sleeping mask to wear through the night and wake up with skin feeling refreshed. Even the eye mask is filled with lavender, infusing mom’s dreams with great smells, positive vibes and aromatherapy. Snag it all for $99! 

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