The Pax 3 Vaporizer in "Shadowrain" - Image courtesy of Pax Labs

PAX 3 Review: A Dry Herb Vape Worth Your Time?

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February 18, 2022

PAX has quickly become one of the top vaporizer manufacturers on the vaping market today. With their super range of pens, such as the PAX 2 and the PAX Era, they have impressed thousands of vapers across the globe. 

Today we will be looking at PAX’s

, to test how it holds up against previous generations and some of the top pens available. We will be looking at aspects such as its heat-up time, vapor quality, and how easy it is to use. 

Vaping has quickly become one of the top ways to enjoy a range of cannabis materials, which is why we are determined to only recommend the best. 

Does the PAX 3 hold up? Find out in our PAX 3 review below! 

Our Testing Methods

Our main goal here at High There is to help fellow enthusiasts find the best cannabis and vape products on the market. We wouldn’t want to recommend a product if we didn’t believe in it, which is why we ensure we test them thoroughly. 

To test each product we review, one of our experienced team members will use it as their main device during the review period. When using it, we will look for what beginners and veterans will appreciate and make a note of. 

Thanks to years of experience, we know the differences between an excellent vaporizer and a poor one. If we notice anything we don’t like during the testing period, you can be certain that we will point that out to any potential buyers!

What to Look For in a Portable Vaporizer 

The vaporizer industry is packed to the brim with vape pens of varying quality. When shopping online for vaporizers, it can be challenging to know exactly what to look for and what you can ignore, especially if you want to save money. 

But no need to worry, we have got you covered. Read on to find out exactly what you want to look for in a portable vaporizer and how you can save yourself some cash. 

Discrete and pocketable

As the name might suggest, a portable vaporizer should be small enough to slot in your pocket and take with you on the go. There’s no use investing in a large vaporizer if you are looking for a model that lets you vape on the go. 

A discrete design is also a great addition to a portable vape pen. Typically, the more portable it is, the more discrete it is – but this, of course, depends on the model you choose. 

Powerful heating system 

Vape pens would be useless if they didn’t feature a heating system. Without heat, the user would simply be drawing in air. A vape pen works by heating your chosen cannabis material and releasing the fumes through a funnel. 

Although you may be tempted to splash out on the most powerful heating system you can find, you may not need to. The faster your vape pen heats your cannabis material, the harder it is to find the right temperature for a specific strain. 

If you are fairly new to the world of vaping, then don’t worry too much about a really powerful heating system. The ideal choice for beginners is to find a pen that offers specific heating levels, so you can quickly select the one you need for your material. 

For experienced users, a pen that offers high levels of control is almost always a better option. 

Long-lasting battery

One of the most important aspects of any portable gadget is its battery life. You don’t want to have just left your home only for the critical battery light to start flickering. This is particularly true if you have spent all day charging your pen. 

You will also need to consider whether your chosen device features a rechargeable battery. A large number of vape pens out there require you to completely change the battery once it starts to run out of juice. 

For rechargeable options, you can generally expect around 6-8 bowls before you need to charge them again. However, if you find yourself needing to vape on the go frequently, then consider investing in a portable charging dock. This way, you can be sure that your pen lasts as long as you need it to. 

Works with your favorite cannabis material

We all have our favorite cannabis material we like to vape, whether that’s a flower, a concentrate, or even a dry herb. However, not all vapes in the vaporizer industry will support every type of cannabis material out there. 

There are a few options out there that are designed to be compatible with a range of cannabis materials, such as the PAX 3 (you can find out more in our PAX 3 review below!). However, this added compatibility does generally come at a cost. Typically, the more materials you can use with your vaporizer, the more expensive it will be. 

Depending on your chosen budget and how much you can spare, you may want to only focus on a pen that supports your favorite cannabis material. This is so you can be sure that once you have purchased your pen, you will be able to vape your favorite strain. 

Fits your budget

Before you begin comparing some of the top vaporizers out there, you will want to set yourself a budget. By setting a budget, you will know exactly which products you can afford and which you may want to ignore. 

It will also give you a realistic way to decide which features you can afford. For example, vape pens that rely on replacement batteries as opposed to rechargeable ones tend to be a lot cheaper. 

Some of the top vape pens on the market can cost anywhere between $150 to $200, which may not be affordable for everyone. Make sure you set yourself a realistic budget so you don’t spend more than you expected to on your new vaporizer! 

The Pax 3 Vaporizer in "Onyx" - Image courtesy of Pax Labs

PAX 3: At A Glance

  • Unique haptic feedback
  • Smartphone app compatibility
  • $250 price range

PAX 3: In-Depth Review 


Now that you know what to look for in a portable vaporizer, it’s time for our PAX 3 vaporizer review. Generally, we were pretty impressed with how well this vaporizer highlights the taste of some of our favorite cannabis materials.

 Read on to see our exact thoughts on the new PAX model! 

Ease of use

The PAX 3, much like the PAX 2, is an excellent vape pen for both beginners and experienced vape pen users alike. One of the main reasons behind this is its ease of use, without sacrificing high-level control for users who know what they are doing. 

An excellent bonus found on the PAX 3 is its use of haptic feedback. Once the PAX 3 vaporizer has reached the set temperature, the vape pen itself will begin to vibrate softly. This is an excellent way to offer users another layer to your typical temperature control settings. 

Alongside this, you can also download the PAX Labs smartphone app, which provides you with a fantastic selection of heating options. There is something for all vaping sessions, from a flavor mode that is expected to improve the profile of your herb to a boosted mood with the highest temperature control. 

Build quality 

If you spend a decent amount of money on a vape pen, you will expect high-end build quality. Thankfully, the PAX 3 is incredibly durable and is sure to last you for more than just a few vaping sessions. 

The device itself is fairly large but is just the right size for portability. A metal shell encases the entire device, which offers extreme resistance – You can be sure that the PAX 3 can withstand more than a few bumps and bashes.

Aesthetics have also been semi-considered as the PAX 3 features a surprisingly sleek design. It won’t win any beauty awards, but for a herb and concentrate vaporizer, you can’t really expect much more. 

Overall design

The general design of the PAX 3 portable vaporizer is pretty impressive. One of the first things to stand out to us was the vast selection of color options available if you purchase directly from the PAX Labs website. 

Some available colors are Burgundy, Black, Amber, and even a unique patterned design known as Shadow Rain. With so many aesthetics to choose from, even the fussiest of buyers are sure to find something they like. 

Both the external and internal physical design of this vaping device is also superb. A particular stand-out is the isolated airpath that runs throughout the PAX 3 pen itself. An isolated airpath essentially prevents the vapors produced from your cannabis material from passing through any electronics. 

Finding any faults regarding the overall design of the PAX 3 is fairly difficult. If we would have anything to say, it is that the pen itself can be fairly cumbersome – although not enough to hinder its portability. 

Temperature settings

From hot to warm, the best portable vaporizers out there tend to offer an array of temperature settings. Like the previous PAX 2 model, the PAX 3 is no slouch in this department. 

In terms of heat-up time, the PAX 3 reached some of the top temperatures in around 25 to 30 seconds. This was quick enough that we didn’t need to stand around waiting, but not too fast that it singed or burnt the dry herb we tested. 

Regarding settings available, the PAX 3 offers a fantastic selection that can be extended through a smartphone app. By using the PAX smartphone app, users can select any temperature between 360F to 420F. 

Battery life

Portability in gadgets is almost always decided by two factors: the object’s size and the length of its battery. Luckily, the PAX 3 is packed to the brim of power, meaning you won’t need to keep worrying about how much battery life is left. 

On a full charge, you can expect the PAX 3 to offer you around 8 to 10 bowls. In comparison, the older model, the PAX 2, only offered around 4-6 bowls per maximum charge. 

PAX Labs have also provided a way to make the battery life longer on extended trips. To get the most out of your battery, consider using the supplied half-pack lid. This will mean you will have less herb in your oven lid, but it is the perfect middle-ground if you are away from a charging dock. 

Material compatibility 

If you are familiar with vaping products, then you will know the differences between the different cannabis materials out there. When it comes to the PAX 3, you will be happy to know that it is compatible with most dry herbs and offers concentrate insert compatibility. 

The PAX 3 vaporizer also comes with a half-pack lid. This allows you to pack half a bowl instead of a full one, which saves battery and ensures that beginners don’t feel intimidated with a large oven chamber. 

Vapor quality

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any vaporizer is the quality of the vapors it produces. As this is the main reason you purchase a vape pen, it goes without saying that you will want the best quality you can get. 

PAX has thankfully met our expectations. For a vaporizer this size, the PAX 3 offers superb vapor quality that can compete with the most portable options out there. The taste does degrade the more hits you take, but this is expected with any vaping device. 

Ease of cleaning  

Depending on the cannabis material you use, you may need to clean your portable vaporizer frequently. Thankfully, PAX has considered this and ensured that keeping the PAX 3 clean and ready to use is incredibly straightforward. 

No matter which oven lid type you are using, PAX has made them easy to remove after each vaping session. Simply pop out the oven chamber, give it a good scrub, and let it dry before you insert it back into your vape pen. 

Price tag

The price of your PAX 3 Vaporizer will generally depend on where you are buying it from. Directly from the PAX Labs website, you can expect to pay around $250 for the complete PAX 3 kit. This includes the PAX 3 pen, USB Charger, Concentrate insert, a standard oven lid, half-pack oven lids, maintenance kit, and a multi-tool keychain. 

And here is our only real sticking point. While the PAX 3 is an excellent device with lots to love, there’s a lot to love from competing vaporizer companies on the market, and often at prices much lower than the PAX. While the PAX 3 does have an impressive build quality and feels like a reliable, sturdy device, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other vaporizers on the market that manage the same, and for a hundred dollars or so less. We still recommend the PAX 3 – Just… maybe browse around at the competition’s prices first.


As we recommend purchasing the PAX 3 from the PAX online store, we will be talking about their warranty. Clumsy users don’t need to fret, as the PAX 3 comes with one of the most generous warranties we have seen. 

When purchasing the complete kit directly from their website, this vaporizer pen comes with a remarkable 10-year limited warranty. This covers any damage the vaporizer may sustain due to defects in the materials or craftsmanship under everyday use. 

If a fault is found and you are covered by the 10-year warranty, PAX will either repair or replace your vaporizer, depending on the severity of the damage. 


Overall, we had a great time testing this fantastic vape pen for the PAX 3 vaporizer review. Although it is slightly more expensive than some other highly-rated vaporizers in the market, the asking price is more than worth it. 

The PAX 3 is easily one of the most feature-rich options out there and offers a superb vaping experience for both beginners and veterans alike. So whether you are looking to invest in a long-lasting vape pen or you just want a portable backup option, be sure to keep the PAX 3 vaporizer in mind! 

The Pax 3 Vaporizer in "Amber" - Image courtesy of Pax Labs
The PAX 3 in “Amber” with optional accessories kit shown

How to Use the PAX 3 Vaporizer

If you have ever used a portable vaping device before, then using the PAX vaporizer is no different. Simply fill the oven lid with your chosen dry herb, or insert your chosen concentrate into the insert section. 

Once the pen is packed, select the desired temperature setting and wait for it to heat up. After around 30 seconds, take a hit from your vape pen. As soon as you are finished vaping, switch off the device to save the battery for future vaping sessions! 

Is the PAX 3 a Good Option For Beginners?

The PAX 3 is a feature-rich vaping product that offers everything you could need to get the most out of dry herb and concentrate. It is also extremely accessible compared to a range of other vaping products out there. 

As it is easy to pack and even easier to use, the PAX 3 is an ideal vaporizer for beginners and experienced vapers alike. Take your time to get to learn all of its functionality to get the most out of this fantastic PAX vaporizer. 

How to Buy the PAX 3 

There is a range of ways to purchase the PAX 3 Vaporizer, but the best and safest way is to buy directly from the PAX website. By purchasing from the PAX website, you will be confident that your device is a genuine PAX product.


Does the PAX 3 smell when not in use?

If you’re not currently using the PAX 3 to heat up the dry herb, then you don’t need to worry about it smelling. The Pax 3 will only release an aroma when you use it to vape your chosen herb or vape product. 

The PAX 3 also has various modes that can impact the number of vapors released. For the least amount of vapors, consider using either the Flavor mode or the Stealth mode. 

What’s the difference between the PAX 2 and the PAX 3?

Surprisingly, the PAX 2 and the PAX 3 are reasonably similar in terms of functionality. One of the biggest differences is that the PAX 2 is only designed for use with dry herb vape. The PAX 3 complete kit comes with a concentrate insert. 

You can also expect the PAX 3 to feature a faster heat-up time than the PAX 2. When you pair this up with some other additional features, such as the haptic feedback, it’s easy to see why the PAX 3 is generally a better vape pen. 

How many hits do you get from a PAX 3?

The number of hits you can expect to get from your PAX vaporizer will depend entirely on how much herb you have packed into its oven chamber. However, when fully packed with dry herb, you can expect around 15 to 20 hits from the PAX 3. 

Generally, the less product you use, the fewer hits you will get. But this will depend on what product you are currently vaping. 

The Wrapup

Decent build quality with good vapor output, but a slightly steep price tag means the PAX 3 faces stiff competition from others in the marketplace.

A great high-end purchase, but consider cheaper alternatives first.

PAX has consistently delivered a selection of fantastic vaping products, and the PAX 3 is no different. This high-end portable pen offers exceptional vapor quality and a variety of different modes suited to both beginners and veterans alike…. but

The price tag associated with the PAX 3 feels a bit elevated compared to it’s competition – While an excellent device, and one that will satisfy the needs of anyone interested in a dry herb or concentrate vape, there may be others on the market that suit your needs while also saving you a few bucks.

Either way, no matter your skill level or familiarity with vaping devices, we’re happy to recommend the PAX 3, and are sure you’ll find something to love with your new vaporizer.

For future reviews and guides, be sure to keep High There in mind, and as always, Happy Vaping!

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