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Weed Storage for Parents: Keep Kids & Pets Safe with a Locking Stash Box

Danielle Simone Brand

By Danielle Simone Brand

June 2, 2023

We all know that

means keeping your stash away from curious kids, teens and fur babies (and avoiding becoming part of the troubling statistics showing a rapid rise in accidental cannabis ingestion by and ). But until recently, parents didn’t have a lot of safe storage options made specifically for cannabis. As the industry is maturing, so too, is the ancillary market (also called the “non-plant-touching” market). Today, weed storage has a new look: locking, smell-proof bags, along with boxes and containers of all shapes, sizes and price points abound.

Whether you’re taking your stash on the go, or seshing in the comfort of your home, the following options have you covered. 

Weed Storage Brands to Consider

LOCKGREEN – $50-69

weed storage
Courtesy of LOCKGREEN

According to

CEO and Co-owner Sarah Kiah Morton, as the Virginia adult-use cannabis laws came into effect in July 2021, “There were all these ways that people could still get in trouble with cannabis.” Speaking specifically of the “open container” law requiring that herb be transported in a sealed container in the trunk of a car, she said, “We knew that folks would be so focused on legalization and celebration — hell, we were — that they were gonna miss this detail.’” 

The issue was top of mind for the former corporate insurance VP because years earlier, her husband, a Division 1 athlete at the University of Virginia, had received a cannabis law violation that haunted him for years. When he decided to try his hand in the new cannabis industry, “My first reaction,” Morton said, was “what? Weed? It’s caused you all these problems. Are you serious?” 

But after educating herself on the benefits of the plant and the numerous harms of prohibition, particularly for Black communities, Morton joined the board of Virginia NORML and even began broaching the topic of cannabis in C-suite conversations at her job. Then, in 2021, the entrepreneur and mother of three founded weed storage brand LOCKGREEN, with the dual purpose of protecting people from cannabis law violations and keeping kids safe.

“As a mom, it is so important to me to bring a product to the market that can help other moms — other parents — feel safe and protected,” Morton said.

Morton loves when people tell her how they’re using the product to stay safe in the event of a traffic stop or keep cannabis out of the hands of “nosy grandchildren.”

“It seems so simple,” she said, but the fact that customers remember her instructions and are taking basic steps to protect themselves is extremely meaningful for Morton. “They tell me, ‘I lock it up, I feel protected.’”

LOCKGREEN bags come in two sizes and two designs: One that celebrates Virginia becoming the first Southern state in 2021 to legalize adult-use cannabis, and the all-black, highly discreet LOCKGREEN OG. 

Society’s Plant – Locking Smell-Proof Clutch $38

weed storage
Courtesy of High Society

When heading out for a child-free night of fun with your besties,

has a combination locked, smell-proof clutch that you’re gonna want to use to stash your evening’s stash—and your keys and phone, too.

This mom-owned brand is all about boosting women’s confidence in consuming plant medicine and supplying the inspiration and products that fit the lifestyle. The leopard print and black crocodile designs come with a handy wrist strap and go with almost any outfit. So even if you’re out and about in non-420-friendly spaces, no one will be the wiser.

Stashlogix – Durango $55

weed storage
Courtesy of Stashlogix

If hiking or festival-going is in your plans, the combo-locking, smell-proof

from Stashlogix fits the bill.

Its activated carbon filter and water-resistant zippers block odors so you can feel confidently #skunkfree in public. The Durango is more spacious than it looks, so in addition to the handiness of a few separate compartments for organizing your stash and tools, there’s also room for a couple of on-the-go essentials. This fanny pack comes in a neutral green or black and is so solidly made that Stashlogix literally guarantees them “forever.” 

Apothecarry – Original Apothecarry Case $180-$300

Courtesy of Apothecarry

“If my liquor is in my bar, my cigars are in my humidor and my wine is in my wine fridge, why the heck is my herb in a shoebox under my bed?” asked former TV-exec-turned-cannabis-entrepreneur Whitney Beatty.

The question led her to found Apothecarry, a high-end, humidity-controlled safe weed storage system in 2017. The

is wooden, hand-stained and elegant. (Think: showing off your most dazzling strains at a dinner party.) It also comes with a padded interior organization system and a host of goodies — like a high-end grinder, rolling tray, dabbing tools and humidity-controlled glass jars to preserve your flower’s precious terps. 

Over the years, this luxury, Black-owned brand has enjoyed some serious buzz in places like LA Weekly, Forbes and LA Times, as has founder Whitney Beatty’s new “speakeasy” style licensed dispensary,

. The shop features an innovative menu based on terpene profile instead of the outdated indica-sativa-hybrid classification and is called the first dispensary in the country “by and for women of color.”

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