Author Profile: Dr. Melanie Bone

Author Profile: Dr. Melanie Bone

Author profile for Dr. Melanie Bone
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Doctor Melanie Bone, MD, FACOG

Award-winning author, speaker, and educator, Dr. Melanie Bone is a practicing physician located in West Palm Beach, Florida, who has been a long time advocate for both women’s health and medicinal cannabis use.

Having been appointed Chief Resident at George Washington University Medical Center, Dr. Bone’s career has featured a wealth of experience, primarily focused on OB/GYN, cancer, and cannabinoid research/treatments.

Accomplishments include being named Director of Cannabinoid Medicine at Kessler Research Foundation, numerous published works, and multiple awards for recognition as one of the top physicians in the United States.

Opening her own private practice in 2016, Dr. Bone has been serving the residents of Florida by offering compassionate care for those in need. Dr. Bone’s practice focuses on integrative and complementary healthcare options including cannabis, pharmacological medicines, and overall mind-body health

Dr. Bone is also certified by the State of Florida Medical Marijuana Certification & Recertification boards, ensuring safe and reliable access to cannabis for those who qualify.

As Chief Medical Officer for the High There staff and editorial team, Dr. Bone verifies and fact-checks selected articles for legitimacy and accuracy, as well as offering advice, direction, information and voice-of-authority on the subject matter of medical cannabis.

For more on Dr. Bone, her practice, and her role as an educator/speaker, please visit https://www.drmelaniebone.com/

Melanie Bone, MD, FACOG

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