Summer Events For Weed Lovers

Summer Events For Weed Lovers

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The cannabis industry is expanding and so are the events. All year round, you will find exciting events to keep you connected to the cannabis family. Here are some summer events for weed lovers of all kinds. Check the ones near you and save the dates.

Hemp & Cannabis Fair

Hook up with marijuana lovers for the Hemp & Cannabis Fair in Anchorage, AK (July 29-20, 2017), Central Point, or (August 19-20, 2017), and San Luis Obispo, CA (September 9-10, 2017). The education events will teach you about the legal aspects of weed. You can also buy and sell smoking accessories here.


Borrowing its name from the famous ‘comic con’, this August 4-6, Daly City, CA will buzz with weed lovers. If you are a vendor, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to sell your items.

High Times Cannabis Cup

Happening in Portland, OR, and West Greenwich, RI, High Times Cannabis Cup is a trade show open to all weed lovers. It is a great place for expos, concerts, seminars, and competitions. These events will get you all excited about cannabis. The dates for 2017 are yet to be confirmed.

Reggae on the River

This is a mind blowing event which gathers icon reggae artists. It will be going down between August 3 and 6, 2017 in Garberville, CA. This is your opportunity to jam to your favorite Reggae tunes as you get faded.

DFW NORML Lake and Bake

Grapevine, TX will be the host for the August DFW NORML Lake and Bake event. The dates are yet to be confirmed. Here you will be treated to music, vendor booths, competitions, and fun.

Maine Vocals Hempstock Fest

To celebrate the cannabis culture, the Hempstock Fest is organized annually in Harmony, ME. It is a great place for live music, advocacy, and camping. This year’s event takes place between August 10 and 13.

Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair

This fair gathers all cannabis growers where they showcase their products and compete. It started in 2016 and will be going down in Fairgrounds OR between August 12 and 13, 2017.

Seattle Hempfest

This annual event is held in Seattle, Washington to advocate for decriminalization of weed. It started in 1991 and features, music, concerts, and a political rally. The 2017 event will take place between August 18 and 20.

NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally

Celebrate freedom with other weed lovers through the NH Hempfest & Freedom Rally in Montana. The 2017 event takes place at Lolo, MT between September 8 and 10.

Maine Vocal Head in Harmony

This is a fun-filled event with music, games, rallies, seminars, camping, and food. It takes place in Harmony, ME on September 1-3, 2017.

Boston Freedom Rally

Boston Freedom Rally started in 1989 to advocate for marijuana legalization. It is a perfect place to be vocal about weed and get educational information. More so, the local bands, food, and drinks will get you excited.

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