block of moroccan hash

How to Make Hash

Hash is the original cannabis concentrate – Traditionally made from kief and bits of trim hashish has long been an easy and convenient method for both smoking and transporting marijuana,

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a finger of hash

How to Smoke Hash

Hash (also known as hashish) is a little different from other concentrates, and can be a little confusing for the newcomer or those already accustomed to other types of marijuana

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photo of a girl ripping a bong with sunflowers around her


Bongs are the alternatives to pipes and blunts for weed smoking. Originating from Thai, bongs are basically cylindrical water pipes. The bongs give you the best smoking experience because the

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photo of a wrapped gift with plants for decoration

Unique Gifts for Tokers

Whether you’re shopping for someone you’ve just met or you’re celebrating some life event, there may come a time when buying a gift is appropriate. However, buying for your favorite

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