Do You Think Brownie Parties are Divine Intervention?

If there’s one thing better than brownies, it’s brownies followed by a buzz of some sorts. While many people have attempted and perhaps succeeded at making these delicious bites of heaven, it’s possible that some of you have not yet mastered the fudgy little squares. While we most certainly will give you the cannibutter recipe to try out, we think this blog points out some of the best Brownie Banquet ideas you can share with like-minded friends. Let’s do this!

This recipe will give you the best foundation to create your brownies (or any other food) then you can add or eliminate ingredients per your taste buds and creative.

Secret Cannibutter Recipe can be used for a multitude of edibles. Just follow these instructions.


1 lb. of Unsalted Organic Butter

2 C Purified Water

½ oz. of dried ground cannabis leaves that are decarboxylated or dried for 25 minutes (stir periodically to ensure even baking on the shake. 

Steps: In a large saucepan bring water just to a boil. Add the cannabis shake. Once the water is just at boiling, add the butter till it melts completely.

Simmer on low and whisk the cannabis mixture for 3-5 hours stirring every hour. Strain the butter mixture in a glass bowl. You can use a cheese cloth to strain or sieve the liquid. It helps to squeeze the cheesecloth after you add the mixture to ensure you’re getting all the juice. Once all the liquid is out, let the butter cool in the fridge (cool overnight). The water will separate from the butter, and that’s okay.

Store the cannibutter in a glass jar in the refrigerator. When you follow any brownie recipe, replace the call for butter with this delightful substitute.

Whether you’re making these scrumptious desserts for one or a whole slew of friends, there are several ways to serve your brownies. Here are a few tips:

Rainbow Frosting is perfect for a way to cap these little confections that will make your friends smile.

Make cupcakes, bread and anything else where butter is the main ingredient. Even spaghetti can be good with cannibutter.

Top with vanilla bean ice cream for a-la-mode and share with your new ‘High There’ friends.

Don’t forget it’s all in the presentation. Whether you make brownies or some other dessert, display and serve them in beautiful plates, wrappers, etc.,

By using a little imagination and creativity, this historically famous pastry can help you meet a divine intervention that is sure to please your friends. Let us know how you use the cannibutter. You never know where a good idea is going turn up.

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