The Top 5 USA Destinations for Like-minded Tokers

The Top 5 USA Destinations for Like-minded Tokers

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Evergreen, getting you down?  Time to plan ahead and book your summer vacation.  Taking time out doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your lifestyle behind you.  Some parts of our great country may not welcome you with open arms, but they will allow you to chill out and have a smoke in safety.  Legal cannabis is part of your culture, right?  So, you wouldn’t leave that at home, any more than you would leave home without your toothbrush.
Go grab your overnight bag, and get going to enjoy the very best cannabis friendly destinations across this beautiful land.


  1. Seattle, Washington


For a city break with a difference or as a stop off point en route to somewhere else, the emerald city is good for the green! Keep out of the rain and dip into a dispensary like Ganja Goddess, Herban Legends, and The Green Door for a wide variety of cannabis products.


  1. Portland, Oregon





Your inner hippie will be happy in this beautiful part of the country, offering over 382 miles of hiking trails along the beautiful Columbia River. Feel at one with the world around you as you relax and enjoy the number of dispensaries dotted along the coastline, like Oregon Coast Dispensary and Sweet Relief Dispensary, and over 100 shops in nearby Portland.


  1. Colorado



With a higher number of pot smokers here than in any other state, a visit to the colorful Colorado means you are amongst friends here. Anyone over 21 years old is welcome to explore the many recreational marijuana stores like Green Man Cannabis and the Peak Dispensary. Come for the pot, stay for the scenery!


  1. California




Goes without saying right?!  Who wouldn’t want to take a toke in the Golden State?  You will need a California Medical Card to avoid getting in trouble with the Feds, as Marijuana its decriminalized, but not entirely legal in Cali.  Get yourself a card and you too could enjoy the dedicated smoking table for weed smokers, at the Living Waters Spa in Palm Springs.


  1. Alaska



Woah!  See the aurora borealis under the influence of your favorite legal pastime. Visit between August 20th and April 20th, find a spot in the hot springs of Alaska and enjoy the show!   Purchasing Cannabis requires someone you to be a member of Cannabis Club of Alaska, but smoking it is not a big deal in this state.

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