Why Using A Vape is Great!

Why Using A Vape is Great!

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With the recent legalization of medical cannabis in certain parts of the US, smoking weed is growing in popularity on a daily basis.  As much as we, and many others appreciate that many wonderful benefits the healing herb has to offer, it contradicts with our desire to be healthy when smoking it.

Bring on the vaporizer.  A safer way to smoke your toke.  Smoking regular cigarettes or using a bong or a pipe does tremendous damage to your lungs through the inhalation of the burning residues. Using a vaporizer heats up the solid herb and transports it to your lungs through vapors, meaning there is no nasty residue to sit inside of your lungs.

Using a vaporizer is that you can control the amount you take in, making the vape a natural solution for all your health-crazy pot heads out there.

Variations on a Vaping Theme

There are two very distinct ways to vape your greens.  Many devices will allow you to just vape your regular bud.  The vape machine heats them to a temperature where they release the THC and the CBD as a vapor.  So you can still enjoy your regular bud with the big risks associated with smoking.

Alternatively you can try your luck with hash oil.  Oil may be easy to use and to come by, but hash oil does come with its own risks.  The oil needs other concentrates to function, and these could include nasties like lighter fuel or even pesticides!  Nice!  That said, even with the potential additives, hash oil via vape is still safer than using nicotine.

Go easy though, if you chose to opt for some oil in your tank, less is definitely more. Vaping butane hash oil (BHO), is much stronger than regular weed. So be sure to stay upright and just have a little toke to start off with.

Smoke With Style

In recent years, the evolution of vape pens has come a long way. You can now pretty much find a vape to wear with every outfit and to suit every smoker.  From box mods to vape pens, they are all out there.

Cannabis, or dry herb vapes are specifically designed to be smaller, more powerful and even more discreet than ever before.  Whatever vape is in vogue, they make safer, healthier toking on the go a real option for us all.

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