Cannabis Friendly Threads

Cannabis Friendly Threads

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The internet has made interacting with people of similar interests across the world much easier than before. It is common to find online communities bringing together people of diverse ages and nationalities onto one platform making interaction easier. Cannabis enthusiasts have not been left behind as a number of community forums or threads have been set up to discuss various topics concerning the plant. These forums are usually open to users of weed worldwide and are a safe haven for many that may feel left out because of their recreational choices. Also, there are some forums that target cannabis users in certain regions giving them a chance to discuss on unique issues and even plan physical meet ups.

Although there are many online threads or communities that you can join as a weed enthusiast, there are some that stand out from the rest. Some of these weed-friendly online threads include:

Grass city Forums

Grass city is a website that focuses on the selling of merchandise to people that enjoys using marijuana. They have been in existence for over ten years and have built successful community forums for those interested in cannabis. The forums on their website have thousands of members from different countries that enjoy participating in various threads and reading informative articles on marijuana. To be part of their forums, you need to sign up on their site.


Roll it up is another forum that has attracted a large number of followers because of the various resources it offers on the site. New members are expected to sign up before being allowed to post or participate in any of the threads on the site. The site has administrators that monitor discussions to ensure that they follow the rules and remain committed to quality. Also, contributors can upload images to the forums as part of their inquiries or respond to questions.

420 Magazine

420 Magazine is the go to publication for many weed lovers that are seeking education and facts on the plant. They attract many visitors looking for information on medical as well as recreational marijuana. To get the best out of the magazine, visitors are encouraged to register as members so that they can participate in discussions, read through reviews, watch weed related videos. The platform offered by 420 Magazine has attracted both celebrities and ordinary people seeking to connect with their love for marijuana.

THC talk

THC Talk is another popular online forum for growers and regular users of cannabis. The site has several threads that are active allowing members to give their opinions on different issues surrounding marijuana. Also, the threads have been placed in categories making it easier to find information for both beginners and veterans that are interested in learning more about cannabis.

Overall, weed friendly threads available online are able to meet the needs of various types of cannabis enthusiasts. However, it is important to browse through a few them or read reviews before signing up to ensure that the people in the community and the information offered will be beneficial to you in the long run.

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