woman awake in bed

woman awake in bed

The Best Cannabis Edibles for Sleep

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By High There

June 10, 2021

The search for a good night’s sleep is seemingly never-ending. In our modern world stress and distractions and a million other little things can keep us from finding the rest we need; even worse if you’re one of the millions suffering from a sleep disorder or forced into a non-standard sleep cycle (greetings to all my fellow third shift-ers out there).

Sleeping pills and other heavy, drowsiness-inducing medications may not be the best thing for your personal health, but as anyone who’s ever suffered from insomnia will tell you, the search for a good night’s sleep can drive people to some extreme ends.

So today we’re here to focus on the best cannabis edibles we can find for sleep. From casual marijuana users to even the most dedicated weed smokers on the planet, it’s not hard to find circumstantial evidence that a bit of cannabis will help make any night’s rest all the more pleasant, and the world of marijuana edibles is more than ready to cater to your sleeping needs.

Before we dive in, note that most of the cannabis edibles on our list are only available in California. Though we’ve tried to include products that are for sale in multiple areas, due to the nature of the cannabis industry many products are often only found in one locale, meaning if you live in states like Arizona, New York, or Florida your local marijuana dispensaries may only carry a few of the products listed below.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is yet another reason why cannabis law & regulation is so important; make sure to support your local and state cannabis regulation/legalization advocates!

CBD Cherry Mint Edible

Plus Unwind Black Cherry Mints

Most marijuana edibles for sleep aid purposes that contain CBD go heavy on the cannabidiol, while applying the THC with a light touch. Not so for the Plus Unwind Black Cherry mints, which instead go for a 9:1 ratio of THC:CBD that puts 2.25mg of THC and .25mg of CBD into every mint.

For a nighttime mint we were very pleasantly surprised by the tart, sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor of these small edible candies; if we had one complaint it’s that they’re so tasty and so tiny that it’s easy to chew through most of your forty-count tin before you realize they’re almost all gone.

CBDistillery Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies with Melatonin

CBDistillery Sleep CBD Gummies With Melatonin

Despite the lack of THC content in these gummies the addition of 30mg hemp extract CBD with 2mg melatonin is a great way to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Only available in a “mixed berry” flavor we found the taste to be pleasant, though we weren’t a huge fan of the sugar coating on the outside of a bunch of edible gummies designed to taken right before trying to fall asleep (remember: sugar and good sleep don’t mix).

Still, that should only matter to the most sugar-sensitive among us, and more than a few of those lucky enough on our team to take home a sample of these CBD gummies reported a full body sensation of relaxation & deep, restful sleep.

Sympa-Tea by Kikoko

Sympa-Tea by kikoko

Chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint combine their forces of relaxation in this CBN-heavy, caffeine free herbal tea from Kikoko. Each bag contains 5mg CBN and 3mg THC, and working in concert with the above herbs & flowers this tea has helped secure some excellent nights of sleep among the staff.

Similar to other cannabis-infused brewable teas this product does contain natural sweeteners (cane sugar, in this particular instance), so think twice before adding in any additional sweeteners.

Stillwater Brands Relief Dissolvable Powder

Operating under the concept of taking your ability to have edibles with you where ever you go, Stillwater Brands line of dissolvable THC powders (think kool-aid but with a kick) is a convenient way to make sure you can have access to THC at any time.

Stillwater offers three variants of their drink/food mix powder but it’s their “Relief” version we’re focused on for this article, with 20mg CBD & 0.5mg THC in each packet of their portable cannabis concentrate; a very CBD-heavy combination that will help promote overall relaxation and make for an easy time drifting off to a deep sleep.

Kin Slips "Shut Eye" Sublingual CBD + CBN Sleep Aid

Shut Eye by Kin Slips

Aiming at those wanting a quicker onset for their night time medication than gained with typical edibles, Kin Slips are a sublingual strip of dissolvable cannabis, meant to be held underneath the tongue until fully melted.

Kin Slips produces several variants on their breath strip-like slips, but most pertinent to our list is their “Shut Eye” line, combining 5mg CBD with 5mg of CBN; no THC included at all. This helps settle the body into a relaxing, ready-to-fall-asleep (and ready to stay asleep) state, without the brain-fogging high associated with THC consumption.

Sensi Chew "Insomnia" THC + Melatonin Chocolate Caramels

Sensi Chew Insomnia

A big name in the cannabis edibles market, Sensi of course has their own line of chocolates aimed at the consumer seeking some decent rest. Their “Insomnia” chews are rich and decadent, combining chocolate and caramel with doses of THC and melatonin (10mg THC & 4mg melatonin per square, to be precise).

Though these make great sleepy-time treats for adults they can seem a bit too sweet for a late-night sleep aid snack; medical marijuana patients, always be aware of any supplement/medicine’s sugar content.

Still, for those wracked by the insomnia these chews were named after, caramel + chocolate chews might be an intriguing alternative to the usual “smoking marijuana flowers before bed” routine.

Mexican Chocolate with Pepitas, by Atlas

Atlas Edibles Mexican Chocolate + Pepitas Granola Bar

If looking for something rich and decadent before your nighttime ritual, Atlas Edibles has you covered with their heart-warming (literally) granola & Mexican chocolate bars.

Each package contains four bars dividable into quarter sections, each containing 5mg of Indica-based THC content; if you’re really serious about getting some z’s you can eat a whole bar for a full 20mg dose, but know before hand that this granola has a kick to it in the form of cinnamon, roasted chilis, and other warming spices. One of the tastiest edibles on our list, but maybe not the greatest option for those with sensitive tongues (or chronic heart burn).

Breez CBN Berry Nighttime Spray

Breez Berry Nighttime Spray

This sugar-free tincture spray by Breez still tastes sweet (almost a bit much so) thanks to the inclusion of strawberry flavor, but we’re more intrigued by it’s effects, as it’s 5:2.5:2.5 ratio of the cannabinoids CBD:CBN:THC and small bottle size makes it an excellent way to ensure a good night’s sleep in a pinch; occasions such as, say, crashing at a friend’s house unexpectedly.

A couple of quick spritzes of this sublingual cannabis oil spray underneath the tongue before bedtime will definitely help make for a restful night, but we recommend taking it early, before laying down, to give it time to take effect.

Atlas Edibles Chamomile & Mint "Sleep" Tea

Atlas Edibles “Sleep” Chamomile & Mint Tea

Atlas Edibles brewable “Sleep” cannabis tea contains a 7:5:2 ratio of CBN:CBD:THC, relying on the strength of the CBN to help carry the drinker into a restful sleep. The calming tastes of chamomile and mint also help bring a deep sense of relaxation, with a warm cup of this freshly brewed tea one of our team’s personal favorite ways to end a stressful day.

Note: This marijuana tea comes with natural sweeteners included in the package, meaning if you’re the type to add an extra bit of sugar to your cup (which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place right before sleep) you may want to try a sip of the final brew before adding any additional sweetness.

Wrapping Up

It’s not uncommon to find a recommendation to take cannabis for a good night’s sleep, and though many people have long been getting restful sleep thanks to marijuana, doctors are now starting to see the benefits of cannabis beyond purely sedating effects – Which, for people with sleep disorders, insomnia, or otherwise just trying to stay asleep a full 6+ hours, is nothing short of miraculous.

Though sometimes it can be difficult to tell one cannabis product from the next, when looking for a marijuana-based sleep aid just remember to keep an eye out for strains and other cannabinoids listed on the packaging – There may not be any magical combination of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids/molecules that will knock you out as efficiently as sleeping pills, that doesn’t mean that one edible cannabis supplement may not effect you differently from the next. Particularly for medical marijuana patients, experimenting with various products, doses and cannabis strains may be the difference between a night full of blissful REM sleep and a night thrashing underneath the covers.

We hope our list of what we think are some of the best & most intriguing cannabis edibles for sleep has been of help. Marijuana use doesn’t have to be a cure all, but when it comes to getting a decent night’s rest? A little bit of tetrahydrocannabinol may just be what the doctor ordered. For those who like to do-it-yourself, we recommend you checking out our

. We wish you happy munching and pleasant dreams!

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