Cannabis Friendly TV

Cannabis has been a big part of the American entertainment scene.  It is an occurring theme that ‘creative types’ thrive on cannabis usage.  Big names such as Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg (formerly known as Snoop Lion) and Seth Rogen are some of the most famous weed enthusiasts who have gained mainstream success. When it comes to choosing weed-friendly shows, there are many metrics that can be used.  For one, a TV series involving a known weed enthusiast can appeal to the 4/20 community.  Similarly, a TV series that involves a positive portrayal of weed usage will definitely qualify.  We also have to consider storylines that are best enjoyed when you have smoked up a bit.  Here are 4 weed-friendly TV shows that you are bound to enjoy.

1.     Weeds

Weeds has to be the first TV series on this list since it was purely based on marijuana distribution. The story is based on Nancy Botwin, an affluent suburban wife, and mother whose life turns upside down when her husband, and sole breadwinner, dies and leaves her in dire financial straits. Throughout its eight-season run, Nancy evolves from a clueless housewife to becoming one of the main players in the California illegal marijuana trade, even engaging in cross-border smuggling from Mexico. In addition to its engaging storyline, there are numerous cameos by notable weed enthusiasts, including Snoop Dogg. The final season ended in 2012 with a shot that predicted that weed will be legalized in the near future, something that has come to pass with numerous states permitting the recreational use of marijuana within their jurisdiction.

2.     Breaking Bad

Breaking bad is one of those TV series that does not need any introduction. It is based on the rise of Walter White from a cancer-ridden high school chemistry teacher to becoming America’s leading meth cook. While the series does not focus on marijuana usage, the experiences faced by Walter and his team in the meth trade is similar to the marijuana industry at the height of the war on drugs. Walter, and many other actors on this show, also partake in consuming weed in various scenes. The subtle and effective humor is also best enjoyed when you have partaken in a bit of weed.

3.     The Regular Show

If you enjoy cartoons, you will have noticed that over the past 10 years or so, there has been a shift towards catering for adult viewers in most of the mainstream cartoon channels. Cartoon network has been at the forefront of this movement with series that have adult-level jokes and plot storylines. The regular show has achieved success towards getting adult viewers to enjoy cartoons. It has a very eclectic and ‘weird’ set of characters and plotlines which has seen it become popular with stoners.

4.     That 70’s Show

The 70s show is one of the most iconic Comedy TV series with an 8 season run between 1998 and 2006. Apart from its all-star cast that included the current Hollywood power couple of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher; the main storyline was based on the high school lives of the teenage cast members and their weed smoking. There is lots of weed in the series and some fine hijinks which you will enjoy while stoned.

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