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The 13 Best Horror Movies to Watch High 

Jamie Solis

By Jamie Solis

October 17, 2022


month is a great time to curl up on the couch and binge horror movies, it’s really an activity that can be enjoyed year-round. And we’ll even let you in on a secret, it’s even better to watch horror movies when high. 

Cannabis and horror go hand-in-hand. For some people, cannabis can help them feel more relaxed, especially when the lights are turned down low. So, why then, is it natural to gravitate toward watching a horror movie while high? 

For many, weed heightens sensations, thoughts and feelings, making the movie watching experience, in this case one that is frightening, even more intense. And if you love horror movies, chances are you like being scared. Don’t be surprised, though, if you do get

and find some parts more funny and bizarre than actually terrifying. 

Rest assured, we did our best to keep these horror film recommendations below as “spoiler free” as possible! 

Now that we’ve convinced you that it is definitely a good idea to turn on scary films while imbibing on some weed, it’s time to dive into High There’s top 13 horror movies to watch high.

Top Stoner Horror Movies to Watch High

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)


We’re taking it way back to the 1960s with our recommendation of the film Rosemary’s Baby. After all, what’s more horrifying than Satan? The film is set in New York City, where Rosemary and Guy, a young couple, move into a building that has been known for witchcraft and suspicious deaths in the past. Rosemary becomes weary of the neighbors that her husband is befriending. 

After a couple questionable situations with the neighbors, Rosemary comes to believe that they are members of a Satanic cult. She then falls pregnant while living in the building, and Rosemary is seen as paranoid for believing the neighbors are sabotaging her pregnancy and unborn child in one way or another. 

Overall, this entire movie is creepy and bizarre with the charm that only an old film can deliver. You can opt to keep the old school vibes strong by smoking out of a sherlock pipe or rolling a spliff. 


Halloween (1978)

This film franchise is an oldie, but it’s oh-so-goodie! And with a name like Halloween, you know it’s going to be creepy! Halloween tells the tale of a stalker and killer named Michael Myers. After going to an asylum for killing his sister on Halloween day when he was just a kid, he escapes the sanitarium 15 years later. He proceeds to go on a killing spree of teenage babysitters on what better day than… Halloween! 

There’s suspense, there’s blood, there’s screaming… and an ending that will leave you wondering what’s next for this long-standing slew of Halloween films, as this is just the first in a long line of 12 films total in the franchise. Overall, the original Halloween movie is another horror film you have to watch high, if you haven’t already. If you want to make your cannabis addition aligned with this film, we can recommend a solid Hell Fire OG or Phantom OG. Keep it spooky! 


Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.” Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most classic and iconic horror films that absolutely deserves its title on this list of the best horror movies to watch while high. In this film, children aren’t safe from the paranormal villain, Freddy Kruger… He can even slaughter them in their dreams. 

There’s a charm to this movie and its special effects, especially considering it was made back before some of us were even born in 1984. This film is such a cult classic slasher-film, that if you become obsessed, you’ll have plenty of content to dive into — as the franchise produced nine films, a TV series, comic books, novels and more! In true cannabis industry fashion, a quick search on WeedMaps shows you where you can get the

strain to really liven up your experience.


Candyman (1992)

Is he an urban legend? Or is he a ruthless killer? During a school research project, two young women learn about someone the neighbors call the Candyman. The superstitious neighbors even go as far as to claim he may be involved in a recent killing. As time goes on, one of the researchers named Helen starts becoming less skeptical of the stories she’s heard. She gets the feeling that she’s being stalked by the Candyman himself. 

Is her inkling true, or is she just falling into the superstitions that she’s been researching? By getting stoned, you’ll definitely get soaked into this storyline.

Although you could opt to watch the 2021 remake of this horror movie, the 1992 original holds a place in our hearts as one of the first movies to scare the crap out of us when we were younger! 


Seven (1995)

Want to have your mind blown with a horror movie that is a psychological thriller? If you haven’t already seen Seven, then rest assured it is deeply disturbing and clever. With lead actors consisting of Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow — you better believe this was all the rage back in the ’90s. 

You’ll be taken down a road of a serial killer who has a deeper, dysfunctional message through his killings, as each represents one of the seven deadly sins Plus, Seven has a disturbing ending you won’t see coming. You might have to take a dab after this movie just to come down from this rollercoaster of the mind, especially after realizing the horrific answer to the iconic line in this movie, “What’s in the box?”


Scream (1996)

This classic slasher film is perfect for a movie night in with weed on hand. For those who may not be familiar, it’s a movie about a group of high school friends who are being terrorized and hunted down by a killer named Ghostface who is wearing a Halloween mask. 

Being somewhat satirical of classic horror films, it was unique in that it was based loosely on a 1990 serial killer called the The Gainesville Ripper. This movie in particular could fit into the laugh-inducing horror genre due to its stereotypical plot line. Overall, it’s a classic horror film that is only made better by adding cannabis. 


28 Days Later (2002)

This British film is arguably one that many of us may have had as a fear in the back of our heads back in March/April 2020 — a post-apocalyptic horror movie that takes place after a very contagious virus outbreak. Sound familiar? Luckily, COVID-19 didn’t cause the extremely violent aggression in individuals that you’ll witness in this movie. 

The basic plot is that a group of animal rights activists unleash a chimp that was being tested on, only to release a “Rage” virus that crosses from the animal to humans. All hell breaks loose in a brutal zombie apocalypse of sorts. Overall, 28 Days Later is a trip to watch, especially over a few bowls. Put on your tinfoil hat, and get ready for a wild ride. 


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

The whole Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is up for grabs when it comes to smoking some ganja and getting scared. However, we’re going to recommend the 2003 version (although the original 1974 version might deliver a bit more of that creepy, low-budget slasher film experience). This movie starts out pretty startling, to say the least. 

In true horror film fashion, a group of teenagers are soon going to meet the fate of Leatherface, a cannibal who wears masks made out of the skin of his victims. We can’t really tell you who (if anyone) survives; you’ll have to grab a doobie and determine that for yourself. 


The Conjuring (2013)

This American horror film will surely cause you to have shivers up your spine. Inspired by a true story, The Conjuring shares the story of the Perron family, consisting of a married couple with five daughters and a dog. The Perrons move into a Rhode Island farmhouse that is quite a bit tucked away from civilization. 

As to be expected with a horror film that starts at a creepy mansion in the woods, a paranormal presence becomes apparent within nights of the family moving in. The presence only gets more intense as the nights go on, even causing physical harm to the occupants. If you like sitting on the edge of your seat, anticipating what secrets of the house’s history have caused this cruel fate, then add The Conjuring to your watch list. Add some

to make it even more interesting! 


It (2017)

Based on a 1986 novel written by the iconic writer Stephen King, chances are you’re already familiar with the premise of It. However, if you have a phobia of clowns, then maybe it’s best to steer clear of this film.

As you can imagine, the villain monster, Pennywise, is the creepiest clown ever known to man. The shape-shifting Pennywise appears every 27 years, bloodthirsty for children. A word to the wise, this movie is absolutely insane a few edibles deep.

And this film doesn’t waste any time diving into the bloody, violent gore that we’ve come to expect from a top-notch horror flick. Although terrifying, this movie is also pretty well rounded, with a fair share of drama and even humor to help engage the audience until all hell breaks loose, time and time again. 


Get Out (2017)

The two words “psychological thriller” hit the nail on the head with this film. Get Out starts off by taking the viewer on an unknown journey until the truth reveals itself — which is disturbing and jaw-dropping.

The movie begins with a handsome Black photographer named Chris who is on the way to meet his white girlfriend’s family for the first time. Upon arriving, Chris instantly sees and feels that something isn’t quite right. What happens next, you will never see coming. 

Get Out is so good, you really have to check it out for yourself to follow the twists and turns. The sheer cleverness of Director, Writer and Producer Jordan Peele is mindblowing in the best possible way. Peele’s films, such as Get Out, have the power to draw your attention all the way in and are the perfect twisted entertainment to any smoke sesh movie night. 


Midsommar (2019)

Maybe we’re not the biggest movie buffs ever, but the genre of “folk horror” is new to us. However, it perfectly describes this film. The aesthetic of the film itself is airy, light and beautiful. Behind the veil of beauty, a fatal plan is being carried out.

The basic plot line is about a young couple going through relationship issues, and they, along with friends, decide to embark to Sweden to attend a midsummer festival. However, what they find is far more sinister. The fate of these gorgeous, smart young adults is slowly made apparent, to the point where you really don’t know what’s going to happen until the end.

If you’re feeling a little experimental, microdosing mushrooms would definitely keep in line with the context of this film. 


Hellraiser (2022) 

Beware of the puzzle box; you don’t want to get cut. A film dripping with the themes of regret and addiction, Hellrasier is in a league of its own in terms of storyline. This film follows the journey of a young woman who believes her brother has disappeared due to a cryptic puzzle box. However, what stands in her way of revealing the truth are evil, sadistic forces, which includes the chief Hell Priest, known as Pinhead. 

Fans of the original 1987 cult classic Hellraiser are encouraged to give this recent remake a chance. Just released this month and streaming on

, what are you waiting for? See for yourself what this new take on an old film has to offer. And don’t forget to light one up for us! 

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