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Safely Celebrating Halloween With Cannabis

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

October 6, 2022

Well, ghouls and goblins, the long-awaited

is upon us, meaning plenty of autumn-inspired outings, and an array of festive gatherings and costume-filled bashes to come. Of course, cannabis is a great ingredient to add to any occasion, and Halloween is no exception.

However, as we continue navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re collectively coming out of our quarantine cocoons to relearn those social graces and routines that might have gone by the wayside over the past two years. 

But getting out to celebrate Halloween and the fall season is often a final hurrah as we usher in the colder months and shorter days. So, grab your weed, throw on your best costume and prepare for a scary good time with some of our tips to celebrate Halloween with


Communicate Around Cannabis Use With Friends

Whether you are hosting your own bash or heading out to a party at someone else’s place, make sure to communicate with those you’re planning to celebrate with if you expect to toke up.

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Essentially, get the lay of the land before you bring a ton of weed to a Halloween party. It might be free game to light up inside, though due to lease agreements or personal preferences, you may find yourself

to partake. Some folks might be alright with and dabbing inside, or flower smoked from a pipe or bong versus a joint or blunt; others may ask attendees to take all cannabis activities outside.

It goes without saying, but you should respect whatever your host tells you. If you live in a colder area where stepping outside repeatedly may become cumbersome (or throwing a coat off and on all night could mess up your costume), you might plan ahead with some

, or it could be worth checking up with other party attendees to find a solid cohort to venture outside when you need an herbal refresher. 

The same general courtesy applies if you’re the one hosting — let your guests know where they can smoke and what you’re comfortable with! Open communication up front is the best way to ensure you and your guests are able to plan ahead and enjoy the evening however you all choose.

Don’t Assume Cannabis Will Be Provided

As an extension of our previous tip, whether you are hosting a party or going out, make sure you/your guests understand whether or not cannabis will be provided.

In a similar fashion to the BYOB acronym often added to party invites — indicating guests should bring their own booze to consume and that hosts will not provide them — it’s just as important to indicate whether or not you will provide cannabis to your guests.

Obviously, as a party host, you don’t have to provide cannabis to your guests (especially if you’re already dropping money on alcohol). Sure, it might be nice to have an open supply of cannabis for partygoers to enjoy, though that’s also a quick way to rack up a hefty price tag for a single event.

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Basically, it’s totally OK to indicate that those looking to smoke should bring their own cannabis.

If you do want to provide cannabis for guests, make sure you have plenty of lighters (and be ready to lose a couple), ashtrays and clean glass available. To go the extra mile, you can label your strains so guests know exactly what they are getting into, or give guests an overview of what supplies and products they can use as they arrive or on the invite.

Similarly, if you are heading out to a party, are looking to get high and it’s unclear whether or not cannabis will be provided, you should probably just go ahead and bring your own. In that same vein, it’s up to you whether or not you want to share. If we’re operating under a BYOB/BYOC mindset, most people probably aren’t going to bat an eye if you’ve only brought enough cannabis for yourself.

Though, if you are smoking weed openly, don’t be surprised if others ask to join in. If you’re looking to share the wealth, bring a bit extra! You might walk away with some new friends.

Be Careful About Over-Consuming

Of course, Halloween has evolved into a major celebratory holiday, allowing people to embrace the dark side, or just any alternate side of themselves, in the company of loved ones and plenty of fall-themed fun. Not to be a buzzkill, but over-consuming is generally a surefire way to bring that fun to halt. 

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A good rule for cannabis consumption might be to stick to flower, especially as a new consumer, and avoid highly concentrated cannabis (like dabs or edibles). The effects of inhaled cannabis hit your system quickly, generally within five to 10 minutes, leaving you the ability to sit with a hit or two and see how you feel before indulging in more weed.

If you aren’t used to dabbing, essentially inhaling vaporized cannabis concentrate that is often double or triple the potency of dried cannabis flower, even a single dab can leave you couch locked or with a racy head for the rest of the evening. 

Aside from infused drinks and tinctures that are metabolized orally and hit quicker, edibles can take up to two hours for effects to fully hit. While 10mg is a standard state-recommended dose, potency can also vary depending on the product or brand. Edibles famously come with the bad rap of users getting carried away: “I’m not feeling these yet — I’m going to eat more!”

It might be a good idea to eat edibles before your event, timing the onset of effects with the action of the party: Say the party starts at 9 — you might chow down on your treats around 8:15 or 8:30 so once the party is popping, you’ll be sitting around that two-hour mark and can safely gauge whether or not you want to take more edibles.

Of course, you know your body best! But even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs will attest that it’s easy for a high to go from fun to uncomfortable or overwhelming, quickly. 

Use Caution When Mixing Substances

We’re well aware that cannabis is far from the only substance folks consume at Halloween gatherings. While we recommend keeping this same energy when mixing cannabis and other drugs, alcohol is generally still the star of the show for these and other festivities.

While there is limited research around mixing alcohol and cannabis, a recent study found that simultaneous alcohol and cannabis use approximately

the odds of drunk driving, social consequences and harms to oneself. Research has also indicated that mixing the two can lead to long-term health risks.

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Anyone who has tried mixing the two can generally attest that using weed and alcohol together overall increases the intensity of both drugs’ effects, sometimes in ways that don’t necessarily work together. It’s also an easy way to lose track of the substances you’ve consumed for the evening.

The order of which you consume may also affect the final outcome. For example:

Smoking weed after drinking could intensify the cannabis effects because

. It’s also possible, especially for novice cannabis consumers, to experience a “green out,” an array of unpleasant symptoms like dizziness, sweating, nausea and vomiting. A stronger high could also lead to increased and paranoia, depending on the person and the product.

Smoking weed and then drinking could slow down the rise in blood alcohol levels, which can reduce or delay the sensations brought on by alcohol. In turn, this could cause people to drink more than they might otherwise, leading to heavier intoxication overall. It’s important to note, though, that

is from the early ‘90s, and many have questioned the accuracy of this information over time, pushing for the need to continue studying this relationship.

In any case, anecdotal evidence alone often indicates that mixing cannabis and alcohol can lead to trouble. 

Our best recommendation? Stick to one or the other if possible.

Of course, there is a distinction between having a single glass of wine, sitting on it for a while and hanging out with

later on in the evening, versus chain smoking weed and taking shots all night. Once again, you know your limits and your body, so if you choose to use alcohol and cannabis together, try to keep it light and limit the overlap.

Arrange Transportation Ahead of Time

Being cognizant of consumption is one thing, but arguably one of the most important pieces of enjoying cannabis, alcohol or other substances at a party is having a plan when the night ends. 

Catch a ride with a friend, designate a sober driver, or call a taxi or rideshare if you are high, drunk or at all intoxicated. If you bring your car, ensure it’s parked in a safe place overnight, where it won’t be towed or ticketed, just in case you have to leave it there.

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For one, it’s simply not worth the risk of driving around stoned, especially on a weekend so heavy in traffic both by car and folks on foot. Halloween falls on a Monday this year, and as with any holiday, cops will surely be on patrol all weekend looking for folks who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

For your sake and those around you, take the time to plan ahead.

Be COVID Conscious

After two years of pandemic living, it’s true that things have changed immensely since the U.S. onset of COVID-19 in March 2020. Still, it’s important to recognize that we’re still navigating a pandemic when approaching heavy social seasons.

If you’re hosting a party and plan to provide cannabis (or just know it will be used), you might go the extra mile and provide glass tips and alcohol wipes for guests. Sharing is caring, as long as we’re talking weed, not germs!

While you should already be well stocked on hygiene essentials, like hand soap, before a party, you can also ensure hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes are available for guests throughout the space.

As a guest, it’s helpful to bring a pocket-sized sanitizer just in case you or anyone else needs it. It doesn’t hurt to be similarly cognizant when sharing glass or joints — just because you might be alright passing something around, don’t be surprised if another guest takes a lighter to the mouthpiece or declines a pull from your joint.

And finally, understand that other folks may simply be in a different place than you are with the pandemic. If you’re looking to party but aren’t necessarily comfortable going to a packed social setting unmasked, incorporate a mask into your costume! Similarly, if you’re comfy without a mask and see other partygoers opting to leave theirs on, respect it and don’t bring it up. 

We’re all navigating this new world at our own pace, and being cognizant is important.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis and Halloween are an admittedly iconic pair. Whether it’s a full-on, spook-filled bash or just a horror movie marathon with some buddies, we’re well aware that embracing our friend Mary Jane in a group setting often brings out the best in folks and leads to some of our most treasured holiday memories.

It only comes once a year, and there’s no shame in planning ahead to make the most of your spooky, stoney season! Happy haunting, friends!

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