Evening bedroom with cbd oil, capsules and a cannabis branch. Melatonin production, concept to combat sleep disorders


The Best CBD and Melatonin Supplements

Bryan McAllister

By Bryan McAllister

December 6, 2022

Though CBD can be useful for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from the mental to the physical alike, CBD is also well-regarded for its ability to induce restfulness. For many of us, the call of a good night’s sleep has sent us searching for natural, easy-to-take remedies ranging from the commonplace to the more exotic. With so many CBD and melatonin options available on the market, it can be easy to ask — why not give CBD a shot?

For those not convinced that CBD alone will do the trick, though, combining cannabidiol’s body-relaxing qualities with melatonin’s natural ability to help regulate the body’s circadian rhythms could be the one-two combination needed for some proper light’s out enjoyment. And though CBD with melatonin might be most often sought out by those hoping to get some z’s, the natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers of melatonin and CBD combined can find this powerhouse duo offering up more benefits than you might expect.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over what we think are the best CBD + melatonin supplements on the market. We’ll be looking for tastiness, dosage amounts and — most importantly — safety. We’ll also share our thoughts on which melatonin and CBD sleep aids could be right for you. Let’s dive in.

Evening bedroom with cbd oil, capsules and a cannabis branch. Melatonin production, concept to combat sleep disorders

What is CBD?

We have a full write up on CBD, its effects, and what to expect when taking CBD available in our main “

” guide, but in brief:

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids naturally found present in the cannabis/hemp plant, alongside compounds such as CBN, Delta-9 THC, CBA and a vast host of others. Notably, CBD is not one of the molecules in cannabis that has psychoactive properties (meaning, bluntly, CBD cannot get you “high”) — CBD targets a different set of neurological receptors in the body than its similar-but-vastly-different cousin THC and is considered to be non-intoxicating.

CBD instead focuses on gentle, non-invasive relaxation of the body’s muscles and neurological system. CBD has gained a reputation as a powerful source of relief for those suffering from strokes, seizures and other related physical aliments; though side effects are often rare, importantly to our discussion, “sleepiness” is among them.

What is Melatonin?

A naturally occurring compound,

is a hormone found in many plants, animals and even microbes. In humans (and other animals), our levels of melatonin help to regulate our day/night cycles — the “circadian rhythms” mentioned above.

This circadian rhythm repeats for many living things; a natural, built-in, 24-hour cycle that helps to ensure that our bodies are doing the proper internal actions at the proper times. As per example, the circadian rhythm of many flowering plants allows them to know when they should begin to bloom, or close for the incoming night and so on.

Near universally, all “complex” animals have a need for sleep, as dictated by their circadian rhythm. These biological clocks work with both our internal and external faculties to help coordinate our basic needs, such as food and sleep, by setting chemical “routines” that begin functioning in certain conditions.

In particular, light has a powerful effect on the body’s natural responses. Our internal systems view light as an indicator as to whether or not our bodies should be awake — and thus more alert — or at rest and ready to sleep. Interrupting or disturbing this rhythm can cause a

of negative effects, ranging from early morning crankiness, to decreases in physical strength, and even more serious issues such as heart disease and reproductive disorders.

Melotonin production, pills, capsules and cbd oil on the bed. Concept sleep disorder. beat insomnia and restore sleeping routine. Cannabis Branch

All of this means getting a good night’s sleep is very important. Unfortunately, in our modern and increasingly digital era, finding time away from sources of light or noise that can be disruptive to the circadian rhythm is difficult. Though decreasing screen time late at night and introducing sources of “white noise” sound can be of help, sometimes the body can use a bit of a jump start.

Though humans naturally produce melatonin, this production shifts and slows down over time, at it’s most powerful in the infant stage of the human lifecycle. As we get older, these altered amounts of melatonin can lead to issues with the sleep-wake cycle, making it either much easier — or more difficult — to fall asleep.

Is Combining CBD and Melatonin Effective?

As mentioned earlier, CBD is often sought out by those seeking physical and mental restfulness, and is well known for both its anti oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. Interestingly, melatonin is also known as having both powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and can also be taken as an immune system booster. Studies also

suggesting that melatonin could be useful in fighting off infectious diseases, including bacterial infections and HIV.

Though studies into the combination of both CBD and melatonin are fairly non-existent, current research does not show a direct long-or-short-term significant interaction between the two compounds. Colloquially, though, and in the opinion of many, adding a small amount of melatonin to a CBD supplement regimen can vastly improve quality, duration and frequency of sleep.

Is Taking CBD And Melatonin Safe?

In short: yes, but with some very important caveats.

Though melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical found in the human body, taking melatonin may not come without risks. Common side effects of melatonin include nausea, irritability and can lead to a decrease in hair production. Taking too much melatonin can also have adverse effects on the sleep-wake cycle, disrupting the circadian rhythm and making it more difficult to sleep, as well as inducing headaches, grogginess, joint pain, dizziness and even bowel-related issues.

Though melatonin is often seen as safe for adult consumption, most recommendations suggest low-dosage amounts, from 1mg to a maximum of 10mg. Higher doses of melatonin are typically not recommended as a long-term solution, and even medically-supervised high-dose melatonin supplementation will typically cease past 12 months of usage.

Before taking any kind of supplement — melatonin, CBD, or combined — make sure to speak to your health care provider about potential risks, interactions and other warnings you should be aware of. Melatonin is well known as having highly subjective effects on individuals, so checking with your medical representative is always a smart first step before taking any kind of remedy.

High There’s List of the Best CBD and Melatonin Supplements:

Courtesy of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Sleep Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies

One of the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry (and with good reason),

offers a tangy raspberry-flavored supplement that is designed help ease one’s self into a quality, routine sleeping schedule.

Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD and 3mg of melatonin, providing a fairly low-dose amount of both as an easy way of seeing if the combination may be right for you; however, the back of the bottle recommends taking two gummies 30 minutes prior to sleep, equating to a somewhat-high combined dose of 6mg melatonin.

Charlotte’s Web offers their sleep-aid gummies in a 30 count, 60 count, and 90 count variety, and in only the above-mentioned raspberry flavor. Though a bit lacking in variety, these are a solid recommendation for newcomers looking to try their first cannabinoid products for sleep.

Courtesy of Medterra

Medterra CBD & Melatonin Sleep Tight Gummies

Another well-known name in the CBD space,

are packed with a variety of herbal remedies designed to aid in getting some serious z’s. With a tasty — if not entirely original — blackberry lemonade flavor, each gummy contains a blend of CBD (25mg), 5-HTP, aka griffonia seed extract (10mg), melatonin (3mg), L-theanine (100mg), lemon balm extract (50mg), chamomile (50mg) and passion flower (40mg), making for one of the more complex sleep aid supplements available on our list.

Though a bit pricey, with each 30 count bottle significantly higher in cost than most other comparable 30 count offerings on our list, if you’re looking to try a “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” approach, the veritable shotgun blast of ingredients on display should — hopefully — see you blissfully resting the night away.

Courtesy of CBDistillery

The CBDistillery 30mg Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies + Melatonin

Going for a high-CBD to low-melatonin ratio, the

formula specifically designed to tackle sleep aid. These broad-spectrum infused gummies each contain 30mg of CBD and 2mg of melatonin, making them perfect for those trying to keep their melatonin dosages down. The sole flavor offering, a “mixed berry” is tasty, particularly with its lightly sugar-dusted exterior, but those seeking variety might wish to look elsewhere.

Courtesy of Redeem

Redeem CBD + CBN Gummies For Sleep

Another contender for attention in the category of botanically-infused sleep supplements,

combine the dual-acting power of CBD and CBN with melatonin and a wide array of other natural remedies designed for rest.

Redeem recommends taking two each of their honey-lemon flavored gummies before sleep, with each containing 25mg of CBD oil, 10mg of CBN, 50mg of passion flower extract, 50mg of chamomile extract, 5mg of 5-HTP, and a massive 10mg of melatonin — definitely some of the highest on our list. We’re not convinced taking two of these isn’t a bit overkill, but if you’re looking for a dynamite solution to some serious sleep issues, Redeem’s melatonin might be the answer you seek.

Courtesy of Harmony

Harmony “Sleep” CBD Gummies

South Carolina-based

is a wholly-owned and operated company that grows, extracts, bottles and ships their products all from their primary facility. Though they have several products available for purchase, their sleep-focused gummies — available only in a (very bright and tasty) orange flavor — include a fairly decent portion of both CBD (20mg) and CBN (10mg) alike, with a low-dose amount of melatonin (2mg) that makes these perfect for those trying to keep their overall melatonin consumption down.

Courtesy of CBD Living

CBD Living CBD Gummies – Sleep + CBN

CBD Living’s

are an excellent low-cost entry point into the world of CBD and melatonin supplements for sleep, with a pouch on offer containing a five-piece sample of their larger 20-count bottle.

These all-vegan gummies come in a variety of four flavors (lemon, strawberry, orange and cherry) and are both low calorie and low sugar (each containing one gram). Per gummy you can expect a total of 20mg CBD, 5mg of CBN, and five total milligrams of melatonin — placing these firmly at a mid-range melatonin dose and potentially higher than some might want to take long term, but for short term usage and quick-fix sleep aids, these gummies are a great budget option for those curious about the effects that CBD and melatonin can have on their sleep.

Courtesy of Barker Wellness

Barker Wellness CBD & CBN Sleep Tincture

With the demands of being a professional musician in mind, it isn’t too surprising to find out entrepreneur and rock star Travis Barker — yes,

Travis Barker — heads his own CBD-focused line of health and wellness products. Considering the powerful effects CBD can have on inflammation, as well as aiding in a good night’s sleep, Barker’s interest in the alternative cannabinod makes complete sense.

Particularly aimed at targeting sleep issues among his product lineup is the

, a mix of CBD, CBN, melatonin, gamma aminobutryic acid (GABA) and valerian root extract. The CBD included within is broad-spectrum, with the THC removed in the refining process, but leaving behind the natural terpenes that accompany the cannabinoids from the plant.

Each bottle contains a total of 1000mg of cannabinoids, leaning much heavier on the CBD than the CBN (at a 970mg:30mg ratio) and a recommended 30 doses, with 16mg each of GABA and valerian root per dose. The melatonin amount is among the lowest on our list, at only 1mg per serving, making this an excellent option for those seeking to keep their melatonin intake on the lower side. The tincture itself has a mildly green and tangy flavor, but the additional vanilla-blueberry flavoring does an excellent job at leaving a pleasant, clean tasting sensation behind after dosage.

Courtesy of Soul

Soul Sleepi Gummies

Co-founded by entrepreneur and podcaster Angie Lee alongside her brother, professional boxer Mike Lee, Soul was started after Mike’s search for relief from the autoimmune disease ankylosing spondylitis had lead to little fruition, finally finding comfort in the usage of cannabidiol. A staunch advocate of the healing benefits of CBD, the brother-sister duo have a wide variety of products now available, ranging from hormone boosting formulas to dog treats.


label themselves as a “bedtime bestie” with CBD boosted by melatonin, CBN and myrcene alike. Each 30 count jar is available in two flavor options — the blueberry lemonade is tasty, but we particularly enjoyed the camomile honey as a nice change of pace to so many other “berry citrus” flavored cannabis products on the market. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD, 5mg of CBN, and a relatively low dose of 3mg melatonin, for those concerned about keeping their intake on the lower side.

Courtesy of Koi CBD

Koi CBD Nighttime Rest Gummies

A veritable titan in the CBD supplement arena, Koi CBD has their own specially-formulated line of

designed to help aid in getting some rest.

Only available in one flavor — a tangy and delicious cherry limeaid — Koi’s broad spectrum CBD gummies contain 20mg of CBD and 5mg of melatonin per serving. Another excellent budget option on our list, Koi offers counts ranging from 60 down to six, with their smallest package weighing in at a single-digit cost; very affordable for those curious about how a CBD + melatonin mix might impact their sleep. If looking for an established, trusted brand? It’s hard to top Koi CBD.

Courtesy of Just CBD

Just CBD CBD Gummies For Sleep

Do you like higher dosages of melatonin with your sleep aids? Do you like a wide mix of assorted flavors? Do you have a small nation you would like to supply with legal cannabinoids for the rest of eternity? If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, Just CBD has you covered.

Stating with the first bullet point,

include 10mg of CBD and a rather high amount of melatonin per gummy — 8mg, to be precise. This is on the higher end of the spectrum to be sure, and might be off putting to those wanting to keep their melatonin doses low. Each jar contains an assorted mix of flavors, including some more interesting options such as grapefruit, strawberry and mango, but where Just CBD’s sleep-aid gummies become really interesting is in their bulk option.

If you would like a giant container of 220+ CBD infused gummies (that’s a total of 3000mg of CBD in gummy form) delivered directly to your doorstep, Just CBD is able to make that happen. That’s over a pound and a half of CBD + melatonin gummies, enough to take one each night for over half the year. If buying in bulk is a priority for you for any reason, it can be hard to find better sources than Just CBD.

Courtesy of Zolt

Zolt Dreamy Honey Citrus Tea +CBD Isolate

If looking for something a bit different from the usual gummy, both in composition and consumption, Zolt’s line of

offers a unique spin on getting a good night’s sleep. Each powdered drink packet contains 20mg of CBD, 3mg of melatonin and 250 milligrams of ashwagandha root extract, which is also believed to help alleviate stress and promote restful sleep.

Though the “honey lemon” flavor can be a bit light we found this to be an excellent nighttime brew either hot or cold, and for portability concerns it can be hard to top the conveniently pocket-or-purse sized package this proto-beverage is contained in. For those looking to take some sleep relief on the go? Zolt can be an interesting option.

Courtesy of evn

evn CBD Sleep Powder

evn brand’s

is a popular product (currently awaiting a restock as of this article’s completion) that offers something unique to our list — a break away from the berry and tea flavors to offer, believe it or not, a cocoa-flavored drink.

Though evn’s website says that their drink mix can be added to tea or water, for our preferences we found the beverage best added to a bit of gently warmed milk, making for an even more relaxing time sipping away at the end of the day. One teaspoon of the beverage blend contains 20mg of CBD, 100mg of passion flower, 100mg of L-Theanine, 50mg of magnesium citrate and 3mg of melatonin.

Courtesy of Joy Organics

Joy Organics Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels with Melatonin & CBN for Sleep

If you’d rather skip the sugary nature — and taste — of a gummy right before bedtime,

containing 25mg of CBD, 3mg of CBN and a further 3mg of melatonin.

Directions are to take one capsule each night before bed for maximum effectiveness, and without the binders and added sugars of most other chewable supplements, Joy Organics CBN + Melatonin softgels can be a great option for those not trying to add any additional calories to their diet.

Courtesy of Pure Kana

Pure Kana CBD Gummies With Melatonin For Sleep

Another option for those looking to stay on the lower side of taking melatonin for sleep,

has a naturally-flavored berry mix of gummies containing an interesting blend of ingredients. Each gummy in their 30 count bottle contains 25mg CBD, 5mg CBN and 2mg melatonin, along with chamomile, ashwagandha and hops extracts to round out the (hopefully) sleep-inducing power.

Though definitely on the pricier end of the products on our list, Kana is a trusted name in the CBD market for a reason, and for those looking to purchase from a reputable brand, these stand out among other offerings on store shelves.

Courtesy of Green Roads

Green Roads Sleepy Zs CBD, CBN Gummies

A mid-range dosage of melatonin makes

an attractive option for those interested in exploring how melatonin combined with CBD and CBN can affect their sleep. Each gummy contains 22.5mg of CBD, 2.5mg of CBN and a 5mg dosage of melatonin.

We particularly appreciated the lack of a sugar-frosted exterior on these; though the additional sugar can be nice for taste, for some, cutting back on sugars before bedtime can be as important a factor in getting good rest as the melatonin itself.

Courtesy of CBDfx

CBDfx CBD Gummies for Sleep with Melatonin

For a strong CBD dosage to go alongside your melatonin dose, look no further than

. Recommending users take two gummies before bedtime, each contains 50mg CBD, 20mg passion flower extract, 20mg chamomile extract, 20mg lemon balm extract, 10mg magnesium, and 5mg of melatonin — adding up to 100mg CBD and 10mg of melatonin. Whew.

Only available in one flavor, and at a rather steep price point as well, looking at other brands and options on our list has us wondering whether or not the real cost of these gummies might be in the brand name itself. But, still, a tasty enough option — though whether or not this high a dosage of either CBD or melatonin is what you’re looking for may be a whole other question.

Courtesy of TerraVita

TerraVita Sleep CBD Oil or Capsules

Another alternative to the late-night gummy snack, TerraVita offers a wonderfully tangy

, containing a low-dose 2mg of melatonin per serving. Where TerraVita’s product stands out, though, is in its variety of CBD strength — purchasers may choose between a “mild” (16mg per dose) bottle, a “medium” bottle (at 33mg per dose) or a “strong” option (with 66mg of CBD per serving). Each contains the same ratio of 2 milligrams of melatonin. Though the oil can be a bit on the expensive side, the ability to choose one’s strength of CBD relative to the melatonin contained within is a feature not found on other, similar products on our list.

Wrapping Up

As said in the intro, for those of us in search of a good night’s sleep, there are moments where it feels like it’s worth trying anything at all that could help. Thankfully, for anyone suffering from significant sleep issues, the combination of CBD and melatonin may be able to help.

It’s worth noting again, though, that before taking any kind of supplement — melatonin, cannabinoids or otherwise — speaking to your medical health advisor about potential interactions, issues and side effects is highly recommended. Though both CBD and melatonin are seen as relatively safe in the proper amounts, it never hurts to be too careful with one’s health, and any supplement should only be taken under the advisement of your doctor.

If you’re one of the many who keep tossing and turning late into the night, we hope our article has helped shown how the combination of melatonin and CBD might be helpful to your overall rest. Until next time!

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