Where’s Your Future Stoner GF Hiding?

Where’s Your Future Stoner GF Hiding?

Stoner Relationships
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Let’s be frank: cannabis spaces can be extremely dude-dense. If feminine folks tickle your fancy, and you like to partake in cannabis, it can be hard to find someone who shares your interests. So, where is your future stoner girlfriend hiding? And what can we do to make cannabis spaces more accessible to women? Download High There today to spark new connections and join in on the conversation.


Women stoners: definitely a thing.

Sure, like most drugs, women are less likely to consume cannabis than men are: but not by much, and not for long. A 2018 report found that women made up 38% of cannabis consumers, and predicted equal gender representation among cannabis consumers by 2022. However, most women admit to hiding their cannabis consumption at least some of the time. So perhaps the first question isn’t where, but why are they hiding?

Why do women hide their cannabis habits?

Respondents to Van der Pop’s Women & Weed survey cited a fear of judgement from others as the primary driver for hiding their usage. Specifically, they wanted to avoid:
  • Being “defined” by their usage/being labeled a “stoner” (sorry, stoner GFs!)
  • Their intelligence, judgement or decision-making being called into question
  • Being viewed negatively by family or employers
Strangely, women are worried about these negative judgements even though they also reported mostly being interested in cannabis for therapeutic reasons! Since when is migraine relief lazy? No wonder the stoner GF can be elusive. Seems as though there’s work to be done in normalizing feminine cannabis consumption, and perhaps, staying the heck out of the business of ladies who like weed. Anyhow, without further ado, where is your future stoner GF hiding?

She’s at home.

As mentioned above, your future stoner GF may be more interested in unwinding than socializing, and not be keen on the outside scrutiny of others (also, there’s the matter of the whole “pandemic” thing). In Van der Pop’s Women & Weed survey, 86% of respondents said they mostly consume at home. So… what’s your move? Aside from going knocking door-to-door (please, please don’t do this), how can you reach the homebody stoner GF? Enter the dating app. Have you tried High There? An easy place to meet people who are into weed? Just saying.

She’s outside.

The survey and CBD market trends suggest that women are more likely to be consuming cannabis with relaxation and wellness in mind, rather than getting super mega baked, man. She may be found at a nearby greenspace or exercise class. A word of caution, if she has just completed rigorous exercise, do not approach flirtatiously (but this goes for most people, not just stoner GFs).

She’s hiding in plain sight

Fun fact: actually, kind of sad fact. Cannabis stigma is alive and well on most dating apps. According to OkCupid, “I smoke regularly” was the least desired cannabis behaviour in an ideal partner. So, your future stoner GF may be out there on conventional dating apps, but keeping her cannabis consumption under wraps. If only there was a dating app where cannabis acceptance was assumed, and you didn’t have to worry about getting written off for some silly prejudiced reason. That would be so cool! An actually fun fact? OKC also noted that regular and occasional cannabis smokers have the easiest time getting off, and are more open to dating bisexual cuties than their non-toking peers. Looks like an open mind pays off!

You’re already dating, she’s just not into weed yet.

Maybe you’re… already dating your future stoner GF and you just don’t know it yet? Maybe you just need to pop the question, and have a couple of easygoing joints rolled and ready.

In the event that your current girlfriend isn’t really into weed yet, you have some options. Pressuring them into trying it isn’t going to be an effective one. When you’re guiding a canna-curious newbie, patience, and moderation is key. Listen up for their concerns. Maybe it’s not cannabis, but smoking that they don’t care for. A gentle entry point for just starting out is one toke of a joint or an edible with <5 mg of THC. Remember that your tolerance isn’t a good benchmark, and maybe stay (at least a little) clearheaded when they have their first experience, so you’re available to keep them comfy, hydrated and feeling good.

Looking for more tips on cannabis-infused romance? Check out our official dosed dating guide, and download the app for more curated cannabis content.

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