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Man takes a dab of the Linx Apollo Dab Rig

Courtesy of Linx Vapor

A Dabber’s Review of the Linx Apollo Dab Rig

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

By Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

November 29, 2022

Every dabber has different needs. Some are on-the-go, and some like to get home after work and spend some time with their favorite glass rig. Dabbers often look for a balance between these two settings: at home and away from home. Enter the Linx Apollo Dab Rig, which came to our attention because of its two-in-one experience.

The Linx brand puts time and effort into its products. We’ve reviewed their

and had good things to say. This time, the brand has brought something new to consumers: the .

So let’s get into this uniquely designed e-rig vaporizer that can be added to your favorite desktop rig or packed away safely to easily travel wherever you go.

Courtesy of Linx Vapor

What’s in the Linx Apollo Dab Rig Box?


is an e-rig device that can be paired with just about any glass rig you have on hand. In addition, it includes a uniquely shaped glass piece that can be added to make the device portable.

Here is all that is included in the box:

  • 2600mAH Linx Apollo Base
  • All Quartz Atomizer
  • Carb Cap
  • Glass Bubbler
  • Silicone Airflow Regulator
  • Silicone Airflow Sleeve
  • Tool
  • USC Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Carrying Case
  • Male Water Piper Adorator (fits 14mm or 18mm downstem)

It’s just about everything that you need for your dabbing duties.

Courtesy of Linx Vapor

Size and Usability

Desktop E-Nail

The Apollo will easily fit into most male and female glassware with 14mm and 18mm downstems. You simply need to remove the rubber seal and attach it to your rig. Apollo’s Smart Hearing technology is functioning in place of a torch. This helps take away the risk of overheating or burning the material.

Once the Apollo is ready to go, it’s air-tight, protecting the glass bong from the residual heat and delivering smooth and thicker clouds. Regarding the size of the desktop connection, it can feel a bit heavy if you have a smaller glass rig, so the bigger, the better for connecting these two.

Portable Vaporizer

Anyone can use the Apollo with the included glass bubbler. This piece gives you complete airflow control, just like a pipe. Combine this with the unique percolator, and less air enters the glass and allows for clouds that are bigger than what you would get with other standard portables. 

This shape is very excellent and different from other portable e-rigs. I love the glass bubbles creating a cool dabbing experience. Coupled with the carrying case, it is a perfect size for understanding and being on-the-go.

Courtesy of Linx Vapor


This battery is a whopping 2600mAH battery inside of the device. You can get a full recharge within 2.5 hours. I fully charged it and didn’t need to set it up again.

One of the only downsides would be the micro USB cable, since it probably increases the length of the charge time. It would be nice to see the device charging up within an hour.

Quality of the Linx Apollo Dab Rig

Manufacturing Quality

The Linx Apollo is built as well as the other devices within the brand. It certainly looks promising. The quality of the device is higher level, and it has the same heavy metal testing as its siblings so that you can expect a clear vapor path.

The bubbler is a nice shape and size, and switching it between modes is simple. You just need to insert or remove the silicone airflow sleeve depending on which way you want it on. Other than it, it works the same as their other devices.

Vapor Quality

The Apollo rips! Whether you try it in portable or desktop mode, this device throws clouds of great-tasting vapor that we have come to expect from this brand. It uses that same quartz atomizer, almost Linx’s signature style, and the smoke goes down smoothly because of the water filtration.

The quartz atomizer is versatile and can easily handle small and large loads, but I recommend starting small and learning your tolerance for it. Both then, baby dabbers and heavy hitters will be satisfied with how much this atomizer can handle.

Courtesy of Linx Vapor


The Linx Apollo has four temperature settings to work with. Blue is low, green is medium, yellow is medium-high, and red is high. These four ranges will cover your bases for achieving different sizes of dabs.

I like my dabs to be more significant with a higher temp, so the yellow setting seems perfect. However, my husband prefers to switch to green for his sessions. It’s nice to be able to change it between people so quickly.

Cleaning & Daily Use

The cleaning of this Apollo was simple and easy to keep up with throughout the day. As with most e-rigs, I recommend cleaning out the atomizer with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol daily and doing more of a deep clean at least once a week.

After your dab is complete, wait around 30 seconds because the tank will be very hot, and think to give it a quick rub down with the rubbing alcohol and cotton swab.

When you want to deep clean, you will want to unscrew the tank (while completely cool and get back at it with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. You’ll be able to get around quickly with a cotton swab and clean up the waxy buildup that will occur with consistent use.

You can use the Linx Apollo frequently with the proper maintenance and upkeep. A clean rig is a happy rig!

Price & Warranty

The Linx Apollo retails for a total of $189.99. It can be purchased through 4 interest-free payments of $47.40 with Sezzle. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The Bottom Line on the Apollo Dab Rig

Overall, this is an excellent product from

. Though e-nails can be complex for new concentrate users, this is an ideal device for consumers. I’m confident this device would be a versatile first product. It has a simple interface, is easy to use and comes with a fully equipped kit.

The Smart Heating function controls the experience and flavor of the material. The only downside I’ve experienced is that the device has some weight so it might tip over a smaller rig. Nevertheless, it provides an excellent experience for a portable device.

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

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