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Linx Eden Switch Review: Portable, Sleek and Reliable

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

By Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

July 27, 2022

Flower lovers always find themselves in situations where they want to bring their favorite

with them wherever they travel. However, sometimes you just want to get a good hit of some fire flower when away from home, and you want a simple way to do so. 

Depending on your activities, it can be a hassle to worry about bringing your bong along for the ride. For any herb enthusiast, or even new consumers, finding a reliable, portable vape pen is essential for your collection.


is a sleek and reliable to consider.

What’s in the Box

The Linx Eden Switch comes with the vaporizer itself. So the three main parts of the pen include the vaporizer, the magnetic mouthpiece and the USB-C charging cable. 

The device includes several additional pieces: three glass mouthpieces, a mouthpiece fitting, three silicone mouthpiece caps, four filter screens, one dosing capsule seal, one quartz dosing capsule and one cleaning brush.

Overall, it comes with everything you will need.

Size and Usability

This light vaporizer is about a bit larger than a cigarette and looks like how you might imagine an e-cigarette to look, making it super discreet and easy to stick in your pocket or bag. If portability is a “must” for a new vape, this one is about to be just up your alley. It’s lightweight but made of excellent metal and does not feel like a cheap device.

As mentioned, the Linx Eden Switch vape is a basic design with a stick figure. It’s about the width of a cigar and a bit longer than a cigarette. This is a great herb pen for anyone who might want a portable way to bring your cannabis to a friend’s house or even maybe a camping trip.

The one-button operation makes this pen simple to hit, great for short sessions, and with a light that is illuminated on the base to let users know when it’s on and pulling. One small thing I would say is that the four-minute sesh time is a suitable amount of time for the session. However, I would enjoy it more if it were customizable to how and when you choose to draw from the vaporizer. 


The battery on the Linx Eden Switch vape is tiny, but it’s sufficient. For a pen this size, the battery life is pretty solid. It stayed on and functioning for almost three days for me, and this was with pretty consistent use of it.

While most will not have any issues with the battery life on the Linx Eden Switch, heavy users may find themselves reaching for the USB charger daily. If that is a deal breaker for you, you might want to check out and research battery life reviews on different vaporizers.

LED lights will display the battery life once the device reaches its set temperature. There are four different lights. Each light represents 25 percent battery life, so you can easily check on it. The device will blink white 10 times to indicate low battery power. It’s recommended that you fully charge the battery before subsequent use.

The power indicator on the device will blink white while charging and turn solid once fully charged.


The Linx Eden Switch is a quick-to-function device. You press the button five times to turn the device on and off. Then it will automatically heat up to its set temperature. Once it reaches its set temperature, it will vibrate for four minutes before turning off.

The vape provides a nice balance of great flavor without sacrificing the potency and the vapor quality or being too overbearing. Of course, you have options regarding the filters and their replacements, but that is an element I am learning as I go with the device.

The four-minute sesh time with the device is excellent for the small amount of flower that has to be used for it. You get a good bang for your buck with this one. 

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to load the chamber up to the brink, especially if you want to minimize the longevity and usability of the packed herb. Not only will it become a pain to clean constantly, but coils like this will sometimes have a more challenging time holding up if you use it regularly and push the chamber to its limits.

The airflow from the mouthpiece is also a perfect element of the vaporizer. You never have to work too hard, it feels simple, and most casual users will not miss the lack of custom options.


There are four different temperature settings. You just want to press the power button three times to cycle between temperatures. There is just one button on the vaporizer, meaning users cannot customize anything beyond temperature controls.

There is also no way to adjust the airflow of the device. The default setting is solid and provides precisely what would be expected from a dry herb vaporizer. The product also comes with a silicone sleeve for the device, which is an excellent little addition.

The Linx Eden Switch is available in the color onyx.

Cleaning & Daily Use

The Linx Eden Switch is super easy to clean. You just want to wipe down your mouthpiece daily and be sure that the filter you are using is clean. I would recommend cleaning it at least every other day.

Before you start any cleaning processes, ensure the device is powered off and cool to the touch. 

You will want to unscrew the Filter Spring from the mouthpiece by gently separating it from the mouthpiece base. Then, with the Filter Spring disassembled, gently divide the Filter from the Spring into two pieces by unscrewing the Filter from the Spring connection.

Soak the Filter and the Filter Spring in Isopropyl Alcohol. Gently clean the pieces with a cotton swab, set them aside, and let them dry.

Price and Warranty

The Linx Eden Switch will be available for purchase starting on August 1st! It retails for $115.99 and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an elegant and straightforward way to vaporize your cannabis, this is a solid device that is sure to last. It is an easy process to turn on and off, and I find that important because sometimes it feels like something I forget to do, but it’s quick to do with the Linx Eden Switch.

Changing the temperatures is easy, and it’s nice that it heats up so quickly the session will continue for four minutes.

It’s a perfect option to get more effect from a small amount of cannabis. The vaporizer will not burn but heat the herb, giving you a more extended sesh with just a bit of cannabis. 

Overall, we found it’s perfect for tasting those terpenes.

It never hurts to have a device ready for users to consume on-the-go, which would be a party pleaser when sharing with friends.

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

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