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Helix x Highsman Review: Putting it to the Test

Jamie Solis

By Jamie Solis

June 30, 2022

I always love a good collab! So when I caught word that

’ cannabis brand partnered with to bring a special product for smooth and convenient flower consumption — I knew it was something I had to try. Here’s my take on the

Ricky Williams is a former Heisman award-winning running back for the NFL. Since his retirement, Williams has been a celebrated advocate for cannabis and other therapeutic drugs. Most recently, he launched his

cannabis brand, which offers curated cannabis flower and pre-rolls. Williams himself sampled through a mountain of strains until he narrowed it down to the very best product for his brand to offer. 

With a focus on quality, the Helix x Highsman collab is a natural fit for both parties involved. Vessel is on a mission to inspire consumers everywhere with designs and products that are built with precision and are made to last. Williams’ focus on quality is a reflection on his character, and as we’ve seen, he’s one of the realest advocates turned cannabis entrepreneurs that we know. Let’s dive into what makes the Highsman x Helix not your ordinary one hitter. 

The Helix x Highsman in Full

The Highsman x Helix Edition of Vessel Brand is an elevated take on the classic

. In terms of style and usability, the Helix is a one hitter that utilizes design to ensure user experience is top notch. The Helix uses pure, non-toxic brass in its construction. It invented a double helix design (patent pending), which filters and cools the smoke in the chamber before it hits your lips. Let’s explore more about the Helix x Highsman Edition and my thoughts on whether it stood up to its claims. 

What’s in the Box

The good folks over at Vessel Brand spared no accessory in my Helix x Highsman Edition shipment. The box contained a Helix x Highsman one hitter, Drift carrying case, Carbon lighter, Grinder and high-performance fuel. Laid out on the table it looked like I had almost everything I needed to have a successful first run at this piece. All I had to do was grab my jar of weed to get this review going full steam ahead. 

Helix x Highsman Edition

Size and Usability

I was initially surprised (and relieved) by the size of the Helix. It wasn’t too much bigger than the palm of my hand, and it was light, weighing only 1.9 ounces. Overall, setting up the Helix was very straightforward compared to a lot of new products on the market. Although the special double helix design did intimidate me into thinking the process would be much more complicated than a traditional one hitter, upon opening the box, the elevated design didn’t make much of a difference in terms of gearing up to take that first hit.  

The Helix x Highsman Experience

In the time from opening the box and to taking my first hit, only moments went by. I first assembled the piece together by screwing the removable double helix piece into the body of the pipe. Next, I used the Vessel grinder to break down two small nugs. I broke them into smaller pieces as I loaded the grinder’s teeth and was impressed how quickly and how little effort it took to get them transformed into a finer substance. 

And just like that, I was ready to roll and pack a bowl. I had already filled the Carbon lighter with fuel, so it was time for takeoff. 

A lot of times when I’ve used one hitters, I’ve accidentally inhaled ash or ground up weed through the mouthpiece — talk about a not-so-tasty situation in your mouth and wreaking havoc on the throat and lungs. Luckily with the Helix, I was able to take a pretty decent sized hit off the piece without fear of this happening. The double helix stopped ash and bud in its tracks before reaching the mouthpiece, and it also cools the smoke, making for a really enjoyable smoking experience. 

After just two hits, I was ready to pack another bowl, so this piece proves great for solo smoking, although I can see packing bowl after bowl if sharing is on the agenda. After all, who doesn’t want to hit greens every time? 


The quality speaks for itself when it comes to Highsman and Vessel as brands. The precision taken from the packaging, to the design, to the execution deserves accolades. This piece is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the user experience was up to par as well, especially for someone like me who prefers to keep consumption as simple as possible. 

Customization: Helix x Highsman

There aren’t any current options for customization with this product; however, it could be considered that the Helix x Highsman comes customized for you! Unlike any of Vessel’s other Helix offerings, the Highsman Edition is adorned by Williams’ black and white logo. Typically, the Helix is offered in Gunmetal and Onyx, matching with the brand’s strong but sleek design. 

Price and Warranty

At the time of this writing, the Helix x Highsman Edition one hitter is offered at $75 through

, and you can always check the site for special deals. Prices for each additional accessories that I had the pleasure of reviewing are listed below in each category. 


The fact that Vessel offers the Drift carrying case, which securely holds the Helix, Carbon lighter and the Basin aluminum storage container, I have to say portability for this product overall is a 10/10. Everything you need to take your Helix on the move is held in place with strong elastic bands. The case is small enough to fit in a medium-sized purse or bag. You could take this virtually anywhere. Plus, the case is water-resistant on the exterior, and it has a smell-resistant zipper, making it perfect for everything from beach trips to road trips. 

Price and Warranty

At the time of this writing, the Drift carrying case is listed at $30 through

. The Drift comes with a one-year limited warranty. 


Small but mighty, the four-piece Grinder will be more than sufficient and efficient in grinding enough weed to fill bowl after bowl of your Helix. Made from aluminum, it features a magnetic lid and comes with a scraper. The Gunmetal finish makes it a matching accessory to the product line. I loved that there is a bottom chamber to catch all your

as well! 

Price and Warranty

At the time of this writing, the Helix x Highsman Edition one hitter is offered at $30 through

. Like the Drift, the Grinder comes with a one year limited warranty.


Overall, the Carbon doesn’t disappoint. It fits nicely in the hand and matches the sleek design of all Vessel’s products. This refillable lighter has all the bells and whistles that’ll make consuming easy and to the point. First, the design of the lighter allows for it to be angled in any direction when using. Next, the flame is low-temperature and can be adjusted as well. 

Price and Warranty

At this time, the Carbon is offered at $45 through

. Keep in mind that the Carbon is not shipped with fuel inside of it. Vessel does, however, sell the (made exclusively for the Carbon) at $10. Finally, the Carbon does come with a lifetime warranty. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, I was pleased with the Helix x Highsman Edition from Vessel Brands and Ricky Williams, as well as all the accessories. The collection not only looked great, but it got the job done for someone who is a big lover of all things flower. 

The Helix x Highsman is discreet, portable and built to last. Overall, this product offers a much better user experience than a stereotypical one hitter. Check it out for yourself! 

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