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May 11, 2021

The difference between using a bong and other more traditional types of smoking (such a joint or a pipe) is that the smoke passes through percolating water and up a chamber before you breath it in. This tends to be less harsh and also delivers a much higher smoke content per hit.

Gravity bongs amplify this smoking method further by creating a vacuum that produces a stronger, more concentrated hit. A gravity bong can also be used for tobacco and other smokable plants, much like a hookah.

If you’re a first time user, this is probably not the product for you. Gravity bongs are definitely geared toward more experienced users who can tolerate higher quantities and stronger dosages. Because of the greater intensity, it’s important to know what makes a quality gravity bong and what to avoid. Here’s our list of what we think are the best gravity bongs on the market.

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

HighThere!’s List of the Best Gravity Bongs

Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Our Top Choice

  • Stylish & Classy
  • Smooth Draw
  • Excellent Construction

Stundenglass Gravity Hookah Bong


Easily our top candidate for best gravity bong overall, the folks over at Stündenglass have made the elegant, sci-fi, techno gravity bong of your dreams.

If you’re looking for a smoking piece that’s truly unique and doesn’t look hideously garish when left out on your living room table, Stündenglass (and yes the little umlauts are important) has you covered.

The design of the Stündenglass gravity bong is simple: Plant matter is placed into a reservoir on the side, with a metallic screen placed on top. Meanwhile the capsule-shaped borosilicate glass is filled halfway with water, while a charcoal briquette sets to work heating the cannabis (or other plant matter) inside the reservoir.

With a gentle touch (AFTER closing the water chamber again) the body of the Stündenglass rotates 180 degrees, drawing the water down to the opposite end of the reservoir and pulling the desired smoke in. A secondary flip of the unit then begins pushing that smoke out (and at great rates of volume) from the hookah-attaching pipe located on it’s side. Flip to repeat.

Again, as far as style goes, the Stundenglass gravity bong is hard to beat, and for a showcase smoking piece that you can use as the center of your coffee table it’s difficult to find a classier gravity bong on the market.

Though Stündenglass can be a bit of an investment we think it’s one worth looking into, particularly considering their 10-year warranty and well-crafted construction. And not only that, but if you’re into customization, Stündenglass has you covered there too, with additional globes and even wall-mounting brackets available on their website.

Gleeb Glass Water Bottle Bong

Gleeb Gravity Bong



Gleeb’s glass waterbong may feel familiar to anyone who’s used to the DIY variety. But don’t let the appearance fool you. Gleeb makes a high quality water bong at an affordable price. It’s much more durable than plastic options, and their kit comes with a great set of accessories.

You get the essentials: a grinder and a bowl. They’re also throwing in a smellproof container, a cup, and interestingly a wick.

If you typically use a bic lighter, the wick provides a much more unique smoking experience that we’d definitely recommend trying out.

For value it’s hard to top

and their simple approach to a waterfall-style gravity bong; essentially, Gleeb provides a glass bottle with a hole in the bottom and a downstem to fit at the top.

Place your Gleeb in a similarly-sized container (also purchasable on their website), fill the glass with water, and then add your downstem to the neck. Fill with cannabis, light it on fire, and then slowly pull the bottle up from your container, letting the water drain out and filling the glass with smoke.

From a user-friendliness standpoint the Gleeb has a learning curve about as simple and basic as it gets, and though this may mean a lack of bells and whistles it also means a relatively easy-to-clean unit that wont’t break the bank.

Freeze Pipe Water Bong


  • Clean Appearance
  • Glycerine Cooled
  • Multiple Stems Included

Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong


Though Freeze Pipe may look like a fairly traditional glass-made waterfall bong it has a few features we really enjoyed, particularly the two included glycerine-filled coils leading down from the bowl.

Each coil can be swapped out, with the Freeze Pipe website recommending to keep one in the freezer while the other is in use.

The glycerine trapped inside the glass helps keep your coils cool, as glycerine retains its temperature better than water (and ice), leading to a more consistently smooth and enjoyable smoke without having to fumble around with ice every fifteen minutes.

Just be careful when pulling the top bottle-like tube up and down inside the bottom chamber; glass-on-glass collisions can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

Bukket Vacuum Bong


  • As Cheap as it Gets
  • Travel-Ready
  • Easy to Replace

The Bukket Pipe – Waterless Gravity Bong


If you’re looking for a classy display piece in your gravity bong purchase, this is not the entry on our list for you. If you are looking for a durable, dirt cheap, fully portable bucket bong, the

is a tried and true classic.

The Bukket works much like an accordion (but for weed): Plant material goes into the pipe stem, is lit, and then the top pulls upward from the base of the unit – The two are connected by an expanding section (that appears incredibly similar to an HVAC duct), filling the main unit with smoke.

The Bukket can be cleaned by separating the base units from the hose, which can be cleaned or replaced with parts available on Bukket’s website.

Overall the Bukket isn’t the prettiest or most elegant gravity bong on our list (and, being waterless, is technically more of a “vacuum bong”) but it is both reliable and cheap.

Though its plastic may not be the most sturdy material in the world, it does have a price point that makes any sins of manufacturing easy to overlook, and either maintaining or outright replacing a damaged/lost model is no big sacrifice in the bank account.

Jinni Pipe Gravity Bong, by Inifity Waterfall

Jinni Pipe Water Bong


  • Clean & Gorgeous
  • Unique Action
  • Smooth Hit

Though most similar lists on the internet will tout the

‘s titular product as their gravity bong of choice, we were more taken by the Jinni Pipe, a unique-looking “submarine” style gravity bong that delivers a clean, quick smoke without a lot of fussing about.

Load one end with water, attach and light your downstem (filled with dry herb), then tilt back to watch the smoke flow inside. Unlike some other gravity bongs on our list the Jinni Pipe is a bit more chill about letting you clear the body of the pipe at your own leisure, with no enforced mechanism for outputting a large hit. This makes it ideal for those who want the advantages of a gravity bong without having to commit to the more aggressive intake quantity.

HighRise – Gravity Bong


High Rise Bong

Dual-Purpose Action

  • Both Water Pipe & Gravity Bong
  • Easy to Clean
  • Massive Rips


looks much like a traditional bong (and can be smoked like a water pipe if so desired) but uses a pump-style chamber over the main bong neck that is raised upward to create the vacuum needed to draw in smoke.

At first we were somewhat worried about the fiddly-looking design of this piece, primarily in how difficult it could be to clean, but ended up very pleased both with how easy the various parts were to detach and how sturdy they felt when completely assembled.

We were also quite happy with the price of the High Rise gravity bong, easily beating out several other high-end gravity bongs that just missed making our list list in terms of sheer value. Additionally worth noting are attachments for sale that can be used to turn this from a traditional water bong to a gravity bong that will let you vape dabs/cannabis extracts/etc, making versatility on this model extremely high.

Knockout Bottle Bong

Portable Party Maker

  • Easy to Carry
  • Great Icebreaker
  • Will Leave You Blotted

Knockout – The Knockout – Beer Bong



gravity bong has a certain claim to fame with their tagline of “Grip it, flip it, rip it” and notable ease-of-use; with two available models it tends to be a popular choice among… a certain type of recreational user.

The Knockout works by inserting a long tube into the (filled) drinking container of your choice; this tube is attached to a red silicone base that fits snugly over said container’s open top (the traditional Knockout is made for bottles while the Knockout XL will fit cans, solo cups, mason jars, you name it).

The Knockout has creatively designed a gravity bong that uses your drink as the vessel; beverage goes out, container fills with smoke. On one end of the silicone you have the mouth piece and on the other end you have the pipe – Fill the pipe with cannabis, light it up, and then flip the Knockout 180 degrees.

Though not exactly cheap the Knockout is well made and makes for a great portable smoking device; easy to take on the road or to social occasions.

The Best Gravity Bong: Your Own!

The secret to a great homemade gravity bong is pretty simple; gravity bongs work on, well, gravity. For each example on our list every bong includes some method of drawing (typically cannabis) smoke from plant material via air pressure, and without relying on your own lungs. If you want to make a gravity bong, you’ll need it to do the same.

Classic home made gravity/water smoking devices often rely on water bottles or or other plastic products that are easy to cut open; typically a hole is poked in a bottle cap (covered in aluminum foil) to use as the pipe, while the back end of the soda or water bottle is cut off and placed into a bucket of water. Plant matter is placed into the bottle cap, bottle cap gets screwed onto the bottle top, plant matter gets lit, and then a slow, deliberate draw of the bottle upwards fills it with smoke. Remove the cap and draw the bottle opening to clear (or push down on the bottle to fill your lungs more manually).

We don’t really recommend this option for cannabis consumption due to the plastics involved –

. If you have the option to remove the end of a glass bottle and outfit it’s top with a glass downstem, this would be an excellent alternative. However, glass is sharp and difficult to cut precisely (your box cutter isn’t likely to work here), so only go this route if you know what you’re doing and have access to the appropriate grinding tools/sandpaper to leave a dull, non-cutting edge on your new glass water bong.

Just be safe, and if all else fails? Maybe just pick one of our choices from the list above. Either way you choose, as always, happy smoking!

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