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lid of weed grinder

lid of weed grinder

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March 5, 2021

To say there are a lot of grinders on the market would be an understatement, but we’re here to help with our review round-up of the best weed grinders for sale (and a few that may be worth steering clear of). There’s a ton to go through so let’s get to it!

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

Aerospaced Anodized Aluminum Grinders by Higher Standards – 2 Inch


Aerospaced Groove

Perfect Budget Option

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Multiple color choices
  • Well-known brand

Aerospaced offers two very solid grinders with four pieces, but we found the Groove to be their most compelling product. An otherwise rather unassuming, solid aluminum grinder, the Aerospace Groove shows its uniqueness as soon as you open the grinding chamber.

Rather than teeth, the Groove uses, well, grooves, in what Aerospace has dubbed “turbine technology”. A set of 10 spiral-shaped grooves are set into the grinder, ultimately working more to slice your herbs/plant matter rather than crush and grind it.

Aerospace claims that this method helps separate wanted plant material (IE: bud) from unwanted plant material (IE: stem), and while that selling point might be a bit debatable we did notice the end buds ground by the Groove to be lighter and fluffier than those chopped and mashed apart by more traditional teeth-based grinders.

Do be prepared to put in a bit of elbow grease, though – Due to the construction of the grinding spirals this herb grinder can’t hold much bud, and needs to be turned with some downward pressure to get what’s in there ground up.

Ryot Kannastör GR8TR v2

a gr8 choice

  • Solid build
  • Customizable options
  • Smooth action

GR8TR Jar Body Grinder - RYOT

In a crowded field of competition, where Ryot shines with their Kannastör GR8TR is in sheer versatility. Proudly touting their grinder’s modularity, the Kannastör models feature a variety of different grinding wheels and screen sizes, designed to help the end user customize their smoking product as much as possible.

Their latest remodel, the GR8TR V2, comes in two sizes – The traditional 2.25″ size and a new, 1.5″ mini model that’s perfect for taking on the go. We also like the GR8TR’s overall value; a functional, stylish, and well-built herb grinder, all in a mid-range price point for the size and features included.

9to5 Grinders 5 Piece​ grinder

9to5 Grinders 5 Piece

sturdy and stylish

  • Simple, clean look
  • Unique screen design
  • Not easiest to clean

Available in three colors (silver, copper and matte black) the 9to5 five-piece aluminum herb grinder set is attractive and sturdy. The tops and edges feature a diamond-cross texturing etched into the metal, increasing grip, while the aluminum material keeps the overall weight fairly light.

The main chamber is deep and can hold a lot of ground product, but is partially made out of clear polycarbonate; we tend to prefer our grinders non-see-through due to the damaging effects light can have on THC.

This also makes the grinder difficult to clean, as isopropyl alcohol should not be used on polycarbonate materials. The grinder can be assembled without this herb collection chamber included, but at the cost of also removing the screen/kief collecting functionality.

The screen section of the grinder features an interesting “slit” design that does well enough at gathering kief, but it’s method of attachment/separation from the main weed grinder unit can be somewhat frustrating, and may lead to issues with the screw threads getting stuck up with compressed kief.

The teeth of the grinder are of the wide, flat variety, with a bow-tie shaped design; they do well enough at tearing bud apart, but can also cause your flower to get crushed down into the grinder due to their flat tops.

Iaso Four Piece

heavy duty

  • Good grip
  • Solid construction
  • Customizable designs

Iaso Four Piece grinder

Iaso sells their grinder in both 1.75 inch and 2.5 inch varieties, depending on just how much bud you want to grind at one time. Made from stainless steel Iaso’s herb grinders are solidly built and feel good in the hand, thanks in no small part to the ridged edges along the top and bottom chambers, making the piece easy to grip and rotate.

Uniquely, and the main reason why we’re including it on our list, Iaso also allows the buyer to upload an image to be custom engraved on the grinder’s lid. A bit over-the-top, maybe, but if you’ve ever wanted to bring home a truly customized grinder Iaso has you covered.

Cali Crusher O.G. 2.5″ 4 Piece Grinder


Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinder

most portable

  • OG brand recognition
  • As solid as it gets
  • Four-way lock, not screws

Cali Crusher has three separate pollen-collection grinders for sale, but our focus is purely on what they refer to as their “Homegrown Grinder” model. A unique (and large) four-piece set this kief catcher grinder has a patented four-way locking system, replacing the traditional screw threads on most grinder types.

This makes the grinder easier to manipulate, as the screw threads have less of a chance to get jammed up with substances such as kief.

The innovation continues with their replaceable kief screen, able to be removed with a simple 3/32 inch hex wrench, which leads down to a rounded-edge trichomes/kief collection chamber, making your powder easier to remove than with standard flat-edged models. Their grinding teeth also have a unique ridged design, helping prevent plant material from getting trapped and crushed quite so easily, with wide holes that filter down ground material rather quickly.

The downside is that all of this innovation may set you back a bit more than some of the other grinders on our list, with the Cali Crusher firmly among the more expensive pieces listed in our article. But if serious about your grind and looking for something a bit higher quality, it’s hard to go wrong with this made-in-the-USA piece.

Golden Gate Grinders 4 Piece

low end value

  • Simple & effective
  • Sharp teeth
  • A bit samey

Golden Gate Grinders 4 Piece grinder

A rather simple and unassuming grinder set this four-piece offering may not be anything particularly special but is definitely all you need in a grinder. Three rings of diamond-shaped (and sharp) teeth fit into a fairly spacious grinding chamber, making quick work of the dried herb within and sending it down to the holding section.

Made from machined aluminum the Golden Gate model features attractive (and grip-enhancing) lines and patterns etched into the body; simple and clean, without a lot of overly detailed styling. This makes the Golden Gate herb grinder line feel similar to several other “generic/budget” options on our list, but doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out on their own merits.

Available in both unpainted aluminum and a charcoal black variant, these grinders & kief catchers may not exactly set the world on fire with new and unique features, but for the price they’re a solid choice for those who don’t want anything too ostentatious.

Grindhouse 4 Piece Collection grinder

Grindhouse 4 Piece Collection

keeping it simple

  • Basic and affordable
  • Highly customizable
  • Decent budget option

Grindhouse makes a wide assortment of weed grinders, each with a few differences in appearance from the other but offering primarily the same functionality, so we’ll be reviewing them as a whole here.

Available in either 2.25″ or 2.5″ varieties, the Grindhouse product lineup is mostly defined by it’s cosmetic options, offering uniquely shaped grinding chambers, side window displays for the collection unit, and a bevvy of color choices. Despite each grinder being fairly similar to the next that also means the same high quality from each model, with little variation outside of aesthetics.

Stylistically the Grindhouse collection seems to borrow from the same school of design as some others on our list, with diamond-shaped teeth and simplistic patterns etched into the exterior of the unit; from a technical and manufacturing standpoint, this means Grindhouse’s offerings aren’t too different from other herb grinders in this article.

Still, sometimes cosmetics matter, and if searching for pieces with some interesting color and shape options, Grindhouse offers options competing grinder brands simply don’t.

Hem Grinder 4 Piece Wooden Grinder

bulky but beautiful

  • Gorgeous walnut finish
  • Bright aluminum highlights
  • Chunky and big

Hem Grinder 4 Piece Wooden Grinder

If looking for something a bit more refined for your day-to-day use, Hem Grinder’s unique wooden model is a stylish, elegant alternative to the brighter offerings on our list, while also not breaking the bank. Made with an aluminum interior wrapped by stained walnut wood this grinder is a little bulky in the hand due to it’s design but makes up for that in it’s appearance.

Functionality is exactly as you’d expect from a unit of this style and size, with a variety of teeth-shaped grinding nails that quickly process any dried herb placed inside.

The kief collecting section comes with a pollen screen removable via a small, built-in handle; a novel concept, but something we ultimately found to be just one more place to get your kief stuck in.

That said this is our only solid complaint about Hem Grinder’s wooden model, and for the smokers on our list who may be on a budget but still prefer steering clear of more ostentatious paraphernalia? This cannabis grinder offers a stylish solution.

Alpha Design 4 Piece grinder

Alpha420 Design 4 Piece

most grippable

  • Definite “statement” grinder
  • Very easy to grip
  • Serrated teeth

If looking for a grinder that will stand out among the crowd, Alpha has you covered with their grinder offering. A four-piece aluminum set the Alpha Grinder has a very unique set of shaped bevels running along the upper and lower sections of the body, which help with overall grip and handleability, while the spacious middle section comes with a viewing window to let you know just how much is left inside.

Available in four distinct (and very bright) colors, with a large “alpha dog” logo adorning the top of each model, this grinder is plainly not for those who wish to keep their smoking habits discreet.

The grinding action works quite nicely thanks to the unit’s wide-but-serrated teeth; in our tests we found that the Alpha doesn’t always give the smallest of grinds but it is efficient, with most of our herb fully separated and in the second chamber after only a few turns. The Alpha’s kief collection unit isn’t anything to write home about but is perfectly efficient at it’s job, with a stainless steel screen that was fairly easy to clean of trichomes with the included tools (also a nice bonus).

Mendo Mulcher 4 Piece

Best overall

  • Beefy
  • No-frills
  • Gets the job done right

Space Case 4-Piece Grinder


Topping our “function over form” charts, if you’ve ever wanted a dirt-cheap, brick-solid weed grinder that looks like it was inspired by Polish brutalist architecture the Mendo Mulcher has you covered.

Seemingly not caring in the slightest about anything other than delivering a solid block of metallic grinding power the Mulcher is a hefty piece of brushed aluminum, with it’s only allowances for frippery being the logo etched into the top.

The 4 piece Mulcher comes in three sizes: Either 1.75 inch, 2.25 inch, or a 3 inch model we can only refer to as “an absolute unit”. Inside the Mulcher isn’t messing around either, with four rows of oval-shaped sharp teeth on each side of the grinding chamber and a solid 190 micron screen sitting atop the beveled-bottomed pollen catcher chamber.

The shaped edge to the top makes for easy turning, and… well, really, that’s it. Again, while their products may be taciturn as it gets, the devil is often in the details, and the Mendo Mulcher’s basic, thoughtful design means this grinder has a lot to love.


best design

  • Intelligent design
  • Multiple chamber options
  • Unique blade mechanism

hoj klip grinder

Most grinders on our list, and indeed most grinders in general, work by essentially mashing your plant material apart, using the teeth to rip and shred the dried herb as they rotate. Danish design company HØJ has decided to go the opposite route, by forgoing the traditional ‘teeth’ design for a rotating, fine-edged blade. This blade rotates as you spin the grinder, dissecting the buds at the top and filtering them down to one of the magnetically-locked chambers below.

And when we say “one of the chambers below” we mean one of several different chambers that’s included with the KLIP package. Looking to help the end user customize their experience the KLIP comes with a bevvy of different screens, chambers, and blades. The KLIP also comes a convenient funnel section, for filling pre-roll cones and the like (made even easier by the even grind consistency provided by the blade design).

Though a pricey option there’s also nothing quite like it, and with the KLIP’s combination of magnetic latching and an easy-to-turn system, the KLIP is often recommended by and for medical marijuana patients who might have difficulty gripping or turning more traditional styles of grinders. Overall, between the solid build quality and versatile included options, we think the KILP may be one of the best weed grinders on our list.

Potent Crush grinder

Potent Crush

most effective

  • Stylish and unique
  • Effective action
  • No kief compartment

Are you looking for something different? Are you feeling particularly extra about it? Then look no further than the Potent Crush, a self-billed “outrageous evolution” in the world of weed grinders and one of the most unique pieces on our list.

To start, the Crush features a fairly unique design, with a concave/convex grinding compartment, foregoing the usual “protruding spike” tooth design of most grinders for a ribbed, edged wave pattern with a wide surface area.

This both grinds and separates the bud placed inside without mashing it, resulting in a very fluffy grind to your herb. This then leads down to a prismatic-colored collecting chamber, which adds a certain touch of psychedelic attractiveness.

Currently the Crush only comes in a three-stage variety, so if looking for the best grinder for kief this may not be the piece you want. But for something with a touch of art nouveau? The Crush certainly delivers.

Space Case 2 Piece Original

lowest profile

  • Super slim design
  • Magnetic lid
  • Tough construction

Space Case 2 Piece Original​

Space Case has offered high-quality, made-in-the-USA grinders since 1998, and it’s no surprise this company is still going strong. Known for smooth movement and well-constructed components, Space Case grinders have long been innovators, introducing concepts such as magnet-sealed lids to the market.

Space Case has offered high-quality, made-in-the-USA grinders since 1998, and it’s no surprise this company is still going strong. Known for smooth movement and well-constructed components, Space Case grinders have long been innovators, introducing concepts such as magnet-sealed lids to the market.

If you’re looking for a easy-to-use, easy-to-carry grinder that won’t break your wrist trying to turn it, their 2-piece original Space Case grinders have long been considered one of the best grinders on the market, and with good reason.. Hefty and solid, with color choices in both black and silver, the Space Case grinder is tough stuff, but still slim enough to carry in a large pocket or purse.

Herb Ripper XL Grinder

Herb Ripper XL Grinder

large and in charge

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Big
  • Really big

If you’re more concerned about size over style then the Ripper XL grinder from Herb Ripper might be your piece of choice. A hefty 2.5 inches in size, this is one big, bad hunk of stainless steel, ready to shred whatever herb you decide to place inside.

The top section contains a series of variable-shaped teeth, helpful for making sure things stay easy to turn even if grinding up an extra heavy load.

Getting toward the bottom the construction of the included kief screen feels solid, and the bottom collecting chamber has the same rounded, edgeless design that impressed us so much with the Cali Crusher.

Also like the Cali Crusher, the Ripper XL carries a whopper of a price tag, making this piece more firmly aimed for the serious smoker/paraphernalia collector. Still, with Herb Ripper’s solid construction and lifetime warranty backing up this grinder, we feel you could do a lot worse than looking into the Ripper XL.

Kobra 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder

cheap and in style

  • Solid for the price
  • Difficult to clean
  • Wide assortment of colors

Kobra 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder

Available in four bright colors the Kobra is a budget option on our list that features clean, stylish looks without a lot of fuss or muss.

The majority of the body on this herb grinder is made from stainless steel, with clear resin (or plastic, we weren’t entirely sure) viewing windows in both the top and mid sections of the grinder – Something we’re not a huge fan of, as it can 

 with solvents (such as rubbing alcohol) incredibly difficult, if not out-right impossible.

Still, for the price this is a solid, lightweight option that’s a good starting grinder for anyone just beginning to build a paraphernalia collection. Just don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to buy something a bit sturdier and longer lasting later down the line.

Banana Bros OTTO

Banana Bros OTTO

best electric grinder

  • Fully electric model
  • Automatic sensors
  • Cone-filling attachment

A one-touch automatic model, Banana Bros electric grinder known as “OTTO” is designed to deliver both efficiency and precision. Automatic sensors inside the grinding unit adjusting speed, direction and overall pressure to ensure the perfect grind regardless of the type of herb placed within.

Rechargeable via USB the OTTO comes with a variety of useful accessories, including it’s detachable paper cone-filling platform, which automatically fills the likewise-included cones with “whatever plant material” you happen to be placing within.

You may notice we don’t have many electric grinders on our list; that’s because with it’s simple, easy to use nature we think, as far as electric models go, the OTTO is definitely one of the best weed grinders you’ll find.

Marley’s Natural’s Wooden Grinder

expensive but stylin’

  • Classy walnut style
  • Cheap polycarbonate
  • Expensive

Marley's Natural's Wooden Grinder

Another wooden offering, this time firmly on the higher end of the budget range, Marley’s Natural’s piece has some important differences from competing models, namely a see-through window in the middle collection chamber – Again, this is made from polycarbonate, meaning cleaning the piece will have to be done with something other than rubbing alcohol.

Still, the overall style of the grinder is appealing and comes with several functional inclusions, such as a stainless steel kief scraper that slides in and out out from the bottom of the piece for easy storage. But considering it’s very hefty price tag, is this aluminum and walnut herb grinder that much better than, say, Hem Grinder’s model? We’re not convinced.

Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4 Piece

Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4 Piece

should last forever

  • Oldskool brand name
  • Plenty of styles & sizes
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Boasting a plethora of intelligent design features, the Santa Cruz Shredder company is no newcomer to the world of grinders. With a uniquely flared, bow-tie shaped tooth arrangement, the full line of Santa Cruz grinders aims for a fluffy grind and even consistency, while offering a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors.

Our personal favorite is their Large 4 piece, available in blue, green, black and classic grey; the larger model doesn’t hold quite as much plant matter as other herb grinders on our list, but the easy turning action, well-ground buds, and limited lifetime warranty more than make up for the lack of storage space.

Platinum Grinders

for small wallets

  • Another budget pick
  • Is “ok”
  • Could do worse

Platinum Grinder

Another basic model, Platinum Grinders isn’t destined to set anyone’s world on fire with their 2.5 inch 4 piece grinder, but as a bargain alternative to others on this list there’s certainly nothing wrong with giving them a look.

Overall the Platinum model offers little to differentiate itself from competing grinders – A solid aluminum casing and diamond-shaped tooth design are all pretty standard on similar grinder models from other manufacturers, and the included kief screen and chamber are both serviceable but nothing to write home about.

Still, a relatively low price tag can help overcome some latent genericness, and a piece from Platinum certainly won’t break the bank. There’s nothing mind-blowing here for the serious enthusiast, but you could certainly do worse for a basic model than this.

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