BudClub DIY 5 Gallon DIY Home Grow Kit for home grow cannabis

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Start Your DIY Home Grow: BudClub 5 Gallon Grow Kit Review

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

February 1, 2023

Entering the world of cannabis growing can be full of potential roadblocks. How do you even get started? Do you have the time, the space, the expertise? We won’t lie: Growing cannabis does take some time and care, but as the industry continues to expand, why not get a jumpstart on your homegrow skills?

There are a number of ways you might start this venture. Rather than picking out all of the items you need individually, a notably daunting task for even those moderately versed in home grows and horticulture, consider one of the most accessible ways to get started: Find a weed grow starter kit.

Today, we’ll be looking at one of our favorite options: BudClub’s 5 Gallon Grow Kit. This small but mighty weed grow starter kit has everything you need to get your home grow started, “designed to produce big yield in a small space,” according to the


If 2023 is the year you’re looking to finally get into growing, look no further! 

Courtesy of BudClub

Why BudClub?

There are admittedly a wide array of grow kits and brands you could choose. A quick online search will reveal an overwhelming selection of options — so, why BudClub?

Getting into cannabis growing and learning how to grow weed indoors can be a daunting task, and BudClub is well aware. BudClub Founder Dean Schwartz said he created the company because he wanted to ensure home growing could be a fun, stress-free and rewarding experience for as many people as possible. 

“I wanted to introduce non-growers to the joy of home growing and make it easy for them to succeed by [demystifying] the growing process,” Schwartz

. “I worked with seasoned BudMasters to create a simple, home grow kit that even beginners can follow.”

While we’ll be focusing on the 5 Gallon Grow Kit, BudClub has a number of comparable options, larger or smaller, and BudClub also sells

and separately — so you can get going and return back as you need to restock and replenish your tools!

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BudClub 5 Gallon Grow Kit Specs and Details

We’re partial to the 5 Gallon Grow Kit as an ideal weed grow starter kit. BudClub does sell another 3 Gallon Grow Kit, though we found that the 5 gallon kit offers just a bit more flexibility, fit for an array of spaces and still not so overwhelming that a beginner wouldn’t want to tackle it.

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at what’s included in the kit. 

For $39.99, the 5 Gallon Grow Kit* includes:

5 gallon grow bag

BudGrub: Organic nutrients and microbes for strong vegetative growth

BudBooster: Extra nutrition for big, flowering buds

BudSpread: 12 seed cover crop for moisture and pest control

BudShield: Sticky insect traps

Humidity control cups

Training ties for improved yield


PH water test strips

BudMaster e-Guide to growing big, beautiful buds

You will need to pick up organic soil locally. 

Courtesy of BudClub

*BudClub also offers the

for $59.99, which also includes trimming scissors, a jeweler’s loupe magnifier for inspecting buds and a humidity controlled curing bag. For $20 extra, it’s a pretty good deal and might be another option to consider.

BudClub’s products are also 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, meaning that if you’re not happy with the results, you can contact the company for a free refill kit. For the 5 Gallon Kit, BudClub says folks can expect up to an eight-ounce yield, watering every three to four days, sunlight exposure of four or more hours a day and a

height of two to four feet.

BudClub 5 Gallon Grow Kit Review

Now onto the fun!

Those growing on the down low need not worry — the grow kit comes in a discreet, plain box. 

For the price, we love the abundance of essentials included in this grow kit. It truly includes everything you need to get started with a DIY home grow. The BudClub grow kits affirm that growing doesn’t have to be complicated — no huge grow tent required! Instead, BudClub asserts its grow kits simply require three simple steps: Pack the grow bag, plant the

and water. Then, just let the magic happen!

The grow bag is clearly made well, explicitly for the purpose of growing cannabis. It’s durable, and most importantly, plants seem to really love it, too! 

It’s also clear that BudClub cares about education and ensuring that its customers come out with quality plants, with the inclusion of nutrients and microbes, humidity control cups, training ties and insect traps. This immediately takes the burden off the consumer, who may otherwise have to scour the internet for essentials of maintaining a thriving cannabis plant and combatting other variables.

It might seem overwhelming at first, but this array of items truly forces the novice grower to learn the detailed ins and outs of growing out the gate, the right way. Cannabis growing involves a lot of moving pieces, and with that, growers can and should be prepared for anything as they tend to their crop.

Courtesy of BudClub

The kit includes award-winning autoflower cannabis seeds from BudClub partner

Autoflowering seeds are great because they allow for a faster harvest (meaning potentially more harvests each season), generally less hassle and easier growing, a more manageable size (which can make stealth growing or growing in smaller spaces a bit easier), better resistance to weather and diseases and (this one’s big) no need to worry about a 12/12 light cycle — autoflowering seeds will flower with varied exposure to light.

For folks who are constantly on-the-go, new to growing and/or tending to their plants as a side project, this is huge.

BudClub states that their kit allows you to grow cannabis anywhere, outdoors or even in a home or apartment, and autoflowering seeds make that possible. Bear in mind, for

, you’ll need a quality source of natural light for your plant or powerful LED bulb.

Courtesy of BudClub

The best part about this kit is the harmonious nature of all of these individual products. BudClub refined each element, ensuring they work in sync with one another. So, instead of spending your time patching together a handful of different products hoping that they will play together happily, you can rest assured that the hard work in that regard has already been done for you.

Each grow kit also comes with access to the BudMaster e-Guide, a great resource for folks who need a bit of extra guidance through the process. The digital guide provides step-by-step instructions — another invaluable resource for folks who may be growing for the very first time with a BudClub kit.

This is a great kit for folks who are just getting started with growing, or who simply want to add some additional tools to their arsenal. BudClub sincerely sets up their customers for success, and don’t be surprised if you end up looping back for more after your first harvest!

BudClub has also teamed up with High There to help out growers get their hands on the supplies they need with an extra bonus. Use the code “HiBud2023” to get 10 percent off across the


Keep up with BudClub’s cannabis community by checking out the company on

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