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April 20, 2022

Everybody knows 420 by now, but if you’re looking for a special gift to give that certain smoker in your life a happy holiday to remember, our 420 Holiday Gift Guide below has you covered. From growing to glass, and lighters to lotion, there’s something on our list for every cannabis consumer (and budget range). Check out our top products below!

Cannabis Gifts for Vapers

Know someone more into the high tech side of consumption? If you’re not afraid to spend a little extra, our list of recommended vapes is bound to please.

At the lowest price point on our list, the G Pen Dash Vaporizer is a dried herb-only vaporizer designed for maximum portability. Moving up from the budget range and into heftier solutions, the Firefly 2+ Weed Vaporizer is a solid option for portable concentrate and flower vaping; though still designed for portability the similarly-priced Dr. Dabber Switch offers a slightly beefier choice for power and battery life.

Moving even further up the price ladder is the Puffco Peak Indiglow, a stylish pink-and-purple limited edition of their concentrates-only dabbing rig. But for the true vaporizing connisseur, there’s only one choice: The famous classic, the Volcano Hybrid. A beast of a desktop vape unit, the Volcano is near mythologized among cannabis users for its strength, capability and and finely-tuned temperature controls. Keep in mind that these products do come at a premium price point, but sometimes the best is worth it.

Gifts for Glass Collectors

Glass Artistry by Jerome Baker Designs has a wide variety of unique, one-of-a-kind glass pipes and bongs, while the black walnut and glass pipe from Marley Natural combines elegant appearances with smooth draws.

If trying to find a clean-but-statement-making piece, try moving beyond the glass to stone. The Stonedware Company offers a wide variety of bright colors and unique designs in their Geo Pipe series; if searching for a slightly more traditional shape, Miwak Junior offers hand-made clay spoons that lend a touch of class to any coffee table.

Kitchen Tools for Cannabis Chefs

Many homemade edibles start with an infusion, and if you know someone who’s the type to want freshly-made infused brownies and cookies available in a pinch, an automated infusing machine could be a great gift. A reliable and dependable name in the home infusion world, the Magical Butter Machine is an all-in-one device that makes steeping infusions simple. The Levo II is a similar device, though lacking the grinding capibilities, but with an advanced control center that helps the inexperienced make sure their infusions always come out properly.

Of course, all the infusions and extracts in the world mean nothing without the proper cookware and gear. If looking into hard candy recipes, we always recommend LorAnn’s flavored oils and hard candy molds as a gold standard for candy making; likewise the Good Cook Classic Candy Thermometer is an essential grab to make sure your candy mixture hits the right temps.

And if you’re more of the chocolate type, make sure to check out the Baker’s Depot line of chocolate molds, available in a wide array of styles, shapes and patterns to make for fun candy designs.

Growing Gear for the Green Thumb

Growing at home can be a fun hobby (with equally entertaining rewards), and knowing where to get started can make all the difference between a big pile of green buds and sad, wilted plants.

First stop for any would-be grower is your choice of container. Know someone planning an outdoors grow? The Smart Pot Fabric Planter makes an attractive, flexible way to plant outdoors and out of the ground. If getting into the technical nature of a hydroponic system seems like it’d be appealing, the Vivosun DWC Hydroponic System Kit makes for a simple and inexpensive way to explore the world of hydroponic growing… or, for a not-so-inexpensive solution, check out the Linfa Weezy intelligent hydroponic grow box that makes growing as simple as it gets.

Of course, no grow is complete without some nutrients. For those in need of soil we’re big fans of Black Dirt Farm’s High Potency Worm Castings, collected from composted food waste in Vermont; those being gifted the joy of hydroponics need only look further than the many lines of supplements available at Advanced Nutrients for the absolute best in aquatic fertilization.

Gifts for Flower Lovers

Sometimes it’s hard to beat the classics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate a friend’s game with some unique smoking gear. For an all-in-one present, consider making a gift basket out of these essential items!

Start with the basics: There are plenty of choices when it comes to rolling papers, but the Zig-Zag hemp line offers a modern update to a true classic. And if you’re looking for a way to light up without the taste of butane clogging up your roll, Bee Line hemp wicks are made from hand-harvested hemp from Eastern Europe, with a sweet smell when lit that enhances any smoking session.

Of course you’ll need something to smoke, and the FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag helps you keep your stash and gear safely tucked away from any prying eyes or noses. One item our bag wouldn’t be caught without is a Santa Cruz Shredder brand grinder, with four solid pieces of aluminum ready to rip apart even the dankest of buds.

And for fire, consider your giftee’s needs. For someone looking to spark the occasional joint or blunt, the Tesla Coil Lighter is a popular flameless, battery-powered option. If your recipient is more the concentrates and dabbing type, we recommend the Kollea Torch Lighter as a high-powered way to get the dab rig to the right temperature. And for something truly special, combine a Kollea with Roor’s Glass Wand Lighter, a solid piece of glass designed to be heated to glowing temperatures before bringing your plant matter to the point of combustion.

Health & Beauty

Wellness and beauty products are a great way to stuff a cannabis-themed gift basket for that special someone.

Know anyone in need of some topical relief? Cornbread Hemp’s CBD Lotion + Menthol has a soothing feel and relaxing scent designed to target stiff muscles and aching joints.

You can also put together an entire spa experience for someone, starting with the utterly delightful Kush Queen Bath Bombs for a heavenly, relaxing scent. Follow with CDB-rich Emera Hair Care shampoo and conditioner to promote strong growth, and Montana Pure Botanicals CBD Daily Oil for nails to keep your cuticles healthy and fingernails strong.

After the full treatment, if you still don’t have enough cannabis in your life, check out Demeter’s Cannabis Flower perfume, specially formulated to smell like a freshly picked bud. Just be wary if living in an area with… less-than-friendly cannabis legislation.

Stylish Consumers

There’s no end to cannabis-related fashion on the market, but finding something that’s a little more “2022” and less “1972” can feel difficult. For those wanting to keep their love of cannabinoids subtle-but-noticeable, the “Molecule” collection from High Point Jewelry offers simple statement pieces featuring the more recognizable compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Those wanting to give something a bit substantial can check out Tentree’s line of all-hemp clothing, with options ranging from tees and hats to shorts, and for those needing a bit of carrying space? The Annabis Luxury aroma-blocking handbags make a stylish (and discreet) way to keep your stash with you on-the-go. And while the Lotus Leather handmade “Weed Mandala” wallet may not have the same carrying capacity, the handmade, colorful design on the outside is sure to delight.

CBD Snacks, Edibles & Munchies

When it comes to 420, you can’t beat opening up a package of something tasty. For the food lovers in your life, here’s a few of our favorite tasty treats and snacks.

The bright colors of Lord Jones CBD gumdrop trio prepares you for the flavor rush waiting inside each bite; we love their variety trio sampler pack, for a full array of what the company has to offer. For anyone more into chocolate (and who could blame you?) the Kiva 2022 “Everything Bagel” CBD chocolate bar is packed with seeds, grains, and everything that makes an everything bagel… well, everything.

Those interested in a nice beverage have an array of choices available to them, with some of our favorites including Strava’s CBD coffee line, the Mango Peach Honeybush offering from One Love Tea, and sparkling CBD water sampler packs from Recess to help round out the day.

Wrapping Up

There’s no better time than now to upgrade your personal stash of cannabis-related goodies or spoil a best friend. We hope our list of top products has inspired you to go out there and have the very best 420 holiday. We wish you a safe and stoney 420!

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