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Hottest Products: High There 710 Gift Guide

Addison Herron-Wheeler

By Addison Herron-Wheeler

June 30, 2022

It’s that time again — the temperatures are sizzling hot, almost hot enough to take a dab off the sidewalk, and you know what that gets us in the mood for:


We can’t get enough of the goodies below, and we think you’ll agree. Check out some of our recommendations for gear, and may you stay dabbed up and cooled down this 710 holiday season! We have some of our favorite vaporizers, dab rigs, nails, straws and tools for you to discover, right here in our 710 Gift Guide!


If you already love PAX, this is essentially the goodness you’ve come to expect, plus a little more. With an even longer battery life and colored LEDs, this vaporizer is the new and improved version. If you’ve never tried PAX, you are in for a real treat. The sleek and discreet design makes it easy to take this pen on-the-go, and the small-but-mighty pods pack a real punch. Use this

to get free shipping on orders $49+. 

For the die-hard dab enthusiast, you’ll need to hook them up with more than just a portable vaporizer. That’s where the Volcano Hybrid comes in. This high-quality product meets and exceeds expectations with its durable hose and dialed-in, specific settings that allow the user to hit either flower or concentrate just hot enough, or at a lower setting to make product last. 

If you’ve celebrate 710 before, chances are you know about the G Pen Roam. This vaporizer allows you to take smooth dabs no matter where your summer plans take you. Don’t let the water-filtered hits deter you, as the Roam’s borosilicate glass hydrotube is spill-proof, making it portable and clean. Temperatures are easily controlled digitally and are easy to navigate with the LED display, making sure your hit is the perfect temp every time.

The Hydrology9 vape is good for concentrate and flower, and it takes the concepts of a pocket vape with all the settings to meet your needs and combines it with specialized technology to satisfy even the pickiest smoker or dabber. And with flower capabilities as well, there’s no need to keep raw plant out of your 710 celebrations while you worship the mighty dabs. 

Keep the spirit of Pride going even during 710 with this fun rainbow vape series! Between the cute colors, flavors and the brand’s promise of a terpene-rich delivery every time, we’re already rushing to our nearest retailer to get the hookup. Don’t sleep on these! 

Dab Rigs

This high-tech dab rig will have all your friends jealous. Featuring a glow-in-the-dark version and some really cool accessories, we can’t believe all concentrate connosseiurs haven’t already added this to their own collection. The Switch, one of their premium products, is a full-scale electronic vape that looks and hits incredibly smoothly, the perfect 710 gift for a true connoisseur. 

You didn’t think we’d forget the classics, did you? Sometimes there’s nothing like a good clean hit out of a nice glass rig, and that’s exactly what the ROOR Tech Bong and Dab Rig Combo offers you. Just as the name implies, this is a giant dab rig that also doubles as a bong, and it will soon become your favorite living room accessory. 

We feel like you’re doing the world a disservice if you don’t stroke your metaphorical beard while you hit the PuffCo Proxy. But this fun vape is more than just a party favor for dab enthusiasts — in addition to looking like an old-school pipe with a modern twist, it brings the cutting-edge dab technology of the PuffCo to you in a portable package. What more could you want? 

AUXO Cira is a beauty. It features precise temperature control, long-lasting battery life and a design tailored to your needs. The Cira is powered by innovative Heating Wire Technology, making those perfect, consistent hits every time for more balance and control. This device also features an extended heating mode feature which enables you to keep the heat temperature and extend your sessions by 15 seconds mid-cycle.

Who doesn’t want a dab that can pack a rocket-sized punch? Daily High Club takes that request literally with their Rocket Dab Rig, in the shape of, you guessed it, a device that could very well blast you off. Complete with a cool decal and a four-slit diffuser, this is one of the most fun, engaging and satisfying dab rigs out there. 


Nails can be a real pain, especially glass nails with domes that look pretty at first, but easily break or become charred. This ceramic nail removes all the guesswork. It’s much easier to clean and heat, and since it’s domeless, there is less chance of small pieces breaking. Grab one for your dab rig today! 

Another great option for all your dab needs, this titanium nail is virtually impossible to break or bust, and not only that, but this is also an e-nail! The LCD product from High Five Vapes can be heated very safely to your desired temperature. You won’t ever go back to standard glass nails! 

Once again for the fancy stoner in your life, this hybrid, four-in-one banger from Honeybee is the ultimate 710 accessory. Pick your color, gold or silver, and then prepare for a premium experience with your dabs and products. We can’t get enough of this one! 

Dab Tools & Carb Caps

If you’ve been looking for the ideal glass carb cap, look no further than the directional glass carb cap from Hemper. This affordable accessory is just the thing you need for getting the biggest, fattest dabs possible, making it the perfect summer stocking (swimsuit?) stuffer for 710. 

It’s a handy-dandy multitool, but for dabbing! You’ll have everything at your fingertips for portioning out the concentrate of your choice and getting it into the smoking accessory of your liking. There’s even a bottle opener in case you want to enjoy a beverage while you toke. With this in your pocket, you’ll never need to get up from the couch again! 

Let’s take it back to the very basics. This simple tool is double-sided so that you can scoop, cut, scrape—whatever you need to do to get that ideal dab. And it’s sturdy and affordable too, a must for any dab enthusiast who dabbles in all sorts of concentrates. 

Available in an assortment of fun colors, this dab tool is a lot of fun! Choose from a solid or clear option, and you can use the Scepter as either a dab tool or carb cap, making it super functional and versatile for all your dabbing and smoking needs. 

Dab Straws

If you want a dab straw as fancy as your favorite dab rig, we’ve got it right here. The Pulsar Vapor Vessel comes complete with a cooling chamber and reclaimer stand. This invites in a whole new way to enjoy your dabs. You can pick from a few different colors, and with this dab straw in your arsenal, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality again when going for a simple smoke sesh. 

In keeping with the fancy dab straw trend, we have another option: the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector! If your aim is to get high with a fancy straw, this has you covered, and it also comes with freezable filtration for cooled hits. We’re especially in love with the coil technology and the sleek look! 

This portable dab device looks like any handheld vape device and comes in a nice carrying case to make on-the-go dabbing even easier. To use, simply heat up, and within 10 seconds, you’ll be ready to get a nice hot hit without any external fire device, no matter where you are. A must for the seasoned dabber or the canna-thusiast who is always on the go.  

This powerful electronic dab straw uses water filtration and a heated ceramic tip so that you can simply dip into your concentrates anywhere and everywhere for a clean, controlled hit. The straw also comes in some super-cool color variants that will spice up your collection. 

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