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The Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

High There

By High There

May 7, 2021

Delta 8 is the latest “legal cannabinoid” that’s been sweeping the United States, and with it have come a lot of new products to try down at your local smoking supply store.

For those of us who prefer to consume our cannabis over vaping or smoking, Delta 8 THC gummies provide a perfect opportunity to give this newly-popularized cannabinoid a shot. In today’s article we’ll talk a little about what Delta 8 THC is, what you should be looking for in a Delta 8 product, and what we think are some of the best, most trust-worthy Delta 8 gummies you can buy.

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

What is Delta 8 THC?

The cannabis plant is made up of a wide array of chemical compounds – Most of us are familiar with CBD and Delta 9 THC, but other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and even Delta 10 THC all exist inside the cannabis plant.

Under current federal law only Delta 9 THC is illegal to possess inside the United States of America – The 2018 Agricultural Act (or “2018 Farm Bill”) made all other cannabinoids legal to possess, as part of incentivizing the booming hemp and CBD markets.

Most Delta 8 THC found on store shelves is not naturally derived from the hemp plant; while Delta 8 THC does naturally exist in cannabis it often only appears in small amounts, or after the plant’s natural Delta 9 THC has had time to degrade into Delta 8. Instead, most Delta 8 THC has been synthesized from naturally-harvested CBD – If CBD is exposed to the right solvents and processing techniques, the resulting chemical compound is Delta 8 THC, exactly the same as found in the cannabis plant.

What Does Delta 8 THC Feel Like?

Delta 8 THC forms naturally in the cannabis plant, and in larger amounts as Delta 9 THC begins to degrade. Though Delta 8 is noted for not being as strong as Delta 9 THC (estimates say Delta 8 THC is somewhere between 50% – 75% as strong as it’s Delta 9 cousin) it is believed to be a more sedating, drowsiness-inducing high, similar to the deep “couch lock” type sensations associated with cannabis flower that has been allowed to age.

HighThere!’s List of the Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

Boston Hempire Sour Kids Delta 8 Gummies

Boston Hempire

Unique & Familiar Treats

  • Varying strengths
  • Amusing & familiar selection

has several Delta 8 gummies for sale in their overall product lineup, with strengths ranging from 15mg to 25mg of Delta 8 per gummy. Uniquely, Boston Hempire also offers (and we say this with all kindness) “name brand knockoff” versions of Delta 8 Sour Patch Kids and Red Swedish Fish – Tasty and familiar ways to try Delta 8 for sure.

Other flavors include watermelon, blue raspberry, a mixed berry and sour apple, with customer reviews of the various gummies on offer fairly solid. And, if you’re wanting to branch away from gummies for a bit, you can also check out the Delta 8 chocolate bars on sale, available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cookies & cream (our personal favorite) and other varieties.

The Hemp Doctor


  • Super sour apple taste
  • Strong serving of Delta 8

Green apple Delta 8 gummies, by The Hemp Doctor

At 60mg of Delta 8 per piece, The Hemp Doctor isn’t messing around with their dosage size; the back of the bag recommends 1/4th of a gummy as an initial serving size and we would recommend sticking to it for all but the most experienced THC enjoyers.

With a bright flavor that pleasantly combines with the vegetal taste of the Delta 8 inside, The Hemp Doctor’s gummies are definitely one of the top contenders on our list. In the words of our lead product reviewer: “These gummies are an excellent way to make you feel fantastic about accomplishing literally nothing with your weekend.” Well said.

Ounce of Hope


  • Basic but tasty
  • Sampler available

Ounce of Hope Delta 8 Gummies

offers their 20mg Delta 8 THC gummies in either a full package of 20 or sampler-size 4 count bag.

The gummies come in an assortment of three flavors, but the packaging fails to list what those flavors actually are; our best guesses were watermelon for the pink, cherry for the dark red, and blue raspberry for the blue. Still, very tasty, and from a company with a well-known reputation for their quality products.

Nature's Purpose Delta 8 Gummies

Nature’s Purpose CBD

Unique Flavors

  • Passion fruit = tasty
  • Unique pyramid shape

has a tempting array of flavors for sale in their Delta 8 THC gummies lineup, with the mango and passion fruit flavors being particular standouts for our team.

We also liked the shape – While the form of little gummy pyramids may not do anything for flavor or potency, we appreciated the break from the usual square/cube-based style.

Nature’s Purpose sells their Delta 8 gummies in 10 count packs with each gummy containing 25mg of Delta 8 THC; a good bargain, though a mixed-flavor package would have been a nice option to see.



  • Trusted vendor
  • Limited but tasty options

3Chi Delta 8 Gummies

One of the oldest Delta 8-focused companies in the United States,

gummies are typically regarded as one of the gold standards on the market. Though only offering two flavors (black raspberry and watermelon) their quality is excellent, sharp and sweet, and with a good texture when chewed.

Apart from their main gummies 3Chi also offers a Delta 8 + CBN combo gummy designed to be a sleep-aid heavy hitter, and a wide variety of other Delta 8 edibles including cookies, brownies, cereal treats and tinctures. If looking for a well-regarded company with about as much experience in the Delta 8 THC legal cannabis market as you’re going to find, 3Chi is hard to top.

Bearly Legal Delta 8 Mixed Fruit Gummies

Bearly Legal Hemp Co


  • Big bags available
  • Single or mixed varieties


folks offer 8, 24, and 40 count packages of their various flavors, which include cherry, strawberry, blueberry and watermelon, available either in single packages or in mixed bags at slightly more discounted prices.

Also check out Bearly Legal’s line of Delta 8 hard candies; the pina colada flavor flavor was particularly big among our staff.

Diamond CBD


  • CBD & D8 THC combined
  • Large variety of flavors

Diamond CBD Chill Force Delta 8 Gummies

Another of the large players in the cannabinoid extracts market,

offers a plethora of options for sale on their website, in a wide array of styles and blends.

Most of the gummies on their site are a blend of Delta 8 THC + CBD, which can help round out and tame the deeper, more sedative qualities that Delta 8 tends to have.

Their prices are fairly average with regards to other brands on our list, but their large list of flavors and various products for sale means there’s likely to be something there that suits every taste.

Keep an eye out for Diamond CBD’s sample pack, with two of their “Chill Plus Delta Force Squares” gummies at a very low price – An excellent bargain for anyone just wanting to try Delta 8 for the first time.

DeltaEffex Delta 8 Gummies



  • Guess the mystery flavor
  • Not much choice on offer

only offers a single multi-pack of their Delta 8 THC gummies, but in a wide assortment of flavors including strawberry, blue raspberry, and a “mystery” white gummy (our money is on pink lemonade but let us know what you think).

Each gummy square contains 20mg of Delta 8 and comes 10 to a pack; the website recommends starting with half a gummy but we think most will be ok consuming a whole piece.



  • Sharp citrus taste
  • Choice in dosage strength

Freshbros D8lta Delta 8 Gummies

also only offers one mixed pack of their “D8lta” Delta 8 THC gummies, in an assortment that includes watermelon, raspberry, lemon and tangerine.

FreshBros also offers a choice in gummy strength, with each 20-pack container of gummies including either 10mg or 20mg of Delta 8 per gummy.

Skyhio Strawberry Delta 8 Gummies



  • Great if you like strawberries
  • Sweet but still tart

gummies only come in one flavor (strawberry) but has 25mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy and 16 per pouch, for a total of 400mg D8.

These sugar-frosted gummies had a chewy-but-pleasant texture, and tart, sweet flavors like strawberries tend to pair well with the rather fruity flavors of Delta 8 THC. A fairly good bargain from a well-reviewed company.

Overall we were very happy with the citrusy tones in their small sugar-coated squares, and having a lower-end strength option is excellent for first-timers not wanting to dive directly into the deep end of Delta 8 THC.



  • Simple and classic
  • Lots of variety

PharmaCBD Delta 8 THC Gummy Bears

Under their “PharmaBuddy” line of products,

has a massive array of gummy types and styles for sale, with something likely to please just about anyone on the list.

Each of their gummy styles contains 20mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy, and come in forms such as the traditional gummy bears, cherry sours, peach rings and more.

CannaBuddy’s gummy recipe feels very much like a classic store-bought gummy, with just the right amount of snap and a lot of potent flavor; easily one of the best-tasting “oldskool” style gummies on our list.

Can I Make Delta 8 THC Gummies at Home?

You absolutely can, and for volumes cheaper than purchasing gummies from a retail supplier. To make your own Delta 8 THC gummies from scratch you’ll need two things: First, a good source for Delta 8 THC distillate, and secondly a good cannabis gummy recipe. As it so happens, we have both!

Check out

& HighThere’s

Check out our related articles linked above, and when making your cannabis edibles (gummies or otherwise) just replace your concentrated Delta 9 THC with Delta 8 THC distillate at a 2:1 ratio – Remember that Delta 8 THC is weaker than Delta 9, so you’ll likely want double the amount of Delta 8 in your edibles than you would Delta 9.

Wrapping Up

The Delta 8 THC craze is showing no signs of slowing down (barring any potential federal mandates on the topic) and with understandable reason – For those living in areas where neither recreational nor medical marijuana use has been legalized Delta 8 THC can be an attractive option if seeking relief from insomnia, anxiety, appetite loss and general aches and pains.

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