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This is THE Mega Infused Gummy — A Bite of 100mg by Grön

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

By Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

December 28, 2022

Sometimes you just might just want a quick, great-tasting

to get you into that perfect hazy headspace. But, unfortunately, it gets overwhelming if you ever want to consume a higher dose of THC but need to eat an entire pack of pieces to achieve the milligram dosage experienced edible consumers know they want.

We were lucky enough to try out one of the best-tasting

available on the cannabis market — coated with sweet sugar and an aftertaste that will leave you craving more. The Mega Pearl is a staple of the tremendous women-led edible brand .

Let’s learn more about this fantastic gummy, why you need to try it, and other

edibles you must know about. With so many different gummies in the THC market, it’s rare to find one with such bold branding, fantastic flavor and effects that will bring you back for more.

Oh, So Sweet THC


gummies are made with natural fruit and full-spectrum cannabis. In addition, they are crafted to be gluten-free and soy-free. The packaging is terrific, because it is informative of the highly-infused gummy that rests before the consumer’s eyes.

From the package, you can learn about activation time, how to divide up the Mega Pearl to create smaller doses and plenty of information on the ingredients that went into the product. It makes for a perfect grab-and-go, high-dose gummy in a small package.

Courtesy of Grön

These Mega Pearls come in various flavors with varieties of added cannabinoids within each flavor. These flavors range from Blackberry, Sour Apple, Passion Orange Guava, Lemonade, Blue Razzleberry, Strawberry Habanero, Pina Colada and Cherry Limeade. The line offers a perfect blend of staple flavors sure to catch every candy lover’s eye.

I tried out the Lemonde flavor Mega Pearl, and I thought this was comparable to eating a bag of gummy worms that just hit right. The taste alone will give you uplifting sensations. As an experienced edible consumer, I knew I had the tolerance for consuming the entire Mega Pearl, and I’m so glad I did.

Countdown 45 Minutes

I love a gummy with a fast activation time. We’ve mentioned before that THC edibles can take a long time to bring an effect, and the

. So right on the packaging, you know you are in for a fast onset with Mega Pearl. The label shares that you can expect an activation time of around 45 minutes before feeling the groove.

I ate the 100mg gummy around 4 p.m. on a Friday. I remember it being the perfect time frame. My husband and I sat down to watch “Bob’s Burgers”, and suddenly I felt insanely hungry. So we decided we would order pizza, because I knew there would be no way that I was cooking within the upcoming hours.

Ordering the Pizza Hut pie felt like an adventure. I stared at my phone with blazed-out eyeballs and filled the checkout cart with a pizza, breadsticks, wings and a dessert… just to be safe.

I’m here to testify that I felt this edible fast, and I felt it good.

Grön Mega Pearl lemonade flavor cose up
Courtesy of Grön

A 10/10 Stoned-at-Home Experience

This hard-hitting gummy is the perfect THC edible to experience. This is the ideal product to try out if you are looking for a lot of THC without eating an entire

bar or package.

The flavor is juicy and memorable. You’ll be hiking about it the entire time that you are high. Be sure to have sweet candy around to avoid over-killing your dosage amount! If I wasn’t afraid to do so, I swear that I could eat five of five in one go.

I’m sure that other stoners will say they love to consume 100mg and head out of their homes for adventures with buds. While I also love that, 100mg makes me a couch potato. So for my preference, I would love to have more of these sweet gummies for cozy nights in with the husband and for some excellent mind prep for move nights.

Mega Pearls made an average night at home an absolute adventure of pizza ordering and deep conversations.

About Grön Cannabis Edibles

This is a women-led brand of visionaries founded in 2015 by a mother and architect-turned-chocolatier, Christine Smith. 

“Pips launched in Arizona at the beginning of October. The launch of Pips completes our edibles collection in Arizona, including our Sugar-Coated Pearls, Mega Pearls, and Fair Trade Chocolate,” Smith shared with us. “It was an exhilarating moment for us! We received a ton of great feedback, and it was a big moment to see the full line of Grön products available in another state and hear that so many people enjoy the products as much as we do.”

Grön creates delicious, handcrafted cannabis-infused edibles for the community. What started as one delicately nuanced dark chocolate bar has since expanded to multiple international product lines, serving millions of happy customers.

The fantastic Grön products can be purchased through

, , , and dispensaries as of this publication.

Learn more about Grön on their website


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