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The Season of Love: Stunning Valentine’s Day Glass Collections 2023

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

February 2, 2023

Following the long-winded trudge through January after a slew of holiday fun, it’s finally February, and we’re collectively gearing up to celebrate the iconic

holiday meant to celebrate all things love and affection.

However you celebrate, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to share the love with your boo, or yourself, than scoring some new, immensely cute and festive cannabis accessories?

Valentine’s Day Collections for Stoners

A slew of brands have thought ahead, offering special Valentine’s Day collections, with some featuring a variety of immensely cute products all year round. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with a partner,

or simply raising a glass to self-love, check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day cannabis pieces just in time for the holiday!

a pink glass bong with red hearts
Courtesy of Burning Love

Burning Love

We have to admit… The

this year is overwhelming, to say the least. Sure, these products are fitting for the February holiday, though they’re also just supremely adorable and great for lovers of pink, hearts and all things sweet and cute! Truly, it’s hard to cover the entirety of the Burning Love collection, but we’ve definitely got a few faves. 

We all love smoking with our loved ones, and Burning Love makes it even easier. 

Courtesy of Burning Love

Take, for instance, the

. The company description says it best: “This bong is for iconic besties only! … Let’s get real, have you ever seen something like this before? Us either! … Made for iconic duos: Paris and Nicole, Paris and Kim, Paris and any of her dogs.” The solid, bubblegum-pink glass is to die for, and sitting down with a friend or lover to hit this sounds like a dream!

Courtesy of Burning Love


similarly is great for sharing the love, featuring two mouthpieces on the same side so you can stay close to your sweetie while you smoke up. With a big, translucent pink heart at its core, and another pink heart beneath the bowl, this is a truly unique piece for the best pairs.

Courtesy of Burning Love

Burning Love also has a ton of other sugary sweet bongs, like the simple, heart-shaped cutie

or the Candy Hearts Beaker, covered in a darling 3D heart print. Those longing for their happily ever after can fittingly snag the , a mystical piece of art complete with fairytale castle accents!

It’s truly a task to cover every item in this collection. From accessories like the

, or the to smaller glass pieces and even more one-of-a-kind bongs… We implore you to sift through this entire collection and see it all for yourself!

MJ Arsenal

This Denver-based glass company prides itself on building upon principles of innovation, affordability and functionality, constantly pushing the limits around what canna-consumers can expect from a given product and its functionality. And among its immense Valentine’s Day collection, MJA has shared a few limited-edition items, complete with its supremely sexy, signature look with a love-tinged twist.

MJA has introduced three, special products as part of its

, each with gorgeous, translucent pastel accents, hearts galore and an abundance of eye-catching details.

Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

For concentrate lovers, consider the

! This lavender and pink piece has two handmade borosilicate, full-color hearts — one double uptake heart recycler and one at the base. It’s cute and compact, at just 7.5 inches tall… This one really screams “Be My Valentine!”

Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

If you want to amp up the rig to the next level, check out MJA’s

. It matches the Honey-Do rig to a T, featuring the same translucent pink and lavender glass, along with some beautiful glass etching at the bottom. Alternatively, snag it as an affectionate addition to your current collection!

Courtesy of MJ Arsenal

The company also has flower lovers covered with the

. Complete with a 14mm connection and a matching, translucent pink flower bowl, this one is sure to sweep you or your love off their feet! The body of the piece is clear glass, standing 10 inches tall with a slight curve making the mouthpiece all the more accessible. The highlight is truly the double uptake heart recycler, handmade with pink borosilicate class and encased in a sphere, tailor-made for protection, function and cleanliness. An undeniably sleek and sexy piece!

The Valentine’s Day collection from MJ Arsenal products is only available for a limited time, so take advantage while you can!


Founded by Cristy and Maria, two Latina creatives with a passion for art, the romantic glass pieces that Krismaris has to offer are truly unique and unlike what you’ve likely seen in any head shop before. 

Courtesy of Krismaris

Krismaris has shared a romantic

, and it also carries a number of other pieces that fit easily within the scope of the holiday, like the , the eye-catching, Iridescent and the (check that gorgeous gold spiral accent!), along with a number of other products that are simply a blast to look at and so cute, you’ll want to use them all year. 

Courtesy of Krismaris

However, we’re really infatuated with the company’s Real Flower collection: glass made with real flowers. Krismaris has a hefty inventory of options, featuring

, , , , , , , and — all made with real flowers.

Courtesy of Krismaris

The attention to detail and collection of different colors and species feels akin to a carefully arranged bouquet. There’s truly something for everyone here, between Krismaris’ collection of unique bongs and rigs, featuring a number of different styles (beaker, straight tubes, Zongs, you name it!) and even its own

. One of the most charming pieces in the brand’s Valentine’s Collection that doesn’t have real flowers is the handheld .

We could try to describe the catalog, but this eccentric collection is best observed firsthand. Give it a peek!

Valentine’s Day Wishes

In addition to recommending our favorite Valentine’s Day collections of 2023, we’re also sending all our best vibes to the High There canna-family this Valentine’s season. And we implore everyone to celebrate love in all forms! Cannabis is one way to embrace connection, as the plant is often centered around community, so introducing some festive accessories could truly amp up that tried-and-true tradition to the next level.

And, trust us, we understand the cynicism that can come with this specific holiday, the pressure to buy flowers and gifts, secure a date or overtly display our affection to our loved ones because of an arbitrary calendar date. Though, may we offer an alternative approach, using Valentine’s Day simply as a reminder of how powerful and needed all forms of love are in this world?

You don’t have to be partnered to celebrate the magic that love brings to our world. It’s truly a great time to embrace all of the important relationships in our lives, including arguably the most important, our relationship with ourselves. 

However you celebrate, we wish everyone a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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