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A Very High Holiday: Green Wednesday, Black Friday and Weed Trends

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

November 17, 2022

The first U.S. states to legalize cannabis did so more than a decade ago, and it’s undeniable that reform measures across the country have impacted American culture as a whole. Americans love celebrating the holiday season, and legal adult-use states sure love their weed, so it’s only expected that the two trends would intersect.

As we look ahead to Thanksgiving, and the many festivities December brings, an

has found that cannabis will once again be a staple at the holiday table this year. The nationally representative study was conducted in October 2022 and surveyed more than 1,600 Americans.

The report centers Green Wednesday and Black Friday as major cannabis shopping days, while diving into consumer

during the holidays.

Green Wednesday, Black Friday and the Top Cannabis Shopping Days

“Wait, Green Wednesday?”

That’s right. In addition to the well-known, canna-centric holiday

or the concentrate-focused , the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the newest, and biggest, cannabis-centered dates. Green Wednesday doesn’t center consumption, though — it’s a day to shop. Some have even called Green Wednesday the “Black Friday of cannabis.”

The term was first coined in 2016, and it’s becoming more and more recognized every year (and harder to ignore).

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Part of the reason for the boom in sales is likely because many dispensaries are closed on the

holiday. Cannabis businesses have also taken notice of the trend over the years, with many offering special deals for Green Wednesday and (like nearly all retailers across the country) extending sales through Black Friday and the weekend. Green Wednesday is also a major travel day, meaning lots of out-of-towners are settling in and looking to satisfy their cannabis curiosities.

The survey found that 55 percent of consumers plan to purchase or consume cannabis on Green Wednesday, and 32 percent of that group plan to spend $100 or more. 

Consumers have historically used this period to stock up for the holidays, as Black Friday and Green Wednesday were the second- and third-highest sales days of 2021

, at $99 million and $98.2 million, respectively. The Thursday before Christmas, December 23, 2021, was the fourth-highest sales day of 2021, at $94 million.

How Do Americans Embrace Cannabis During the Holidays?

The numbers don’t lie: Americans clearly like celebrating the holidays with cannabis.

The Ayr Wellness report found that 90 percent of consumers plan to purchase the same amount of cannabis, or more than usual, for the holiday season. Of course, it’s the season of togetherness and giving, and that doesn’t stop with weed — 70 percent of those buying cannabis are also planning to have enough to share with friends, family and chosen family.

Since Green Wednesday is such a major sales day, it’s no surprise that a number of consumers are making cannabis part of their Thanksgiving (or Danksgiving) celebrations, too.

Twenty-four percent of consumers said they plan to spend $100 or more for Thanksgiving, 34 percent of consumers said they will likely serve

on Thanksgiving and 65 percent of those consuming on Thanksgiving said cannabis will replace alcohol.

As many will attest, celebrating the holidays with loved ones doesn’t always come in a neatly wrapped package: Twenty-four percent of consumers said they would consume cannabis on Thanksgiving to


“Cannabis is increasingly becoming an integral part of Americans’ holiday celebrations, with the average consumer anticipating they’ll spend $100 or more on products to enjoy, gift or share with others,” said Jonathan Sandelman, founder and CEO of Ayr. “As stigmas continue to break down, we look forward to the day when cannabis will be as synonymous as pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.”

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Expectations for the 2022 Holiday Season

Given the trends of previous years, data-focused cannabis companies are forecasting that Green Wednesday and Black Friday will once again be among the top sales days of the year, along with the entire week of Thanksgiving. 

LeafLink expects a 30-40 percent increase in retail sales on Green Wednesday and Black Friday, with a smaller percentage increase in the days before and after. 

Flowhub Founder and CEO Kyle Sherman nodded to the “buying mindset” of customers during this time of year, saying it’s up to dispensaries to target the right audiences, offer unique discounts, cross-promotion and bundles Wednesday-Friday, if not throughout the entire week. 

Acreage Chief Operating Officer Dennis Curran gave a similar sentiment, “The cannabis market is continually evolving to satisfy shifting consumer behaviors, and Green Wednesday presents a remarkable opportunity for dispensaries and brands to creatively drive sales through discounts, promotions, giveaways and more.”

If you’re looking to celebrate the holidays with a little herbal refreshment, or simply want to start getting ahead on holiday shopping for cannabis-loving friends and family, the week of Thanksgiving is a prime time to capitalize on savings. 

Be sure to check in with your favorite dispensaries for more details on upcoming sales. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s likely most deals are already available on company sites and social media! 

Happy holidays from High There!

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