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Letter From the Editor: August is for Education

Jamie Solis

By Jamie Solis

August 4, 2022

Typically when we welcome the month of August, we’re feeling the back-to-school vibes. Commercials on TV and ads on social media are pushing inexpensive boxes of crayons and deals on school clothes, which is great for parents and college students planning for the first day of school.

For me personally, aside from getting my kids ready with fresh wardrobes and supplies over the next couple weeks, this time of year also gets me thinking about a couple pivotal aspects of being in our industry. What’s up with the stigma of cannabis parenting, and also, why is education key for us in the cannabis space?

The Reality of Cannabis Parenting

There’s something toxic brewing in the world, and that is what I’m going to refer to as “wine mom culture.” Cue a TikTok showing a young mom who is stressed about her kids. What does she do? Pull out a wine glass and pop the bottle. Sure, I’m not anti-alcohol by any means, but also, like all of us, I’m aware of how it can negatively impact mental and physical health. 

The question is then, why do cannabis-consuming parents get the wrath of judgment when “wine mom culture” isn’t treated the same? The short answer is the demonization of cannabis and decades of prohibition. The long answer is that it’s up to our community to educate others on the misconceptions around the plant as well as its medicinal and recreational use. 

In a perfect world, we would all be regulated in mind and body without substances. But when it comes down to it, the history of human nature has shown that many of us can be regulated and healed (or not) by our habits and what we put into our bodies, whether it be with exercising and eating healthy or consuming alcohol and taking a nap. Cannabis has proven to give people an alternative to unhealthy lifestyle choices and behaviors. 

When you have children, it’s not safe, legal or in any way advised to get stoned and go drive around the town, but maybe

for parents is something worth learning more about.

Parenting and Microdosing

Popular opinion says parents shouldn’t consume any type of drugs. Fair enough. However, cannabis is a plant, and it is also medicinal. In contrast to “wine mom culture” I’d like to introduce microdosing. For me, microdosing is a 2.5mg THC mint to start the day. The exact dosage may vary for everyone. 

A 2018

by Green Market Report and Brightfield Group showed that parents have been hopping aboard the microdosing trend for years now. In the report, which was sponsored by MedMen, researchers found that cannabis consumption was still highest in the group of men under the age of 40. 

While I can say that any data regarding consumption habits of adults is fascinating to me, for the purpose of this section, I’ll focus on the demographic I associate with, and that is mothers. 

The report also shared statistics about the percentage of mothers with children at home who admitted to consuming small amounts (less than 100mg) of cannabis. Almost half of the moms were ages 21 to 35, while 25 percent were ages 36 to 45. Thirty-five percent used cannabis daily, and three-quarters of the moms prefered to use cannabis while they relaxed at home. Sixty-three percent said they used it for “home duties.” 

Despite any opinion on that matter, cannabis consuming moms are certainly out there. And by these study’s findings, many of them are microdosing at home to do chores and likely be responsible and present with their children.

Overall, I encourage you to do a Google search along the lines of “wine mom cannabis” to read tons of incredible stories of moms who have replaced alcohol with weed. From the ability to be more present or creative to journeys of healing and medicinal treatment, cannabis has proven for some to be an effective addition to parenthood. 

While cannabis-consuming parenting is a hot topic to consider, the back-to-school mindset also begs the question of, why is continued education and research important for the cannabis industry?

Cannabis Research in the U.S.

When it comes to the weed industry, education and continued

is of the utmost importance. An industry that has been so stifled by government regulations has caused a lack of scientific data to back up the anecdotal evidence about the properties of medical cannabis. Luckily we’re still seeing a shift toward acceptance and reform, albeit not fast enough for many of us who have been fighting for safe access and more research for such a long time. 

That said, it is encouraging to see that the U.S. House of Representatives recently

a cannabis research bill. If passed by the Senate and signed by President Joe Biden, the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act would remove FDA barriers that currently stifle the application process for cannabis researchers. 

If passed, the bill would also become the first dedicated cannabis reform bill to become law. Be sure to sign up for our

to track the progress on this groundbreaking bill and more. 

Investing in Cannabis Education

Research aside, education and knowledge within our industry are also important for the innovation of our industry. Over the past decade we’ve watched as colleges and universities have dedicated programs and funding to cannabis-focused education. 

The trend recently continued in New York, where community colleges

$5 million for cannabis education programs. Programs like these will ensure that our industry workers receive consistent and quality training in order to continue legitimizing the work we’re doing. 

Additionally, there are some great schools and programs that are solely dedicated to the plant. Some of my favorites that come to mind include


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