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May 9, 2021

Delta 8 THC is a new, federally-legal cannabinoid that’s been gaining a vast amount of popularity since the start of 2021. It’s easy to find store signs advertising “Legal Delta 8 THC” for sale inside, and sometimes the prospects within can seem less than legit.

Much like with the regular legal cannabis market, knowing what products are good and which ones are best left on the store shelves can be tricky, and with a vast array of brands available knowing what to look for in a Delta 8 THC product can be tricky.

In today’s article we’ll be talking about where to buy Delta 8 THC, what you should be looking for when you buy it, and some of our preferred brand names, to help you avoid getting ripped off with a bad product. Let’s dive in.

Note: the products in this article have been independently selected and featured editorially. Making a purchase using a link in this article may earn us a commission.

What is Delta 8 THC?

First, a quick recap on what Delta 8 THC is (and for more thorough look into this cannabinoid, feel free to take a look at our related article “What is Delta 8 THC?”).

Delta 8 THC is what is known as an “analogue” molecule of it’s more famous cousin, Delta 9 THC. When the average adult smokes or ingests cannabis, the molecule interacts with our endocannabinoid system and provides psychoactive effects (IE: getting high) is called “Delta 9 (or D9/Δ9) THC”. The cannabis plant contains a host of other cannabinoid molecules beyond Delta 9 THC, including CBD, CBN, CBC and many, many more. Among that long list of cannabinoids is a molecule similar to Delta 9 THC, called “Delta 8 (or D8/Δ9) THC”.

Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are very similar, their only major difference being one of their paired bonds joined in slightly different locations. Due to their close chemical composition, both molecules bond in a very similar fashion to the human body’s CB1 cannabinoid receptors. This slight difference means that Delta 8 THC isn’t quite as strong or noticeable as Delta 9 THC, but it’s very close.

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How is Delta 8 THC Made?

Delta 8 THC is found naturally in the cannabis plant, but in very low quantities; it can also be produced as a natural “degradation” of the Delta 9 molecule, but most would rather use the D9 THC as-is.

The majority of the Delta 8 THC found on store shelves is instead a product created from the cannabinoid CBD, as found in large quantities within the hemp plant. This CBD is subjected to a series of chemical solvent baths and pressure filtration stages, ultimately transforming the CBD cannabinoids present into Delta 8.

The exact legality on Delta 8 THC is a bit hazy, and can vary from state-to-state. If you haven’t seen Delta 8 products for sale in your area that may be a good sign the molecule is banned under some section of state or local law. Again, please see our above-linked “What is Delta 8 THC” article for further reading.

Who Should Take Delta 8 THC?

With effects often described as something akin to a cross between CBD and regular marijuana consumption, Delta 8 can be worth checking into for a wide variety of individuals, both those looking to use cannabis recreationally and those consumers who fall under the label of medical marijuana patients.

With most users reporting reduced-but-still-noticeable effects from Delta 8 consumption, D8’s lowered potency means it can be effective for patients seeking anxiety or pain relief while not wanting any diminished mental ability. Likewise, Delta 8 is reported as having similar immune system-boosting properties as other cannabinoids, and is generally used as a mood lifting remedy.

Of course, any patient should consult their physician before adding a new medication to their routine. Also, be aware that Delta 8 THC will cause positives on any standard drug test, meaning you should stay away from D8 if a drug test is part of your routine life.

What Delta 8 THC Products Are For Sale?

Since most Delta 8 THC available in stores is a synthetic cannabinoid (and yes, even cannabinoids derived from other cannabinoids are still considered synthetic) that means you’ll typically find it in the same sorts of products you’ll find other cannabis concentrates in: Vape cartridges, edibles, isolate isomers, tinctures, and topical creams.

What about smokeable flower? Again, most Delta 8 is created synthetically from CBD, and though there are strains of marijuana starting to hit the market that claim to have a high ratio of naturally-occurring Delta 8 THC the jury’s still out on their effectiveness.

Most “smokable delta 8 flower” has instead been sprayed with concentrate, typically with an undisclosed (and therefor unknowable safe) adhesive. For now at least, if you want to smoke your Delta 8 THC, a bowl of isolate powder is probably going to be your most readily available option.

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Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

Much like tobacco, CBD and THC (the Delta 9 kind), Delta 8 vapes are available in a wide variety of flavors and cart styles. Many Delta 8 vape manufacturers will also include strain-specific terpenes and other cannabinoids (such as CBD) from the strain of marijuana hemp the Delta 8 was derived from.

The growing popularity of Delta 8 (particularly in states where recreational/medical marijuana hasn’t been legalized) means there are a swiftly growing number of D8 vape cartridges on the market. When buying Delta 8 vape cartridges make sure to look at the packaging, to see what your cart actually contains; many manufacturers include other cannabinoids and terpenes in their Delta 8 products.

Depending on what sort of experience you’re looking for the inclusion of CBD, CBN and/or other cannabinoids/terpenes can be a good thing, helping to add more flavor or round out the overall experience. If you’re looking for pure hemp/CBD-derived Delta 8 THC, though, keep an eye out for the words “full spectrum” on the packaging – This is usually a sign the product contains hemp plant material beyond just Delta 8 THC.

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Delta 8 THC Gummies & Edibles

Similarly to

are a particularly popular form of administering Delta 8 THC, due to it’s most common form as an isolate/extraction. Delta 8 Gummies come in a variety of flavors, shapes and sizes, with the most common dosage per gummy being either 10mg, 20mg, or 25mg per candy piece. Typical flavors include mango, watermelon, strawberry and blue “berry” (ie: blue raspberry, blueberry, etc).

Much like regular cannabis edibles Delta 8 gummies are meant to pass through the digestive system, providing effects similar to the consumption of Delta 9 THC. Colloquially, cannabis users who have previously reported unnaturally high tolerances to Delta 9 THC edibles have claimed more pronounced effects from gummies and other edibles including Delta 8 THC.

Other forms of Delta 8 edibles are available, in chocolate bars, cereal bars (think

), honey sticks, cookies and other baked goods. With the market for Delta 8 THC just beginning to spread across the United States there are still only a few companies focusing on bringing new products featuring D8 to store shelves, meaning variety isn’t quite as high yet as it might be with CBD and other cannabis goods.

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Delta 8 THC Tinctures, Oils and Concentrates

Finding concentrates of Delta 8 can be a bit difficult, as many manufacturers of Delta 8 use their isolates/extractions in their own products, but several companies that make Delta 8 THC do sell isolates and pure Delta 8 oil in their online store fronts. Dabs-style concentrates are also not uncommon, as Delta 8 concentrate tends to be very viscous at room temperatures (and even brittle when cold), but not all retailers stock these by default.

Tinctures also exist, but are only sold by a few companies. If you have a location in your area that sells Delta 8 products it’s likely they could stock some form of Delta 8 tincture for you if you ask, so spend a few moments conversing with your local cashier if having a hard time locating Delta 8 tinctures otherwise.

What Companies Sell Delta 8 THC?

As mentioned earlier, since Delta 8 THC is relatively new to the cannabis marketplace there aren’t many companies offering D8 products for sale yet. However there are some brands which stand out as both well known and trusted options:

3Chi Delta 8 Gummies


3Chi Watermelon & Black Raspberry Delta 8 Gummies

One of the original manufacturers of Delta 8 THC in the United States, 3Chi offers a wide variety of strain choices among their vape carts and concentrates, as well as an interesting selection of Delta 8-infused baked goods. Also notable are their D8:CBN gummies, designed for maximum sleep aid.

Lifted Made

Urb Rainbow Rocks White Chocolate Delta 8 THC Bar

With their “Urb” line of products, Lifted Made has expanded beyond their massive lineup of CBD products to include several Delta 8 offerings. Though Lifted offers a “Delta 8/CBG Flower” for sale closer inspection shows that it’s been infused (IE: sprayed) with Delta 8 isolate powder. Still, an interesting curiosity for those entering the world of Delta 8 use.

Urb Delta 8 Chocolate Bar

MoonWlkr "To the Moon" Vape + Gummies Bundle


MoonWlkr “To the Moon” Vape + Gummies Bundle

MoonWlkr doesn’t have the largest selection available, with only four types of vape carts and two flavors of gummies to select from, but their prices are very reasonable and the company is known for putting together special discount bundles & bulk offers (such as their Delta 8 100-count gummy pack).

Treetop Hemp Co

Treetop Hemp Co Watermelon Gummies, 5 and 10 pack

Though not offering direct online sales Treetop Hemp Co is a usual stable at both local retail outlets and web-based storefronts. With one of the cheaper pricetags on our list it might be easier to dismiss Treetop Hemp Co against it’s competitors but a cheaper price doesn’t have to mean an inferior product, and overall customer satisfaction with the effects of their Delta 8 gummies and cartridges seems to be high.

Treetop Hemp Co Watermelon Delta 8 Gummies

Diamond CBD Chill Force Delta 8 Gummies

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD Chill Plus CBD + Delta 8 THC Gel Capsules

Known as a bit more of a premium brand, Diamond CBD has an excellent reputation among its customer base for high-quality products. With a huge variety of items for sale it can be a little difficult nailing down exactly what you’re looking for on their website, particularly since a lot of their products contain both hemp-derived CBD and D8, but you can find the occasional pure Delta 8 gummy or vape cart among their listings.

Wrapping Up

We hope our article on Delta 8 THC has given you the confidence needed to head down to your local store and give this unique compound a shot. Again, while D8 THC may not have the exact same potency of D9 that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out on it’s own, as many consumers have reported enjoying the effects just as much as regular cannabis – if not even more, due to reduced anxiety issues. And for those seeking maximum medical use from their CBD treatments, a little bit of Delta 8 mixed in may just give the best result they’ve had yet. Enjoy!

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