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Your New Favorite Infusion: Best CBD Gum

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

March 22, 2023

Admittedly, you can find CBD infused into almost any product today, and we’re here for it! From

, and , there’s never been a better time to introduce CBD into your wellness routine, especially given the array of great products to help you out. 

Of course, here at High There, we are fans of

. Among the many options on the market, we’re veering into new territory this time around, diving into the world of CBD gum. If you’ve never tried it, CBD gum is an effective and discreet way to consume the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. CBD gum also has a few notable, unique properties that set it apart from other infused options. 

Without further delay, let’s take a look at High There’s picks for the best CBD gum on the market…


What is CBD Gum?

… Well, OK, in just a minute. 

First, let’s chat just a bit more about what we’re dealing with here. CBD gum stands apart from other edibles because of the way our bodies process cannabinoids. 

Rather than digesting the cannabidiol, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream by the membranes in your mouth and throat. That means CBD gum is one of the quickest ways to receive the effects of CBD. Aside from inhalation methods, like

and , CBD chewing gum is one of the best ways to rapidly enjoy the effects of CBD, great for people who might need sudden symptom relief.

Also, if you are in a position where you’d rather avoid explaining the baggie of

or the tincture you’re about to pull out, CBD gum is one of the most discreet options available to consumers as well.

What is CBD?

Of course, it also helps to know a bit more about CBD, or cannabidiol. This cannabis compound is often considered to be the non-inebriating little sibling to THC, so to speak, as it tends to be one of the most popular and sought after

. When we say non-inebriating, we mean that consuming CBD does not create the feeling of being “high” or alter perceptions in the same way THC does, though it still carries its own array of potential benefits.


Research is still uncovering the full picture, and CBD surely isn’t a cure-all for any and all ailments, but so far, we do know that CBD has potential to aid in symptoms of anxiety and depression, epilepsy,

, sleep, inflammation, chronic diseases and more.

With the

, CBD is also immensely more accessible than it was in previous years. The bill effectively legalized CBD in the United States, allowing companies to sell an array of hemp-derived CBD products online and in stores, even in jurisdictions without recreational cannabis laws. 

For a more expansive look at CBD, check out High There’s


A Note on Full and Broad Spectrum Products

You may see our list use the terms “full spectrum” and “broad spectrum,” each meaning that various compounds and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant remain inside the product, as opposed to products using CBD isolate (which only have CBD and no other compounds). 

While CBD isolate products are still effective and might be the preference of some consumers, full- and broad-spectrum products encourage the “entourage effect,” allowing the numerous compounds to work together and ensure higher efficacy.


The main distinction is the full-spectrum products include additional cannabinoids and compounds, including

. Broad-spectrum products are similar, just without the THC. If you aren’t looking to consume any THC (even trace amounts that won’t get you high but might appear on a drug test), be sure to take note of whether products are full or broad spectrum.

And that’s enough background — let’s dive in!

High There’s Picks for Best CBD Gum

Courtesy of Endoca

– Great Ingredients

Endoca offers a trusted CBD gum option, and we’re especially drawn to its incredible formula and ingredients. This is one of the most environmentally friendly CBD companies around, boasting 100% biodegradable gum and all-natural, organic ingredients — that means no artificial colors or preservatives. 

The gum itself is made from the chicle tree, a tree species native to South America producing a gum that serves as the perfect base for an all-natural chewing gum product. It’s also sugar free and has a natural, mellow and minty taste, flavored with xylitol (a natural sweetener from birch trees) and peppermint essential oil.

Each piece of gum is a fairly standard 10mg of CBD, and each package contains 10 pieces. Endoca uses a full-spectrum formula, and the brand also enriches each piece of gum with

, a natural supporter of brain health. 

If you’re looking for a great formulation of quality ingredients with a focus on sustainability, Endoca is the way to go.

Courtesy of Every Day Optimal

– Long-Acting Formula

Every Day Optimal stands apart with its special slow-release formula, ensuring that consumers benefit from the effects of chewing all day long, really making the most of the 10mg of CBD per piece. 

This gum is sugar free, sweetened with Stevia and contains zero calories. Every Day Optimal also says that their CBD manufacturing eliminates THC and that all of their

products contain non-detectable THC — which you can also verify from the lab results available right on the product page.

Some consumers may find the price tag to be a bit hefty for the 80 total milligrams of CBD, but the long-acting formula can definitely help to make that up. 

Courtesy of MedCBDx

– Tasty Mint Flavor

You won’t be hard pressed to find other CBD gum options with a distinct, minty flavor, but MedCBDx’s offering is truly one to beat. This company’s mint-flavored CBD chewing gum is sugar free, organic and made with natural sweeteners.

Each piece contains the standard 10mg of CBD, and the company distills their CBD using CO2 extraction technology, one of the most eco-friendly options that also avoids solvents like butane and propane.

In addition to its other ingredients, MedCBDx combines the antioxidant properties of CBD with those of magnesium and sunflower oil. It’s an all-around great blend of flavor, sustainable practices and quality ingredients that lands MedCBDx’s gum a spot on our list.

Courtesy of Pin CBD

– Bulk Options

Pin feels like a given, in that this brand actually specializes in CBD gum!

Pin’s chewing gum is infused with U.S. organic broad-spectrum

— a great option for folks looking for zero-THC options — with 10mg of CBD in each piece and eight pieces total. Pin also offers free shipping, so it’s a great option to try out without tacking on a few extra bucks to actually receive the product.

We’re especially stoked on their bulk options. With even greater savings as you increase your quantity, Pin offers individual packs, three-pack and seven-pack options. Especially for regular CBD consumers and people with a consistent CBD regimen, having bulk options is huge.

Courtesy of Elevate

– Low-Dose Option

Finally, rounding out our list we have Elevate’s Hemp Extract Gum. This product offers 5mg of cannabinoids per piece, and since it’s a full-spectrum offering, folks can expect a little bit of

, and THC to join the CBD, which makes up the bulk of the gum. As we mentioned, we’re all about the entourage effect here. If you’re able, why not enjoy the enhanced effects of cannabinoids working together?

In addition, Elevate carries two sizes: an eight-count on-the-go tin and a 20-count bottle. The gum is also gluten-free,

and contains no artificial colors.

We’ll reiterate: This gum does have a lower dosage than most, which is great for new consumers looking for some relief without overwhelming strength. Those looking for a larger dose might look elsewhere on the list.

Wrapping Up

CBD products are everywhere, and we’re admittedly very excited about CBD gum. Not only is this a super discreet option, but CBD gum allows for a fast release, meaning you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of this cannabinoid even quicker than other methods of consumption.

Like many cannabis products, the wide array of options available can be daunting, though it also makes room for consumers to truly search and find the options that might serve themselves and their wellness journeys in the best way.

So, unless you just adamantly don’t like chewing gum on its own, what are you waiting for? While this might not be one of the most popular CBD infusions, why not be one of the first to hop on board?

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