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Pain Relief and Pleasure: Exploring CBD Suppositories

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

January 10, 2023

If you’ve ever shopped for cannabis and CBD products in a dispensary or online, you’re already well aware of the wide array of products available to consumers. Between

, concentrates, edibles, , topicals, patches and more, consumers are now able to choose from a variety of products to fit their needs. 

But what about CBD suppositories? This cannabis product, meant for vaginal or anal insertion, surely stands on its own and may leave some consumers a bit hesitant about pressing forward. However, CBD suppositories have a number of unique benefits — especially for people with vulvas.

If you’re curious about CBD-infused suppositories, or simply want to know more about this unique cannabis product, keep reading!

What are CBD suppositories? 

Let’s step back for a second and look at suppositories in general: These are just another way to deliver a drug. It is generally a small, round or pill-shaped object to be inserted into the vagina or rectum, where it then dissolves or melts, resulting in local effects.

Now, let’s look at

, or cannabidiol. Researchers are still investigating the cannabinoid that isn’t intoxicating (meaning it doesn’t impair the consumer in a way that would impact their cognition or actions). CBD is typically one of the most popular cannabinoids next to , which prompts the feeling of being “high.” While CBD can potentially help with anxiety, depression, epilepsy, sleep and chronic diseases, its most relevant benefits in regard to suppositories are its potential to help with pain and inflammation.

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A CBD suppository is simply a

with CBD as a listed ingredient. Bear in mind, as with any CBD product, there are a number of different iterations and cannabinoid combinations. While you can surely find a number of THC-free, CBD-enriched suppositories on the market, there’s also no shortage of suppositories with both CBD and THC. 

Consuming CBD and THC together is known to produce the

, which ensures that both cannabinoids are working to their maximum efficiency. 

That said, suppositories containing THC will leave the cannabinoid in your system (in case drug testing or THC use is a factor in your life), and CBD-only products still produce results on their own.

Will cannabis-infused suppositories get me high?

As mentioned, CBD on its own will not get you high. 

Due to the specific nature of suppositories, similar to topicals, even using a CBD topical with THC will not result in a head high. When a psychoactive cannabinoid like THC is inserted anally or vaginally, it acts differently than when it’s ingested via

, smoked or vaporized, similar to cannabis-infused topical products. 

How do CBD suppositories work?

Suppositories, cannabis aside, have been used historically to deliver relief to specific areas within the pelvic region. Cannabis suppositories are generally made with a combine or cannabis-infused oils, like

, avocado oil or cocoa butter, often that harden in lower temperatures. This is why many cannabis suppositories need to be refrigerated, given that they can soften and lose their effectiveness over time. 

While oral ingestion of cannabis and CBD can be beneficial in treating an array of symptoms, using CBD suppositories allows more targeted relief.

Suppositories are effective locally instead of systematically, or across the entire body, and they can even offer an alternative for people with conditions like severe nausea or vomiting, compromised digestion and other conditions that make it challenging or impossible to ingest cannabis orally

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Most cannabis-infused suppositories can be inserted anally or vaginally; be sure to double check how the product is meant to be used before you buy, as some may be specifically made for one or the other. 

The orifice you choose will be dependent on the specific product, your anatomy and the specific symptoms you are looking to treat. 

What are the potential benefits of CBD suppositories?

Research around cannabis efficacy in medical treatments as a whole is still catching up, meaning that research specifically around cannabis-infused suppositories is even more limited. Many of the potential benefits of CBD suppositories currently come from anecdotal evidence and analysis of similar products and

Typically, cannabis-infused suppositories are used by people with gastro-intestinal conditions like Crohn’s and IBS, restless leg syndrome, prostate issues, for hemorrhoids and rectal pain, or to ease pain and increase pleasure for anal sex.

For vaginal use, there are even more possibilities. Using CBD suppositories vaginally may help manage pain for a variety of conditions.

A number of conditions can result in dyspareunia, or painful sex, for people with vulvas. According to the

, about 75% of all people with vulvas have experienced, or will experience, pain during penetrative sex at some point in their lives. Some have also theorized that the anti-anxiety benefits of CBD can help in this regard.

Similarly, given the potential anti-inflammatory and pain-mitigating effects of the cannabinoid, CBD suppositories could also help to treat pain for pelvic floor tension and dysfunction,

, endometriosis and menopause relief. 

While CBD suppositories carry potential for regulating pain, they can also be great for any person looking to amp up the fun in the bedroom. Since CBD provides relaxation and blood flow, and with suppositories’ focus on the pelvic region, they can help turn good sex into great sex, vaginal or anal. And let’s be real —


How do I use a CBD suppository?

It’s important to pay attention to the specific instructions on the suppository you’ve purchased, though generally, inserting a suppository is going to be a fairly standard practice, regardless of brand. Most suppositories come in wax paper and need to be stored in the refrigerator, and you’ll want to make sure the suppository is firm when you are ready to use it. 

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To test it out, press either side of the suppository. If the suppository’s consistency isn’t solid enough to insert, try popping it back into the fridge or freezer for a bit and try again.

Before venturing down under, make sure to wash your hands and ensure your nails are closely trimmed. After removing your undergarments, you can either position yourself with one leg propped up while standing or by lying on your side with one leg pulled up toward your chest. 

For vaginal insertion, place the suppository on your fingertip and press it as far as it will go. You can also use a bit of lube if it has a hard time going in. For anal insertion, you’ll similarly position the suppository against your anal and push it in an inch or two. Similarly, you might need a little lube, and you may have to clench your butt and tighten your sphincter to make sure the suppository doesn’t come out.

Either way, stay still in a sitting or reclined position for a good five to 10 minutes, or until you know that the suppository isn’t going anywhere. Be aware, it’s still possible the capsule will slip out later in the day, but generally, the effects will be noticeable within 15-30 minutes for anal insertion and 30-60 minutes for vaginal insertion.

Is there an optimal dosage or regimen for consistent CBD suppository use?

It’s recommended to start with a single suppository, or even half, to see how your body responds. Dosages can vary based on product, but most suppositories have anywhere between 50mg to 200mg of CBD.

Regarding the best dosage and consistency for use? That’s totally dependent on your body and reasons for using the suppositories.

If you like using CBD suppositories for pleasure, use might be a regular occurrence before getting into any sexual shenanigans. For

, it may be optimal to have suppositories on hand for whenever symptoms emerge and need to be tended to. Others may find it’s better to have a consistent routine if they need more regular symptom management. 

Final Thoughts

For anyone experiencing severe pain, or already on medication, it’s not a bad idea to talk to your doctor or holistic health professional before introducing a CBD suppository to your routine.

While the research on cannabis-infused suppositories is still limited, many folks are already enjoying the benefits and relief these innovative products provide. Like any new cannabis product, it’s important to try CBD suppositories in a safe environment to gauge how you respond.

Sure, they’re not nearly the same as smoking a joint or eating an edible, but CBD suppositories are not only a healthier alternative to smoking and faster acting than many edibles — they are providing much-needed relief to folks who might not find it otherwise. And that’s surely something we can get behind!

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