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Everything You Need to Know About CBD Candles

Bryan McAllister

By Bryan McAllister

January 13, 2023

CBD — the cannabinoid that went from obscurity to super-stardom in just a few years — is practically everywhere, and in just about any form you can imagine. Far from the traditional smoking alternatives such as

and vaporizers, CBD can be found in , sodas, makeup and even memory foam pillows. With that, perhaps it’s no surprise that CBD candles have also entered the marketplace.

These candles are often marketed as promoting relaxation, health and wellness alike. But are CBD candles really effective? And if so, how can you tell what makes a CBD candle worth the purchase?

In today’s article we’re going to be talking what CBD candles are, whether or not they can actually have health benefits, and our top choices for the best CBD-infused candles on the market. Let’s get ready for a deep dive.

What are CBD candles?

Taken each on their own, these two words likely need little explanation; if you’re reading this article now, odds are you probably already have at least a working knowledge of CBD, one of the

. CBD is believed to help promote relaxation, reduce inflammation and relieve tension (we’ll also assume you have the basics on what a “candle” is as well).

Thus, a CBD candle is a candle that has been infused with cannabidiol, typically in the form of an extract oil or powder. These candles will then often contain other scents and aromatheraputic compounds, usually meant to pair with the concepts of inducing calm into a space. And while these candles may work well at creating an aura of tranquility… does that mean they’re actually an effective way to take CBD?

How Cannabinoids Work

As mentioned before, we’re assuming you, our reader, has at least some knowledge on the topic of CBD; but let’s take a step back and further examine CBD-A, a compound you might not be as familiar with.

Though most people think of the cannabis plant as containing both CBD and THC alike, the truth is that these chemicals are found in very scant amounts on the average bud — instead, both of these chemicals are found in a precursor form,

, respectively.

05. 28.2022 Warsaw, Poland Various CBD candles and aroma oils

Though CBD-A and THC-A aren’t without their benefits, neither are able to effect the body (or mind) in the same way as their “refined” forms, CBD and THC. These two “-A” molecules (the “A” stands for “acid”) are transformed into their non-acidic forms when exposed to heat.

(typically through heat) to turn into their more active forms.

Once decarbed, these active forms must then either be used immediately (inhaled at that exact moment) or otherwise concentrated into a more stable form for later use (

, making vape cartridges, dabbing liquids, etc). If they are not directly used, and things such as smoke or vapor are allowed to simply hang out in the open air, their potency decreases quickly, swiftly losing the ability to cause any tangible effect at all.

In essence, if you’re lighting a joint or a CBD pre-roll and trying to inhale the smoke from across the room, you’re not going to notice anything. And the same applies with a CBD candle. Taking this even further, the cannabinoids within said candle aren’t actually being lit on fire or vaporized themselves — the wax itself is simply being heated as the wick burns, and any decarboxylation that might take place at these temperatures would see the CBD still trapped inside the candle wax, not dispersed into the air.

So then, the question is….

Are CBD-infused candles effective?

Well… this depends entirely on your definition of the word “effective.”

To be perfectly clear: If you are looking to alleviate muscle tension, inflammation, or treat any other issue/symptom/medical condition with CBD, lighting up a candle will have no effects.

There is, first off, the issue we mentioned above, in that CBD must be decarboxylated before achieve its maximum effects, either by turning it into smoke or vaporizing it. These smoke and vapor clouds are both (A) quick to lose any potency, and (B) must be inhaled in decently large quantities to be effective.

Even still, while most CBD candles may be infused with a CBD isolate or extract, with the way a CBD candle would be dispersing those cannabinoids into the air, not only are they are likely to decrease in strength very quickly, but they’re also diffused into such minute amounts over such a wide radius as to make their resulting concentration in any given breath negligible.

So, no. CBD candles are not “effective,” at least in the category of being a viable method of inhaling CBD. But does that mean they’re worthless?

Why Purchase a CBD Candle?

“Worthless” is a strong word, and one that’s ultimately very subjective; and, in the case of CBD candles, not always true.

Again, no, CBD candles are not an effective method of taking CBD via inhalation; the laws of physics simply do not work that way. But that doesn’t mean that a CBD infused candle can’t be worth your time or purchase, and it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t have noticeable effects — if applied in the right fashion.

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First and foremost: Candles are awesome. There’s a candle for every person and every mood, and if you don’t like candles, frankly we might not be able to hang. Want your living room to smell like sage and blueberries? Light a candle. Want to pour a glass of wine and relax on the couch with a good book? Candles can help set that mood. Don’t enjoy strong scents and just need a little extra light? There are unscented candles for that too. Candles are cool, and there’s nothing wrong with having a cool candle hanging around that you enjoy.

Secondly, many CBD-infused candles also focus on the therapeutic nature of aromatherapy; scents like sandlewood, mint, citrus and vanilla all work to create specific moods and emotional tones that can help shift the energy of a given room to something more relaxing, positive or even energetic. While the CBD component itself may not do much, the fresh scent of lavender may just help you gear down after a stressful day. There are also cannabis-scented candles, a fragrance that many people who don’t even consume cannabinoids still enjoy.

But what about the CBD content itself?

As said, if you’re expecting to light a CBD candle and inhale the released CBD as medicine, you’re going to end up disappointed. But CBD doesn’t always have to be applied internally — external application of CBD works quite well. As a CBD candle melts, assuming it is made of the proper materials, the leftover melted wax can then be added to an oil or otherwise applied directly to the skin (preferably after it’s cooled a bit!) to act as a

. Such candles are usually made from primarily room-temperature solid oils (such as palm or coconut oil) and beeswax, both of which act as natural moisturizers and excellent carriers of other oils — such as CBD.

So, no, lighting a CBD candle may not have exactly the effects you’re thinking. But that doesn’t mean they have no value at all, nor does it mean the CBD within the candle itself can’t be put to good use. With the proper application — from the proper candle — these can be an excellent method of delivering targeted, soothing CBD directly to the skin, all while smelling absolutely fantastic.

High There’s List of the Best CBD Candles

Our list today focuses on the best CBD candles you can find, that also have aromatheraputic benefits and may be used as a topical ointment when melted. We looked for all-natural ingredients, reusable + eco-friendly containers, and the best, most uplifting/chill scents around. Whether for yourself or for a gift, we think there’s something on our list for every CBD fan, new and old!

Courtesy of CBD Daily

CBD Daily Original Mint Massage Candle

Our top choice for the best CBD candle you can buy,

is an easily-melted combination of skin-enriching oils such as avocado, jojoba, coconut, basil oil and many more. With a strong-but-soothing scent of peppermint tamed by an earthy note of eucalyptus oil, this candle melts into an easy-to-apply salve ready to be applied to any area which might require a bit of muscle or inflammation relief. Each candle contains a total of 60mg CBD infused into the base, and may be purchased either as a one-time buy or at a discount with a recurring subscription.

Courtesy of Chillax’n

Chillaxn’s Signature CBD Candles

Available in either a Sweet Vanilla or Cinnamon variety,

are each a blend of both soy wax and coconut oil, making these infused candles an excellent topical massage ointment once melted. Each lidded jar contains a total of 50mg of CBD per 7.5oz candle, and is rated for a total burn time of roughly 45 hours. Both scents are additionally available with either their original signature packaging or labelled with your choice of inspirational quotations, making these an excellent gift item for the CBD lover in your life.

Courtesy of Broad Essentials

Broad Essentials CBD Candles

Not sure exactly what kind of CBD candle scent you’d like?

has you covered. With a main line of CBD candles that reaches nearly 70 (!) total aromas, there’s bound to be something here you’ll enjoy. Needless to say, you’ll have a hard time just choosing one. Broad Essentials’ Balance CBD Candles, in particular, each come in an adorable, reusable tin. These candles are crafted using an all-natural soy wax blend. We also personally loved the “Citrus Rain” and “Calm” varieties the brand also offers, a perfect pairing for morning energy and evening relaxation.

Courtesy of Angela Demontigny

Angela Demontigny CBD-Infused Soy Candles

A proudly indigenous Canadian producer,

has a focus on natural, holistic healing that makes the inclusion of these CBD candles a natural fit among her lineup. Each 18oz candle contains 100mg of CBD and has a total burn time of over 80 hours, and comes in reusable glass, topped with an attractive wooden lid. Though there are six scents to choose from, we were very happy with the sweetgrass-and-sage inspired “Power Smudge” candle, adding a cleansing, relaxing calm to any room and leaving behind a wonderfully warm scent behind on the skin when applied as a lotion.

Courtesy of CBD Live

CBD Live Natural’s Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle

Available in six different scents,

has 100mg of CBD per each 11oz jar; though we found the Lavender Sage and Lemongrass Sage scents to be hits among the team, CBD Live also produces a scent that is simply labeled as “Cannabis” which, for those of us who enjoy the smell of freshly lit bud, does exactly what it says on the label, filling the room with the calming scent of green herb. CBD Live’s offerings also come in at one of the most budget-friendly offerings on our list, complete with additional discounts of purchased on a recurring subscription basis.

Courtesy of Candlebis Candle Company

Candlebis Candle Company’s Palo Santo CBD-Infused Candle

Candlebis has some of the most imaginative and wide-ranging scents of any brand on our list, including such fascinating names as Black Sea, Red Sangria, and Casa Pacifica, but we absolutely loved the combined elegance and aroma of

. With an attractive brown glass container, each 12oz candle contains 80 total milligrams of CBD, and carries notes of musk, citrus and sandlewood, offering a warming, relaxing feel when lit. Though these candles are made of soy wax, and thus suitable for use as a topical cream, we will say that due to the nature of the jar it can be a bit difficult getting said wax out while lit — better instead to extinguish the candle first, then pour the melted wax out into another vessel to cool before applying.

Courtesy of Green Planet

Green Planet Aromatherapy CBD Candles

Each available in two sizes — a 10oz offering with 250mg of CBD, or a 16oz offering with 400mg of CBD —

are more than just attractively scented. Though the available aromas themselves — including Blood Orange, a White Sage & Lavender, and Cinnamon Bun — are all excellent on their own, each candle also comes with included, fragrant bits of potpourri; the Blood Orange contains pieces of dried orange, the Lavender has bits of lavender, and the like. Our recommendation? Try the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent, with real pieces of cherry blossom helping add to the calming, warm tones this candle produces.

Courtesy of Blind Boy Jack

Blind Boy Jack’s 500mg Suede CBD Candle

For something carrying a bit more masculine energy,

(named after the company founder’s canine companion who had recently lost vision) aim for warmer, stronger tones than some of the other candles on our list. As per the name each of these 7oz candles contains 500mg total of CBD infused into the soy wax and coconut oil base. Blind Boy Jack’s website also encourages use of the melted wax as a massage oil — but helpfully reminding users to make sure to blow out the candle wick and allowing it to cool first.

Courtesy of Dieu Gardens

Dieu Gardens Natural Soy CBD Candles

Though not as strong as some of the other candles on our list, the

from Organic Hemp Botanicals each have a truly lovely scent that made them worthy of inclusion in today’s roundup. Available in a Eucalyptus & Lavender or Eucalyptus & Spearmint varieties, these soy wax-based candles are a great way to topically apply a scant amount of CBD to an affected area, for those aches and pains that may not require a truly hefty dose of cannabidiol.

Courtesy of Spirit of the Herbs

Spirit of the Herbs “Hope” CBD Massage Candle

We love candles that are both effective and attractive alike, and the Hope variety from

in Denver, Colorado absolutely nails its presentation. A shea butter and soy wax blend, this candle contains notes of patchouli and cedarwood, with hints of bergamot and real, with whole juniper berries sticking out from the top of the candle wax. We also love the extra inclusion of additional vitamin E oil, making the melted remnants of this candle not just pleasing to the eye, but pleasing to the skin as well. Perfectly suited as an dazzling gift item for any CBD aficionado you might have on your list.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, CBD candles can be both a lovely addition to your home and a unique, deeply-soothing way to apply CBD as topical relief if you have the right product. The next time you feel the need to unwind, lighting one of our choices above and letting yourself feel pampered for a bit might just be the recipe for relaxation success. Until next time!

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