Cannabis Street Names 

There is no drug on the planet with more street names than cannabis. Some street names are unique to the geographical area, while most come from the intoxicating feeling, the physical appearance, the aroma, or the high-quality they provide. But, the main reason there are so many names is that, as many people get to know the meaning of a certain name, naturally, another is created. Even as legalization increases, street names will continue to increase.

Read on to learn the origin of the most popular street names of cannabis.


Marijuana is no longer a street name, as it is the exotic alternative preferred to cannabis and hemp. The use of this term grew in the early 1930’s as people debated on the use of the drug. It is the English corruption of the Spanish name for cannabis sativa, mariguana.


Weed is the most popular slang for cannabis. There are endless debates about the origin of the word. Some claim it comes from the plant’s similarity to weeds. Others insist that the name originated from “marijuana cigarette”. Back in the day, cigarettes were called weed. So, the term became applicable to marijuana too. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term first appeared in printed media in 1932.


According to the Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, 30% of marijuana users prefer the term pot. The most obvious origin of the term pot is the fact that it grows well in a pot. However, the Oxford English Dictionary insists that the term comes from the Mexican word “potaguaya”, which refers to cannabis leaves.


This term is common among Rastafarians, a Jamaican sub-culture who smoke cannabis religiously. They use this term to emphasize that the drug is as natural as any other herb. They also refer to marijuana as noble weed, righteous bush, and mother nature.

Mary Jane

This is a popular term among American marijuana users. It is a more ‘English’ variation of the term marijuana, which is derived from the Spanish name for cannabis sativa. Other variations/corruptions of this name include Lady Jane, Aunt Mary, and Mary Weaver.


This is another cannabis slang popular among Americans. Although it’s more popular in referring to cocaine, it’s also used to refer to 420 as well. The term is used to refer to any substance that has the “dopey” feeling.


Marijuana is called grass on the streets because it is green. Actually, some people use the term green.


This term came about due to the wrapper that was used to prepare a weed ‘joint’. When this term originated, marijuana was wrapped using the Phillies Blunt wrapping paper. Nowadays, there are many brands of wrappers in the market.


There are two main theories explaining the origin of this cannabis slang. Some believe it comes from the Spanish word ‘Grifo’ that means tangled. Thereby, the term refers to one’s mental stated after smoking marijuana.

Others insist that the term comes from the English word “reefer”, which means rope. Hemp, a variety of cannabis sativa, is used to make rope.


Ganja is a popular term in Jamaica used widely to refer to marijuana. The term is the short form of the term ‘ganjika’, which was used in India to refer to marijuana.

There are more than 1,000 marijuana street names. Most are unique to certain communities and neighborhoods. How many do you know? And how do you and your friends call marijuana?

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