No Need to Bake: Bubby's Baked Snickerdoodle Bites Perfect for Christmas Blazin'

Courtesy of Bubby’s Baked

No Need to Bake: Bubby’s Baked Snickerdoodle Bites, Perfect for Christmas Blazin’

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

By Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

December 16, 2022

I’ve been baking a lot this

season — both myself and treats for family and friends! I love to infuse my cookies and brownies to share around, but sometimes I simply don’t have the time or the amounts of weed that I need to create all the cannabutter that I would need. So, that’s why Bubby’s Baked Snickerdoodle Bites are all I keep thinking about as we get closer to Christmas.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some of the best brownie bites I have ever tasted (infused or not) from

! You may have recognized the name from their famous record-breaking pot brownie in the news last year.

A perfectly tasty infused edible is the perfect addition to your holiday treat trays. I wish I had tons of these sweet 5mg brownie bites that I could keep adding to my

that I bring around for family, friends and budtenders alike for December.

I’m here to share what made these edibles an excellent experience for me on Thanksgiving weekend with my in-laws.

Let’s dive into the sweets!

Bubby’s Baked Snickerdoodle Bites: Just Like Your Stoned Grandma Would Make

The flavor of these snickerdoodle bites alone will make you want to eat the entire container (please consume responsibly!) because they are just so good.

It reminds me of when my grandma made her snickerdoodle brownies and how magical they are. Of course, they weren’t infused, but I guarantee you gain a particular high from eating freshly baked brownies from grandma.

Imagine the high in a container of infused brownies. It was a nice treat to feel like I was having a dessert while consuming an edible. Sometimes edibles are a gummy that goes down fast. It’s nice to know you will always have a tasty trip to your high with products from Bubby’s Baked.

I wish I could have served these Bubby’s Baked Snickerdoodle Bites on a platter with my friends. They come in special wrapped cups to help avoid smashing around consumables. The container comes with five brownie bites, and because they are so tasty, I wish there were more brownies per pack.

Then again, the best things come in small batches.

Have a Bite with Charcuterie, Be Baked by Turkey Time

I’ll tell you about my personal experience with these bites and how they enhanced my Thanksgiving weekend.

I was at my in-law’s house for the weekend, and we had a lovely Thanksgiving Day routine — excellent little breakfast, charcuterie for lunch, turkey by 6 p.m. It’s amazing. While we were doing our mid-day snaking, I decided to have a few brownie bites as my husband and I were about to watch a movie and get cozy for a few more hours.

There are five Bubby’s Baked brownie bites per container, each bite packing 5mg of THC. So I consumed 15mg total.

Within an hour, I was feeling a nice, cozy body high. It was excellent compared to the typical head highs I typically experience, and I felt light, giggly and super excited for the approaching dinner.

The onset time was perfect for me. It gave me almost immediate effects versus sometimes waiting up to three hours to feel the impact. I enjoyed the downtime with little extra high spirits, which turned into a very mellow experience when I was having a couple of glasses of wine and laughing with the family.

It was beautiful not to wait around for the effects to get in. Just be warned on that as well — prepare for the impact immediately. It might not be best to take a few and then head out for daily errands.

A Perfect Holiday High for Special Social Moments

Overall, I enjoyed these edibles. It can be a rare thing to find a cannabis edible that has fantastic flavor, amazing onset time and notable effects all in the same package.

These made for a great addition to have at Thanksgiving and certainly stand out in my mind as a product for the holiday season. In addition, they would make for an excellent addition as a gift package of treats for a stoner friend!

Perfectly dosed in such a way that my mom feels comfortable sharing with me! My mother is somewhat of edibles pro herself but will only consume products dosed as 5mg. She never wants to exceed her limit, and I do respect that. Cheers to 5mg doses!

About Bubby’s Baked

Bubby’s Baked Brownies created the world’s largest brownie last year, weighing 850 pounds and containing 20,000 milligrams of THC. Measurements of the magnificent brownie were three feet wide and three feet, 15 inches tall. According to the

, this shattered the world’s previous largest brownie at 243 pounds.

Every bite of Bubby’s is made in small batches from scratch and infused with precisely-dosed cannabis. You can find Bubby’s Bits in their three classic flavors: brownie, chocolate chip and snickerdoodle.

As of this publication, Bubby’s Baked products are available in dispensaries within Delaware, Maryland and Massachusetts. 

You can learn more about the recording-breaking pot brownie

and Bubby’s Baked .

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky

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