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High There Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

November 25, 2022


behind us, there’s no denying it: The holiday season is officially here. As we look ahead to December, balancing an array of festivities and wrapping up the loose ends of 2022 before some much-needed celebration, we also cope with a hard truth. 

Namely, time for shopping is running out.

Fortunately, the folks here at High There have had our eyes out for the best cannabis-centered gifts of the season, and we’re ready to dish! If you’re shopping for the canna-centric chef, the flower fiend, the glass collector — really any cannabis connoisseur — in your life, you’ve come to the right spot. 

This is High There’s 2022 Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide!

Cannabis Gifts for Concentrate Lovers 

Courtesy of G Pen

has already made a name for itself as one of the most sleek, powerful and user-friendly vaporizer brands, and the Connect Vaporizer is no exception. This vape is a great, compact option for concentrate lovers — no need to use a torch and exposed nail. The pocket-sized vape uses a ceramic heating element, with three temperature settings, and is compatible for use with 14mm female joints on your favorite glass pieces, though G Pen also offers additional glass adapters.

Courtesy of Groove

We could all use a trusty

. Especially with the approaching holidays and navigating family festivities, discrete and accessible cannabis consumption is often essential! Groove’s CARA pen features a quartz heating coil for your concentrates, with three heat settings and a sleek and simple design. It’s a solid, dependable product that packs a powerful punch, especially for the $24.99 price point.

Courtesy of DaVinci

Perfect for lovers of concentrates and flower, the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer is an incredible dual-use option, for use with

and concentrate, boasting precision , a rechargeable battery and portability. The IQ2 is customization-heavy, with additional adjustments promoting cooler vapor, custom airflow settings, even report stats, like vape dose per draw and per session. It’s a one-of-a-kind vaping experience, perfect for the one-of-a-kind cannabis lover in your life!

Gifts for Glass Collectors 

Courtesy of Stündenglass

If you’re on the search for truly stunning and unique glass, the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is a no-brainer. The 360-degree rotating glass infuser has a built-in percolation system — via cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology and the natural force of gravity — delivering silky smooth, filtered and cooled hits. The three-foot silicone hose is great for direct draws, but the 45-degree adjustable mouthpiece also allows for contactless consumption. Plus, the design also screams sophistication. It’s practically an art piece by itself!

Courtesy of Marley Natural

There’s something about a classic, beaker-style bong… Enter Marley Natural’s rendition, with all the makings of the staple smoking accessory and just a bit of added flair. This water pipe features a sexy, opaque gray glass, supported by a sturdy bolstered base, an eight-slit percolator stem, ice disc and spacious expansion chamber, all working together to deliver a cool and smooth smoking experience. It’s a gorgeous piece that smokes just as nicely.

Courtesy of PRETTYHIGH

Can we say high class? PRETTYHIGH is the epitome of the luxe, stylish cannabis lifestyle. The brand has plenty of sleek, high-end cannabis accessories, but we’re obsessed with its Noor crystal pipe. Stepping into any glass store is like looking at a gallery, and similarly, this piece is truly a work of art. The vintage-inspired piece features hand-cut crystal, with numerous details revealing themselves among closer inspection — a perfect statement piece for the luxurious glass collector in your life.

Gifts for Cannabis Chefs 

Courtesy of LEVO

Any cannabis chef knows that

are an essential piece of the puzzle, but the process can be painstaking, even for the most experienced canna-cooks. LEVO’s oil machines make it simple, infusing any herb or botanical into a carrier oil, or fat of the user’s choice. It’s an easy-to-use shortcut for cannabis-infused oils, but LEVO oil machines can also be used to infuse ingredients for lotions, serums, bath bombs and more. The bundles are especially useful, offering a variety of packages to help anyone get started along, along with some great savings.

Courtesy of LorAnn

While infused gummies are easy to come by at any given dispensary, it’s even more fun to

. With LorAnn Gummy Mix, the steps are quick and easy, and the final product is high quality and consistent. For the gummy fiend in your life — an experienced cannabis chef in your life or a loved one looking to newly venture into the depths of infused edibles — this gummy mix will undoubtedly ease the process, leaving more time to sit back and enjoy the final product!


Jumping into the world of homemade cannabis edibles can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only are all the dishes in The Easy Cannabis Cookbook easy-to-follow, fast and supremely delicious on their own, but author Cheri Sicard also includes plenty of useful information about using edibles in general. Anyone will surely find something to love about this cookbook, but it’s especially great for new cannabis cooks.

Growing Gear for the Green Thumb

Courtesy of Budgrower

The Budgrower’s supply of grow kits is admittedly overwhelming, but we’re here for its Soil Grow Kits. These are some of the easiest-to-use kits Budgrower carries, each featuring everything to start an indoor grow ranging from one to three plants and up to nine to 12. The Budgrower also sells soil and nutrients separately, along with a number of premixed and

. If you want to give the gift of homegrown cannabis, the Budgrower has the goods!

Courtesy of Cannabonsai

For the avant-garde grower in your life looking to try something new, cannabonsai might be the answer. Author and grower Manny Oyarce outlines the practice of growing autoflowering cannabis with a bonsai-inspired aesthetic in Cannabonsai: A Beginner’s Guide. Cannabonsai is a fun way to enter the growing space, but it can also be a fun side project for even the most seasoned pros. Plus, showing off a bonsai cannabis plant is a pretty neat flex.

Courtesy of Crafted Memory

For the detail-oriented grower, a microscope can be a great tool to define the perfect harvest timing by examining the buds, namely the coveted trichomes. This Crafted Memory digital microscope goes even further, with its photo and video capabilities and smartphone compatibility, making it that much easier to document the process and show off those coveted crops.

Gifts for Flower Lovers

Courtesy of K. Haring

Keith Haring’s iconic art is already everywhere; why not have it on a rolling tray? The Higher Standards offering features bold, contrasting colors blanketed in a clear, ultra-white glass. The underside of the tray is also stamped with Haring’s easily recognizable signature. We all need a place to roll our joints and load our bowls — might as well do it with style!

Courtesy of Aerospaced

We’ve all had grinders that falter over time or simply prove hard to use from the get-go. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem with the Aerospaced by HS 4 Piece Grinder. This grinder screams quality. With extra-smooth threading, incredible durability and a super-sleek design (with plenty of color options), this grinder is hard to beat and makes a great addition to any smoker’s accessory stash.

Courtesy of Cannador

For the loved one constantly juggling an array of strains, gone are the days of individually-labeled baggies or drams — we’ve got the Cannador! Complete with a beautifully crafted wood finish (walnut or mahogany), the Cannador comes with six glass cups (which stores up to 1.5 ounces) that sit beside a separate nook, perfect for any additional accouterments or even additional cups. Not to mention, it’s odor-proof and lockable! The Cannador is great option to stay organized (and look incredibly fancy while doing it).

Health & Beauty

Courtesy of Sass

We’ll always go to bat for cannabis-infused topicals, and Sass does it right. With two options, Mint and Hibiscus, the balms are formulated for pain relief with their 3:1 ratio of hemp-derived

. For folks looking for symptom relief or eager to add a new element to their regular wellness routines, these balms will go to good use.

Courtesy of oOYes

If you’ve ever thought about exploring cannabis and sex, the holiday season might be the best time to take the plunge with your partner or partners. This side of the industry lets us explore cannabis to elevate pleasure and intimacy: We’re talking cannabis-infused

, massage oils, moisturizers and more, and oOYes has it all. If you can’t decide on one item, you can even go for a bundle. Plus, the coupon code “Highthere20” will take an additional 20 percent off! oOYes, indeed!

Focus on female hand holding paper folder and pointing for text. Sick patient with paper package with cannabis symbol on it and signing document. Healthcare and medical marijuana concept

Give the gift of wellness and help out a loved one with their

! Even “recreational” shoppers regularly use cannabis for medicinal purposes, and having a medical card is often an invaluable resource. Patients save money by avoiding retail taxes, and the medical side typically offers additional brands and dosing options and patients are afforded higher daily limits than adult-use consumers. Leafwell makes the process super simple and easy — use the code “HIGHTHERE” and snag an additional $10 off your total cost!

Stylish Consumers

Courtesy of Stone Road

is already known for its iconic visuals and brand aesthetic — of course the brand’s merch perfectly captures the brand’s vibe! While you truly can’t go wrong with anything on its merch page, we’re especially drawn to Stone Road’s stylish bucket hat offering, buzzing with natural beauty, featuring plentiful plants, bugs, snails, birds and more. It’s a great way to rep the cannabis brand, but it’s also a lowkey design that will easily work with an array of looks.

Courtesy of Sackville

Transporting something as small and delicate as a

can be a mammoth task. Fortunately, Sackville has the answer with its incredibly cute, chic Carry Case Keychain. This waterproof, air-tight case can be easily stored on a keychain, in a bag or pocket, and users need not fret about loose cannabis or worse, a broken joint. The golden exterior and rippled appearance also make this an incredible, eye-catching accessory for the cannabis cutie in your life.


‘Tis the season… for fun holiday sweaters! Most of us have at least one or two pieces of holiday apparel that make their appearance each year. Why not combine the festivities of the season with the love for cannabis? This cannabis-themed holiday sweatshirt is available in a variety of colors, featuring a weed leaf front-and-center, decorated with lights, ornaments and topped with a star. Spread the holiday cheer with a cheeky nod to our favorite plant this season!

Wrapping Up

Cannabis lovers come in all forms, but with the continued growth of the cannabis industry and normalization of cannabis use, there are increasingly more options to embrace both the seasonal festivities and the world of cannabis.

Whether you’re getting toasty next to the fireplace or with your favorite strain, High There wishes all of our readers a stress-free shopping experience and a happy holiday season!

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